Fox News Alert

Anna Nichole Smith is still dead.

Barack Obama is running for President.

Snowy and cold in the northeast. (Duh, it’s February).

5,000 more Mexicans crossed the border illegally.

5,000 more abortions were performed legally.

A possible deal on Norkom nukes hits a snag.

Iranians chant “Death to America”

palestinian arabs attack Jews, begin new intifada (the old one was such a success)

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  1. Also:

    Hillary Clinton clams she is father of Anna Nicole’s baby, millions of campaign cash on the line.

    Dems let imam lead prayer at Nat’l Committee Meeting, pledge submission, change name to ‘Dhimmicrat’ Party.

    UN: 34,000 Iraqis killed In 2006 still way below 1986 record of 100,000.

  2. That is some of the best deer sausage I’ve ever had.
    White-tail delight

  3. oh, just commenting on my lunch/
    Biskits and deer sausage. Dang good

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