Tell us again, Jane

I finally found a link to Jihad Jane Fonda’s over the top remarks regarding the US withdrawal from Vietnam, and the ensuing massacre of South Vietnamese and Cambodians: ( BOR Talking points memo )

What do you think about what happened to the three million Vietnamese and Cambodians who died after the U.S. troops left Vietnam?

FONDA: It’s too bad that we caused it to happen by going in there in the first place.


The remembrances of the Cambodian killing fields are to many people reduced to photos of neatly stacked bones and skulls for the records of posterity. For the survivors, it is much more. But, being yellow-skinned, and half-way around the world, it is too simple for limousine liberals like Ms. Fonda to dismiss them outright, or even blame the deaths on the government of the US.

If there can be one more call for “never again”, let it be now, as Jihad Jane and her anti-war amigos seek another unintended massacre in Iraq.

No, Jane. Hell no, we won’t go.

You were wrong then, and you are wrong now. Never again.

‘Global war curriculum’ seen in Iran’s schools

The pious leaders of the Religion of Peace™ and tolerance have a brand new curricula for their school children: Global jihad against the infidel oppressors

Suicide bombing 101 sounds like a real blast, but I hear the final exam is just murder. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).

BRUSSELS — The Iranian education system is preparing its students for a global war against the West in the name of Islam, according to an independent study of 115 textbooks and teachers guides released today.

With Tehran accused of seeking to develop a nuclear weapons arsenal and the United States dispatching a second aircraft carrier to the Gulf, the report by the Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace highlights the uphill task Washington faces trying to persuade Iranian youth to distance themselves from the hard-line Islamist regime.

The study, which claims to be the first of its kind, catalogs how pupils as young as 9 are conditioned to take part in a global jihad against such “infidel oppressors” as Israel and the United States.


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Identify the enemy

Did y’all see this post over at Pierre’s?

Did we lose a helo in Iraq containing 2 Colonels, 1 Lt Colonel, 1 Major, 1 Captain, 2 Command Sgt
UPDATE: Here is the link to the CNN Website showing KIA in Iraq. (hat tip Dorkafork at Vodkapundit) Exactly the ranks listed by Honestjoe are listed KIA in a Blackhawk crash. Maliki is our ally? Oh my gosh the ramifications to our efforts in Iraq are dreadful…the only way to get past this is to understand that Iran is pulling the strings and take the war finally to Iran. The United States has to stop acting like a we fell off the turnip truck yesterday.

This story is either a tragic coincidence, or has implications of  high-level moles that are stark, indeed. While the leftists in our country are debating whether or not 9/11 was really so bad, our military is being hung out to dry by those who at best want to fight a politically correct war, and at worst, want to cut and run, and abandon the entire region to the mullahs.



In his 2003 book, “Our Final Hour,” Martin Rees writes: “I think the odds are no better than fifty-fifty that our present civilisation on Earth will survive to the end of the present century.”


What is your position?

(h/t “freakonomics”) 

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