Socrates Academy: the inescapable logic of global warming.

Here is an appetizer:

But what if AGW activists are only partially right? That is, what if something we’re doing is causing global warming, but the gases we are trying to limit are not it? Or, if the current temperature increase is part of some natural cycle, and we act, then when the climate cools on its own, cum hoc ergo propter hoc will have struck again, in reverse, and we will be left in awe at the shaman whose incantations caused the Sun to go dim at noon.

We also don’t know that warmer temperatures will be bad for humans. Warmer temperatures would seem to complicate the lives of polar bears and coral, but there is a link missing between those complications and radically changing the world economy, when it is quite possible that the warmer temperatures would improve live for humans and other life forms. It could, in fact, dramatically simplify life for humans in climates formerly too cold to inhabit; polar bears might adapt to life without ice; and coral might just grow in seas currently too cold for it.

I do not fault any who accept the opinion of experts that AGW is real. Nor do I fault the scientists, far more able than I, who judge that CO2 levels are to blame for higher temperatures. And since they accept those premises, actively trying to avert a possible disaster is understandable.

However, the links have not been properly made. In a controversy, the side seeking change from the status quo should be able to prove its case. AGW proponents need not show that the Earth is warming, which basically everyone accepts, or even that man is the cause of the warming, which many do not. But it must be shown that human action is both necessary and sufficient to fix global warming, and that the probable benefits to mankind outweigh the costs. Since what is at stake is so drastic, I demand greater proof than has been thus far offered.

See what I mean? Go on over and Read the Whoooooooole Thing.

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  1. Yep. I particularly liked the article, further down at that site, about the minimum wage and how it was started as a tariff on the south.

  2. Hmmmm. Saw the guys on Fox that planted those electronic signs that closed down Boston. They are really yukking it up. Wonder if Boston has that great of a sense of humor.

  3. It’s just another crisis built up by our friendly Democrat party to try and shake money out of “concerned citizen” millionaires to contribute to there campaigns and jet trips all over the world.

    Hey, check out my blog today about Molly Ivins at Help me reach 40,000 today.

  4. Silly people. To combat global warming, everybody just needs to turn on their air conditioners and leave the doors open. That ought to do it.

    On one website giving helpful tips on how you, too, can fight global warming, one helpful piece of advice was instead of starting up the car to get somewhere, ride a horse. Something tells me that they aren’t really aware of where carbon dioxide comes from or how methane is also a greenhouse gas.

  5. Critical thinking about health information – a challenge for professionals and consumers” is an article today in Junkfood Science that shows how the information widely promulgated to your health care professional may not actually be information that was obtained through clinical studies but instead supported positions from which the the company that promulgated the information had corporate branches that had a financial interest in that position.

  6. Dang, that last sentence meandered all over the place. Sorry! Trying to blog and fry up pork chops for the SwampMan’s dinner are a couple of things that should not be done simultaneously.

  7. Here’s the CDC Emerging Infectious Disease Journal of 03/07 on Extensively Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis. Such a benign-looking little article, when actually all sorts of alarms and flashing lights should go off when reading it.

  8. When I first read about this TB strain, I called my doctor and asked him about it. He said it was becoming a problem in NYC in the aids and drug wards, but so far contained.

  9. Thanks for that link, N2L. I’ll read it in my spare time, about 3 a.m.

  10. No prob, Swampie.
    It’s a long read, though, but very good. I got to listen to the first 2/3rds of it, and read the rest.

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