Plot to Kidnap, Torture and Behead Muslim Soldier Live on the Web Foiled


Security services said today that they had foiled a suspected plot to kidnap and torture a British Muslim soldier recently returned from service abroad before beheading him live on the internet.

Eight men were arrested in a series of dawn raids at 12 addresses in Birmingham. John Reid, the Home Secretary, has been informed of the arrests and is receiving regular updates about the operation.

Security sources said that the carefully planned operation had averted the alleged plan to kill the soldier, which was in its later stages.

The sources said that the alleged plotters planned to force their victim to plead for his life in online videos before torturing him and executing him much as Ken Bigley, the Liverpool hostage, was killed in Iraq in October 2004. The beheading would have been shown live on an extremist website.

Can Islam get any more depraved? Answer – probably yes.

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  1. I’ve been listening to the Democratic presidential candidates who, when confronted with Islamic terrorism should they win, apparently will consult their crack team of attorneys and imprison George W. Bush. I’ve also gone to Newt Gingrich’s website and been listening to and reading transcripts of his speeches; apparently he is one of the few people in America outside the military that understand that there actually is a threat from Islamic terrorism.

    Israel is facing the greatest danger for its survival since the 1967 victory. Israel maintained its dominance since 1967 even after the 1973 failure. In 1984 I wrote that WMD and terrorism would pose a threat for US national security. If two or three cities are destroyed because of terrorism both the US and Israel’s democracy will be eroded and both will become greater dictatorial societies.

    Three nuclear weapons constitute a second Holocaust. Enemies are explicit in their desire to destroy us. We are sleepwalking through this as if diplomatic engagement will create a fiesta where we will all love one another. The terrorist threats are larger and more formidable than the political system in Israel or the US can cope with. We need a grand strategy similar to the Kenan telegram which formed US policy for the duration of the Cold War, and the 68 plan developed by Nitze in 1950.

    We lack the language and goals to address the new environment along with the speed and intensity to counter the contemporary threats. If we have no strategy we will need to be intellectually honest to consider the next step once two cities have been destroyed. My grandchildren are in greater danger than I was throughout the Cold War. What stages are you in Israel going to take if tomorrow morning Jerusalem, Haifa and Tel Aviv would be destroyed? Similarly the US needs to consider what policies it would advance if in twenty four hours, Atlanta, Boston and San Francisco were destroyed. These threats will become even more imminent in two or five years time.

    So, is it empty rhetoric or is Islamic terrorism a real threat? The Democratic candidates (and some of the Republicans) apparently think 9/11 was just so much theater and they didn’t really mean it. Hell, some of the Democratic candidates major supporters think George Bush somehow snuck into the world trade centers carrying lots and lots of explosives without anybody noticing. (Must have worn a hat and sunglasses and maybe a fake mustache.)

  2. Well swampwoman your opening comments about the Dems response to Islamic terrorism on their watch (should they get one) almost made me blurp my coffee everywhere. I intend to turn it into a Zot toon and will credit you with the idea.

    A long time ago on Free Republic I asked if there was anyone with the stature of a Churchill waiting in the wings. Someone mailed me and said Newt Gingrich was the man. I know you have your reservations regarding his private life (form previous threads), but I’m glad he is on the scene. His hour might yet come.

  3. One of the addresses cordoned off today is an Islamic bookstore in Stratford Road, Sparkhill. The store was exposed by The Times just days after the July 7 bombings as selling incendiary works’ glorifying suicide bombing and anti-Semitism. Other addresses raided included a nearby cybercafe.

    Well, as Gomer Pyle was wont to say, “surprise, surprise, surprise!”

    I note that they have carefully refrained from stating the obvious; i.e., if they can plan to capture, torture, and behead a soldier recently returned from Iraq (who could be expected to be in good health, fit, and well versed in self-protective techniques) how would the police fare should they decide to start offing them and/or their fammilies one by one? How would the rest of the disarmed citizenry fare?

  4. Only police and criminals are allowed guns! Our hapless police (who Ireally want to support)only ever seem to use them against people who turn out to be innocent.

    The police need to go into these communities hard but they won’t.

    Our beloved BBC covered this story by going to local Muslims and asking their views.

    Let me tell you now in case you are under any other delusion-

    these guys are innocent as doves and this will only serve to anger and alienate the Muslim communities who are fed up with the heav handedness of the police.

    Oh and if we would quit Iraq all would be hunky dory.

    Gruffump! is all I can say.

  5. My reservations re Newt have to do with whether I consider that he could be elected should he win the nomination. At least with a winning Republican candidate we would still have a war on terror, albeit perhaps flawed; should a Democratic candidate be elected, we would have no war on terror at all.

    /Speaking as a former life-long Democrat/recent Republican convert.

  6. Swampie, I’m shocked that you didn’t offer this video for vimto, in my absence.
    *Caution* Strong adult language. If the nudie ads on the periphery bother you, go to a full screen.
    I can’t imagine not being able to go in my closet, deciding which of the more than two dozen guns I have to take to the range. I’ll bet this guy does too, but there is something poetic about using an AK.

  7. N2L
    I’ll look at the vid in a mo. I’ve rather gotten fond of the babes on th esites you link to. As a Baptist minister I never look and alwaysuse the wide screen! 😉

    Now swampwoman methinks it might go like this.

    Dems in
    Big attack.
    Do nothing,
    Big attack
    Dems out
    Newt in…?

    What I mean is the UK and US alike will get behind the WOT but “many more will have to suffer and many more will have to die” before they do (Bob Marley).

  8. N2L no luck with the link. Some photo’s of vids down the side but nothing on screen.

  9. Hmmm. The outraged Muslim community sounds a lot like a battering husband who claims “it was her fault, she cooked something I didn’t like, so I had to kill her”.

  10. Vimto, I never intend to offend, just entertain or inform.
    The way I look at it, if some people think Her Royal Thighness is electable, then certainly Newt should be even more so. At least he has actually done things, where as she is still riding the prehensile tail of her alleged husband.

  11. Vimto, give it a minute or so to load, it’s not a short vid.

  12. N2L

    You never offend me and I din’t mean it to sound as if you did – dear me I’ve seen worse (even better!) and it serves as reminisence therpy for me!

    Nudge nudge wink wink say no more man of the world…..

  13. SAY NO MORE!

  14. Vimto, you must be blocked on that end (hate speech, don’tcha know). It was a guy that started out by saying that he wasn’t hiding behind a face mask like a f*****’ pansy, shot the sh** out a Quran, and invited anybody that didn’t like it to come find him, all to the mellifluous strains of “die, motherfucka, die!” playing, and some clips of soldiers doing politically incorrect rejoicing at the passing of their enemies.

    Come to think of it, everytime I see those brave jihadists hiding their faces behind a tablecloth, I also have the same editorial comment, to wit: “What a bunch of f***in’ pansies.”

  15. Vimto, I don’t know how often you go over the comments here from when you are sleeping, but we are often at our best during that time, after settling in after dinner, and having a chance to read emails and scan favorite sources.
    I was searching for a good pic of the ‘Fountain of Blood’ near Tehran, dedicated to the alleged martyrs from the Khomeinist revolution and the war with Iraq. I couldn’t find a good pic, which even a good one would be creepy, but I did find some really interesting articles in the process.

    Getting Into Their Minds III: How Does Islam Do It?

    This is an excellent piece, a little long, but worth the read, and it is also one part in a series.

  16. Well, N2L, I’m not nearly as quick-witted as you are (or is that thick witted?) so of course I didn’t think to link the video.

  17. Good point Swampie, didn’t even think of nanny-state controls over what vimto might be able to watch.

  18. Speak for yourself; that time is when I’m at sneaking in quick peeks at the website while I’m supposed to be working.

    Like now.

  19. Well, you make some good contributions for someone playing hooky from the saltmine.
    I need to cut out here in a moment, and run down to downtown.*sigh*

  20. N2L

    What a video!The music at the end… where was it from …some Brit 70’s comedy star that was big in America (though we could’t understand why) cannot remember his name.

    Yeah most mornings I scroll through the previous nights comments and regret that I’m out of that loop. Sometimes they are a bit oblique for me.

    I’ll hit that other link you’ve put up and read soon.


  21. Hamid showed me the high, wide-tiered fountain built for the martyred war dead. The fountain had once cascaded crimson-colored water dyed to look like blood. As more war dead came home, the cemetery grew bigger, so big that satellite fountains of martyrs’ blood had to be built. The martyrs are “irrigating the revolutionary seed,” officials liked to say. But after the war, the fountains were turned off. On the day of my visit, the main one was dry. When I asked Hamid why, he shrugged and said, “There are many things that have lost their color after twenty years. One of them is the color of the fountain. Some traitorous officials claim that the red color is a reminder of the blood shed during the war and since there is no war the fountain should not run red anymore. If it were up to me, I would build fountains in every single square in the country and fill them with red water to remind people of the sacrifices of the martyrs.” …

    Interesting interview with a martyr that is waiting impatiently for death.

  22. Vimto, I’m shocked! That was Benny Hill’s theme song.
    Just came across this from the Jerusalem Post. UK baroness: Islamic extremism greatest threat to West.
    Wish she would say it in public, and in front of the House of Commons.

  23. Yeah, I need to cut and run too; spent the morning at the doc’s office and I have to be stuffed into an MRI next week so I had best earn some money for that.

  24. Yeah, I will ead it later. I’ve seen video of the fountain when it was flowing at full volume, but can’t find a pic anywhere.

  25. I’ll either eat it or read it, undecided right now.

  26. Dang, getting Ram Charged sure is expensive.

  27. Yep, SwampMan is threatening to load up all the sheep and carry them off to auction when I’m not home.

    /Like he could catch them.

  28. Well, if you eat your reading material, I recommend that it be fried with maybe some cajun seasoning.

  29. I was thinking tempura, with a nice sour cream and chive dipping sauce.

    Two interesting links, then I gotsta go.
    Essay Linking Liberal Jews and Anti-Semitism Sparks a Furor
    My Year Inside Radical Islam

    Adios, mi amigos.

  30. N2L….
    Yep Benny Hill chasing those girls in fast motion! How could I forget?

    Actually I got his L.P. on vinyl last year “Earnie,he drove the fastest milkcart in the west.” in a second hand shop for 25p.

    To my surprise it really made me giggle. But I understand he was more popular over there than over here.

    On the subject of vinyl I got rid of my collection about 5 years ago including a lot of Jamaican imports. But I kept just one or two or three of four…well about 20.

    Last week I pulled out Spirit of ’76 – Tampa Jam. A delight and one of very few sold in the UK in mint condition.

    A bit off topic but….

  31. Ah yes, the Bicentennial celebration era music.
    I figured everybody loved Benny, it was just excellent humor, and dead pan slapstick style thrown in.
    I heard when he died, they found all of his money and checks in his home, that apparently he never trusted a bank. Must have been some of that
    Great Depression attitude.
    See ya’.

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