‘Global war curriculum’ seen in Iran’s schools

The pious leaders of the Religion of Peace™ and tolerance have a brand new curricula for their school children: Global jihad against the infidel oppressors

Suicide bombing 101 sounds like a real blast, but I hear the final exam is just murder. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).

BRUSSELS — The Iranian education system is preparing its students for a global war against the West in the name of Islam, according to an independent study of 115 textbooks and teachers guides released today.

With Tehran accused of seeking to develop a nuclear weapons arsenal and the United States dispatching a second aircraft carrier to the Gulf, the report by the Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace highlights the uphill task Washington faces trying to persuade Iranian youth to distance themselves from the hard-line Islamist regime.

The study, which claims to be the first of its kind, catalogs how pupils as young as 9 are conditioned to take part in a global jihad against such “infidel oppressors” as Israel and the United States.

Source: washingtontimes.com

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  1. “Infidel Oppressors” sounds like a tag team in a wrestling match, oops, I mean Rasslin’ match. There’s a big difference between wrestling and rasslin’

  2. Why not? They had no problems using children to clear out mine fields (I guess those dang cattle were too valuable).

  3. Shiia has the dubious distinction of being the forebearer of ‘suicide’ killers, as the Ashura in An Najaf is based on Hussein ibn Ali sacrificing himself for Allah in his fight with the Sunni Caliph Yazid.
    Couple of links.
    Getting Into Their Minds III: How Does Islam Do It?

    Knowing this, how do we deter the modern Gnostic warriors, the jihadi?

    Mainly, we do not. Those who are dead already, who consider themselves dead to the world and only alive to the Afterworld, those who wish to die, generally cannot be deterred. Faith has been described as a belief in things
    invisible. Gnosticism is belief in a fantasy that is taken to be more real than the common reality: they do not believe what they see, they see what they believe. This cannot be deterred. Imagine Osama bin Laden is in front
    of you: how do you deter him? Or Zawahiri, or Zarqawi ? Deterrence? Don’t even think about it. Deterrence might have worked way before contemporary jihad was able to reach critical mass, sometimes perhaps in the early to

    I highly recommend reading the above link in it’s entirety.

    Suicide bombings in operation Iraqi freedom.

    Islamic tradition. Islamic suicide bombings are of interest because they provide the philosophical context in which such operations in Iraq are being conducted. Raphael Israeli’s article, “A Manual of Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism,” is the best overview of suicide bombing’s Islamic philosophical origins. (10) He notes that the conceptual basis for the Shi’ite cult of martyrdom is a tradition that originated with Hussein ibn Ali, grandson of the prophet Muhammad. Hussein ibn Ali, sacrificed himself for Allah when he and his followers were annihilated by Caliph Yazid’s army at Karbalah in 680.

  4. more recommended reading from Foaud Ajami in today’s WSJ. Concluding paragraphs are succint and to the point.

    The country has been fought over, and a verdict can already be discerned–rough balance between its erstwhile Sunni rulers and its Shia inheritors, and a special, autonomous life for the Kurds. Against all dire expectations, the all-important question of the distribution of oil wealth appears close to a resolution. The design for sharing the bounty is a “federal” one that strikes a balance between central government and regional claimants. The nightmare of the Sunni Arabs that they would be left stranded in regions of sand and gravel has been averted.

    This is the country midwifed by American power. We were never meant to stay there long. Iraq will never approximate the expectations we projected onto it in more innocent times. But we should be able to grant it the gift of acceptance, and yet another dose of patience as it works its way out of its current torments. It is said that much of the war’s nobility has drained out of it, and that we now fight not to lose, and to keep intact our larger position in the oil lands of the Arabian Peninsula and the Persian Gulf. This may not be the stuff of glory, but it has power and legitimacy all its own.

  5. Very powerful articles indeed. I have to admit I agreed to several points in each of them.

  6. Well, in the footrace to left field, he doesn’t want to be outsprinted by Hillary.

  7. Like the sidebar at The Peoples Cube read, “Hillary invites Obama for cup of “Russian tea” to settle differences.”

  8. I wonder if a nice game of Russian Roulette would be out of the question.

  9. I think he, as well as the entire left-wing, is just before overplaying their hand.

  10. They’re just being classic political opportunist. He doesn’t care about what is best for this country, only what is best for himself. Seizing on the current fervor over the anti-war protest over the weekend, and the impeach rally on Monday, he see’s perfect timing for showing his anti-war bona fides.
    It’s even more in the leftards interest to try and stop the President’s plan from succeeding now, as victory in winning the peace in Iraq, and putting Iran in it’s place, would spell certain defeat for them in 08.

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