Artifact: A Chilling Tale of Global Warming

I posted an article the other day from NASA. They reported that evidence of global warming on MARS could be conclusively seen from photographs. Mars! If anything, doesn’t this point to solar activity rather than carbon emissions as the cause of this gaiaist inspired apocalyptic circle jerk? And now, the UN weighs in, again.

From Reason Magazine (h/t FR)


The United Nations has ventured into children’s publishing with a scary story about a small boy who loses a dogsled race because of global warming. In November the odd little picture book cum policy brief, Tore and the Town on Thin Ice, made the rounds at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Kenya.

The night after he loses the race by falling through a weak place in the ice, Tore has a dream in which he sees the Inuit goddess Sedna, who warns him that “rich countries use—and waste—an awful lot of energy. Huge cars. Too many cars instead of efficient trains and buses.” The animal kingdom comes out in full force with some nightmarish warnings of its own. A snowy owl tells Tore winning dogsled races “might not be your top worry” soon, since “some people who hunt for a living are already going hungry because a lot of seals and walruses are heading north.” A polar bear moans that he is starving, and then—when Tore gets upset—a whale calls to him: “That’s the spirit! Get good and angry. You’ll need all that energy to make a difference.”

Tore awakes, furious and full of resolve to build solar panels and to nag his parents about their gasoline consumption—the United Nations’ idea of a happy ending


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  1. Let’s see here. Earth has been here for about 3 billion years? The Industrial Revolution started about 100 years ago? Do the math, you fricken morons….

  2. OK, maybe 150 years ago. But still, to be so arrogant as to think humans can have that much impact in such a short time. Shows just utter stupidity, or ulterior motives.

  3. I wonder if Ted Kuzenski has a copy of algore’s dvd movie?

  4. Ted who?

  5. The unabomber.
    He had algore’s first book(?) in his shack.

  6. My bad, Ted Kaczynski.

  7. Man, this story from An Najaf just keeps getting weirder.
    Cult had dug in for massive battle.

  8. In case there was any doubt, the South rocks!
    Southern Culture Under Siege.

    What liberals don’t realize is that the South is the essence of what makes America unique and original — everything from rock and roll to barbeque to NASCAR — can trace its origins back to the South.

    Southerners have more in common with each other than we have with natives of other regions. What unites us is a common sense of place — an understanding that the soil under our feet was cultivated by our ancestors and kept strong by our heritage. Southerners will still do anything to help a friend. Southerners have no pretenses about themselves, we don’t “put on airs.” And there is no more broad dividing line than grits, sweet tea and barbecue.

    Dang Straight!

  9. N2L, couldn’t agree more…..

    – as it happens we know that the 1700’s were much colder than today. So there is evidence of small cycles of warm to cold and back again. Most of creation seems to have variables, nothing is static, so why we should expect the mean temperature of the earth to remain the same beats me. It would be odder, and then some, if such a complex system never varied IMHO

  10. Thanks for that link, N2L. The friends of mine from Oregon that are bailing out for Alabama mentioned, in addition to being tired of moonbats, the twin lures of sweet tea and sweet potato pie.

  11. Here’s something interesting in the climate debate. Seems there’s a new graph out….

  12. Somebody really needs to throw some cold water over those global warming people; they just get increasingly hysterical.

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