No To Liberals. That’s My Name…Wear It Out!

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I suspect that at the core of liberal “thinking” is the same kind of pathology that characterizes other mental disorders, i.e., a glitch in the brain that produces “feelings” and behavior over which liberals have no control. FSM

The above photo by The Peoples Cube is funny, yet it is also intuitively accurate. Which brings me to my nic, which only a few of you may have ever heard my explanation for choosing it.

Over the years, having moved across the political spectrum as I entered and exited different phases of my life, many things came into focus. That liberalism was a phase of socio-political development that many got stuck in and couldn’t conceive of or grasp any competing concepts puzzled me, as well as made me very angry at times, as the behavior of liberals and their childishness was most evident when events went against their world view and they would behave in ways that reminded me of a petulant child. That is when I determined that, like a petulant child, liberals needed to be told NO when serious matters were under discussion and they were pushing for their view to be dominant. So, I have since then and encourage you now, to tell a liberal or all liberals NO when important matters concerning the survival of our nation and human kind in general are to be effected by some of the policy changes they support.

That is my explanation and have watched with much amusement how many liberals react, usually the most lefturd of the bunch, when I have told them NO your idea/s are destructive and then explain why. I generally get the reaction of a breath-holding, foot-stomping child or pre-teen. At other times, some even take umbrage at the mere presence of my ‘nic.’

With that info about my choice of nic’s out of the way, I will refer you to a most excellent article I found the other day, that adds credence and validity to what I knew only qualitatively and intuitively. The Pathology of Liberalism by Joan Swirsky, was published in Family Security Matters a few days ago and I have been perusing it and waiting for the opportunity when I could sit down and write this post. The article is excellent as an aid in understanding how the liberal pathology can be dealt with on a daily basis and can help explain your frustration in trying to have a reasonable conversation with them and why there is nothing you or I can do about their condition. They have to proceed to another level of development on their own, as I, and many of you here, already have done over the years.

Here is a glimpse at the article, describing liberals as children:

Liberals, like children, live in a world of utopian dreaminess, clinging to a narrow, circumscribed reality and believing that if everyone would just be nice to each other – let’s talk, let’s chat – all the noisy death threats and pesky suicide bombings would go away, and all those grumpy grownups in the current administration would see the light.

And so they do what children do when they’re mad at grownups. They call names.

Children take things personally. “My father is bigger (stronger, smarter) than your father” is just about intolerable to the average child. “Is not!” “Is too!” is an exchange that inevitably results in either tears or fists. In 2000, when George W. Bush ascended to the presidency, the initial despair of liberals quickly morphed into childlike, irrational anger, which has obsessed them for the past six years
Liberals entertain the conceit that they are quite evolved and superior, both morally and intellectually. In their childlike minds, they are “good” and the people who set limits, demand accountability, expect empirical results, fight their enemies and also make judgments about what is good and bad and right and wrong are “bad.”
In addition, liberals are intellectually lazy. Like the children they are, their feelings supersede their self-described much-vaunted intellects, rendering them biologically incapable of objective thought or reasoned debate. So controlled are they by the emotional centers of their brains that when President Bush says we must defend our country with every means possible – diplomatic, strategic, and military – liberals figuratively say, or rather screech, “I don’t like those rules, Dad!” and then they have pathological temper tantrums.

As we so often see on posts like this, read the whole thing! It is not a short article, but is well worth your time, I assure you.
As for the blue-faced, screaming and foot-stomping liberal child you may incite by saying NO, the sooner they learn the lesson that their behavior is maladaptive, the better.
Oh, be sure to say no2liberals often and please don’t worry, you can’t possibly wear it out.

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  1. After all these years, finally an explanation of “just say no!” The Gipper would be proud.

  2. You mean all these years I misunderstood what my momma was talking ’bout when she said Just Say No?

  3. Wow! That just about covers it all. Excellent job, N2L. I’m going back to finish the article now.

  4. Fox News is reporting Anna Nicole Smith is dead. A lot of bad things happened around her lately.

  5. Henh, you guys.
    Swampie, you didn’t misunderstand, you were just being petulant.
    /tell the truth

  6. Awwwww, that’s too bad about Anna Nicole Smith. She got by as best she could (and very well indeed) with the assets she had but guess she just couldn’t take any more with all of her legal problems, constant battle to say slim, and her son’s death and maybe even some postpartum depression tossed in there.

  7. Oh, did I just hear the sound of another career crashing and burning?

  8. And she’s a liberal too.
    In letters found in Nowak’s car, the crazed moonbat professed her love for the spaceman.

  9. Well….at least they’re not calling her the astronut.

  10. Heh. The mating call™ of space people.

  11. I’ve been saying as much for years, albeit not as eloquently! You can see the rational disfunction in the liberal view of the value of life:

    Defending our nation, our lives, and our civilization is not worth dying or killing for (nor is it worth the limitation of any “freedom”, or any convenience).

    But the right of women to have unprotected sex with strangers who do not meet their standards to be the father of their child, well that is worth killing the baby for. Or the right of homosexuals to have anonymous anal sex with stangers is worth dying and killing for (from HIV/AIDS)!

    This isn’t rational thinking! It is LIBERALISM!

  12. Interesting…it was liberals, democrats and rational republicans that all banded together last November to kick the republicans out of power. Ha ha.

    Say what you want, but it’s been the liberal voice in the past few years that has made sense to Americans, while it’s the religious warmongering christofascist voice that has terrified a nation.

  13. Also, I can’t count how many times I’ve had my life threatened online by the neocons. Liberals don’t resort to that kind of behavior. Very criminal. It was a neocon from Free Republic who was behind sending fake anthrax out to Keith Olbermann and others. It’s the neocon voice that makes rational Americans cringe.

  14. You’ve touched a raw nerve there N2L. heheeehehehhehhhheeeee

  15. Heh. If only they knew how stupid that sounds.

  16. religious warmongering christofascist voice that has terrified a nation.

    Thanks for illustrating the point that, “And so they do what children do when they’re mad at grownups. They call names.”

    As for the mid-term election, you aren’t a student of history, I take it. Go back and look at the mid-term election results, of every President in his last term in office, since Lincoln. That the Dhimmicrats won is just following a historical trend. What you should be paying attention to is how the Dhimmi’s are behaving now that they have a tenuous majority in Congress, and how that will effect the upcoming general election in ’08.
    You say you have had your life threatened, I have no way of knowing if that is true or not, but not by me. You want to pick and chose political affiliations of people that commit criminal acts? Okay, the Unabomber was a whacked out environmentalist leftie, that had a copy of algores book in his shed, and Ol’Ted actually killed and maimed people over two decades. We can play that game for eternity, and use up all the bandwidth on the innernut, and still call it a tie.
    You define rational Americans from a different perspective than many, get over yourself, and grow up.

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