There is no terrorist threat

Update: Ian at HotAir has Brit Hume on FNS speaking truth to naivete… gotta see this!


“There is no terrorist threat”. When Michael Moore uttered these words, he was roundly laughed off of the stage of serious political discourse. His resurrection began with his seat of honor at the 2004 Democrat Party Convention, the guest of a former President. As J.V. Last described him, “He is no longer a crank or provocateur, he’s become a liberal saint.”

After he described al-Qaeda terrorists and Baathist murderers as “Minutemen”, who could have envisioned the day when this opinion would become the overwhelmingly dominant position within the party? The Moore wing of the Democrat Party is so dominant, in fact, that all but two Democrats voted in lock-step to condemn the military effort in Iraq, setting the stage for drastic military defunding. Only some last-minute cojones by the GOP kept the Senate from siding along with the House.

In a measure of just how successfully the Moore Democrats have rotted the soul of the body politic, almost two-thirds of respondents in this on-line poll from MSNBC believe the US Government was involved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It is no wonder that given the constant drumbeat of negative news stories by Big Media, that the Moore-wingers found a willing audience in the persuadable third of the electorate. Nor is it any great surprise that St. Michael is able to successfully intimidate Big Media to toe the line, by reminding them of their great moment of weakness in the Spring of 2003 when they were not completely negative toward Bushco the evil chimperor.

the mainstream media… were your collaborators in bringing us this war — and many of them are already trained from having been “embedded!”

In the bizarro world of Moore, a Congressman who is discovered with $90,000 in bribe money is not asked to resign, but is instead given a seat on the House Homeland Security Committee. A convicted perjuror who was impeached and removed from the Federal judiciary is ranking Democrat member of the Subcommittee on Terrorism and Homeland Security. The Terrorism Subcommittee is the primary committee in Congress which has direct oversight of the programs and activities of the intelligence community that relate to U.S. homeland security and to counterterrorism. Shady characters, bad actors, all part of a corrupt political machine that is determined to win at all costs.

Carried to its extreme, this corruption movement threatens to destroy us all. “It is compulsive in its lust for power. It is an anti-establishment lobby that is vast and very powerful. Right now the specific labels don’t matter, and there are too many to name here, from corporate greed to union greed to organized crime to “special interest” causes. It is a long list. However, the core desire of this group, conscious or unconscious, is to tear down everything traditional and decent in this country. Full of personal anger and a desire for radical change at whatever cost, these people wish to “re-imagine” an America they have never understood. “ Bob Just

There exists a threat to the Republic that is more immediate than the islamics, and is as equally ruthless: The Moore wing of the Democrat party. They must be soundly defeated at the ballot box if the Republic is to survive.


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  1. Yep!
    You said a mouthful, nuke.
    Came across something earlier, that seems to pertain well here.
    You ever notice how so many use the ‘no WMD’ mantra? Where they got that chant is from the same source you are describing, the BDS media has perpetuated, without significant challenge, that it was the WMD we went into Iraq for in the first place. After beating that bald-faced lie into the heads of the gullible, it is basically accepted as fact.
    However, in reality, it was the fourth reason we invaded Iraq, after the longest telegraphed punch in history, immediately followed with a forty eight hour warning to Saddam to get out of town.
    The following link is to President Bush’s speech at the U.N. before the 16th unanimous U.N. vote on action with Saddams regime.
    President’s Remarks at the United Nations General Assembly.
    With the LameStream media actively telling lies, in order to effect the President’s policies, and pave the way for their corrupt and immoral friends on the far left, we have to defeat not only the leftards running for office, but the leftards that have the largest audience in misinforming the public.

  2. that was a very nice speech.
    It’s too bad that the Moore-democrats turn the volume down on the TV whenever he speaks. It’s impossible that they have heard anything he has said for years now.

  3. It is just amazing to me how anyone living here can promote the downfall of this country. People die for the chance to come to the USA and yet, the ones that rule here do not understand one simple thing: The United States of America is the only truly free land on the planet, and if we do not defend it with all means possible, we will lose it! Fu*king idiots on the left seem to want us to be like France, and just talk about our differences so we can all get along. The koran just says “Kill All That Will Not Convert”. What is so hard to understand about that?

  4. Just stopped in for that rant. G’nite all…(that Cedar Infection is a bad mofo)

  5. Good luck with that chit, R.D.
    Mine is a full blown cold, moving into my chest now. Phase II, for me. Perhaps in a day or two, I will be able to offer cogent thought and conversation.
    I’m sure you will be watching the Daytona 500, so yell for Junior for me.

  6. I’m sick of everybody dissing the president he’s made mistakes but in the interest of the nation people need to realize that too much dissension is unhealthy for our country (they’re a bunch of cry babies). Were not going to leave Iraq until some things are settled and the people on the left should put their energies into solutions rather than always causing problems. If we pull out now the islamo fascists will bring the war to our door step as sure as I am sitting here why cant they see that. Becuase they want to believe that man is inherently gooooooooooood and that “president aqua velva” in Iran only wants to be left alone and theres not a massive army of brainwashed nuts out there just waiting to be unleashed on the give peace a chance left and the rest of us on our soil.

    There is no terrorist threat eh? What was that little incident in Salt Lake City last week then?

  7. the threat from within has grown to the point that equals the islamics in ruthless ambition. It has also become a more immediate threat to liberty than the islamics. If the stand against the islamics in Iraq is successfully thwarted by the Moore-wingers, then the future for the free world is bleak

  8. On the Iberian Peninsula, the islamics were known as the “Moors”
    In 21st century America, the democrats are being led by the “Moore” wing of the party.
    A coincidence? I think not. heh™

  9. You got it N2L. I’m rootin’ for Mikey too.

  10. I meant Junior and Mikey. Chit, I really gotta go now….Gnite, I’ll check in tomorrow.

  11. Hang in there, RD. It only took me 5 weeks to get over that chit.

  12. Blackie, I haven’t been following the Utah mall murders since the day the story broke. Has it been established that he was an islamic?

  13. Hi,

    I think Michael Moore is a self-indulgent, narcissistic pig of a man that seethes with sarcastic rage at America and his fellow man, not just conservatives and Republicans. He hates Democrats, too. He’s full of himself, and his fringe ideas and thinks Americans are generally stupid and lethargic. And, generally, he’s right.

    I agree, the Left is heavily invested in choking any plan for victory, whatever that might look like in Iraq,and have allies fomenting distrust and unrest at every turn.
    We know bad news sells. We know the repeated lie takes root and becomes accepted fact if whined long and loudly enough.

    In “bizarro world”, you left out John Murtha, who met in the Watergate to discuss taking a bribe, but refused the measly $25,000 he was offered and wanted to hold out for more. Everyone knows Alcee Hastings is a crook, so I guess that’s why you didn’t use his name.

    It’s true that minimizing, if not wholesale discounting, terror as an active, ongoing threat in America serves only a short-sighted, political purpose. I hope wherever these jihadi zealots bastards strike, and they will, the loss of life is minimal and that retribution of a non-governmental type is swift. Frankly, I think that’s the primary reason terror, except the lone barbarian type, has been avoided. The world know’s Americans own firearms and will use them.

    I try not to lose sleep over this stuff. I do remain locked and loaded.

    I thank you for your efforts here.


  14. Hi Hank. Having an armed citizenry does have its advantages. Of course, killing the bastids over there doesn’t hurt either. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your efforts at icanplainlysee as well.
    Regards, nuke.

  15. Perhaps that MSNBC poll said more about the people that watch MSNBC than about how many thinking people actually believe the government was involved in 9/11. If I were MSNBC, I’d try to program so that I could get a viewer with an IQ of 75 or above.

  16. And, like the rest of y’all, I’m bemusedly watching the Democratic party try to outrace everybody in running away. Cowardice is not a trait that most of us envy.

  17. Actually I said before the war and long after the war started that the WMD thing could come back and bite BushCoInc. in the always-vulnerable gluteus-maximus region. When the push for the war started it was clearly stated that the WMD was a concern but not an affirmative lock. It was being stated as “a possible concern” by Bush and bi-partisan Congressional members that were as spooked about 9-11 as the general public. But even though the decades of Iraqi leadership ignoring the UN resolution was the meat and potatoes of the war stance mission statement, the general public saw and heard WMD-WMD-WMD and immediately started filling their pants with the stinky stuff. Bush and Congressional leadership (especially the Democrats who knew they would have to placate the rabid HowardDean/DrunkTeddy sections of the party) noticed that scared deer-in-the-headlight WMD gleam in the eyes of the general public. They decided that WMD was an important selling tool to appease the Michael Moores of the country. That section of the political world believes that unless a terrorist arrives inside the US and anally inserts an atomic explosive device into a Michael Moore zombie, that it is not a radical terrorist but an oppressed patriotic defender of Islam. So like greedy salesmen who have spotted a selling point and who do not mind pushing the possible features/benefits of a sales pitch over the substance of the features/benefits pitch; BushCoInc and the bi-partisan Congress pushed and pushed on the WMD angle. They pushed WMD so hard that in the terror filled minds of the general public all they heard and now remember is WMD. That is what happens when you hard sell a feature/benefit that turns sour for your audience. They remember the bad part of the hard-sell and not the reliable essence of the features substance. I am an Independent that supported the War at the beginning and I still do. But the problem is that a badly used hard-sell will turn bitter in the mouth of people whom focused on the feature that falls short of promoted expectations.

    My guess is that Michael Moore crowd is trying to take advantage of the War for political gain, and they are using the hard-sell bitterness to further harden the feelings of trust for the War of many Independents and many moderates of all the political parties. I live in a heavily-populated-blue region of Illinois. And blue bloggers and readers visit my site. But I noticed when I posted a link to a discussion about the recent statement made by Democratic member Rahm Emanuel to David Ignatius inferring that the Democrats were hoping to take advantage of further American deaths and put the blame on BushCoInc., that there was only one click on the link from what was often read (and is still read on occasion) post. I can only assume that the people are still so bitter that they do not even want to read about how the Democratic far left is attempting to use their anger for political gain. This bitterness will have to be overcome by the Republicans if they are to make serious advance in the next elections.

  18. Great post, Nuke. And too true I’m afraid. In fact, it scares me sometimes when I think about it. It is so obvious what these folks are doing and trying to bring about – and yet it seems that most people don’t even notice it. And think it’s just about differences of opinion. It’s those people who will be our undoing.

  19. Undoubtedly true. However, I not only envisioned the day that the Democrats were coming over to the Michael Moore/Mookie al-Sadr point of view, I knew it was fait accompli back when the French-Looking John Kerry was referring to Iraq as “another vietnam”.

    Dems were the glory days for the Dems, and they’re looking for any way to resurrect them now.

  20. I saw one comment over at B5, where it was reported a poll by CNN showed 6% more were in favor of the Iraq surge, than were before the Dhimmicrats had their little vote.

  21. Probably needs another 15 or 20 point swing before Hillary will tell us that she was for it all along

  22. Oh…what a thought. Her Royal Thighness wearing…flip-flops.*shudder*
    /her thighs are so big, she buys her pantyhose by the yard.

  23. Hmmmm. N2L been studyin’ on those thighs mighty closely.

    /How closely is what we wants to know.

  24. Hehehehehe

  25. Swampie, that’s the thing with Shrilleries thighs, her thighs are so big, they can be spotted from a Space Shuttle…without optics.

  26. This video really proves the title for this thread. There is no terrorist threat.

    *Warning…You Will See Dead Martyrs*
    Good sound-track. Hajis have a planning session, a pep rally, then…get owned.

  27. Thanks for the warning on there re my delicate sensibilities. Dang. Their martyrs ain’t in very good shape. They need to work on their PT program for sure.

  28. I was most impressed with the pep rally. Knute Rockne has no peer.
    Maybe some cheerleaders would pep them up, you know, make them root harder.

  29. I still can’t believe you never watched that parody video of Girls Gone Wild.

  30. N2L, just think on some of the stuff you have sent me in the past.

  31. I will think on it.

    Haven’t I been giving you heads-up for a while now? If I say ‘Henh’ it means it’s funny. I don’t set ambushes without provocation.

  32. So…do they get their raisins or virgins or goats or whatever, if they only blow themselves up?
    *Warning-G.I. Language*

  33. At least 64 (mostly Pakistani) killed in Indian/Pakistan train explosions.

  34. Heh. Never could resist pokin’ you with the sharp stick, even though I knew that retribution would be sure and turrible.

  35. Pakistan is really heating up.
    I think part of it must be because as a member of the Organization of Islamic Countries, Pakistan is the only nuclear power, and they will be meeting in Saudi Arabia next month to discuss a ‘Sunni-Block’ for Iran’s ambitions. The Mad Mullahs ain’t gonna like that.

    Swampie, check out this video. It’s from a male body building contest, and this is the most overly choreographed performance I have ever seen. LOL!
    Stan the Man!

  36. Yesssss!

  37. LOL!
    I can hear the judges now…” oh wait, I didn’t see his pecs, his quads, his ‘toids, his……”

  38. Lots of bombings going on today–or I guess that’s yesterday now–in Baghdad, Moscow, Thailand, and India.

  39. N2L, that’s exactly what I was thinking! I was enjoying the music/poses so much, I’m not sure how symmetric his muscular development was!

    /But he looked pretty good to me.

  40. What a strange presentation. Looks like that profession has changed.

  41. Okay, one more time.
    A parody of Girls Gone Wild.

  42. Heh, okay, I watched it and was shocked, shocked I tell you that there were no hair rays shown.

  43. Okay, then.
    Screw you guys…ima goin’hoooome.
    Got to get up and go.
    One last video, from one of my favorite electronic musicians from the late 70’s. Dang really need to get another turntable.
    Jean Michel Jarre.
    /with a hint of Gorebal warming

  44. Henh!
    But that wrist…
    /ooooooh baby


  45. BTW, Glock is selling 30,000 pistols to the Iranian government for their *cough*police. Nothing against those good folks in Smyrna, Ga., but I’m encouraging everyone to boycott Glock.

  46. G’night, I’ve always boycotted Glock.

    It probably should be time for me to haul my tired butt off to bed except I slept in too long because it felt too good curled up on SwampMan’s shoulder to get up.

  47. Poor SwampMan’s shoulder may not be useable for the foreseeable future, though.

  48. /still all hot and bothered by the GGW vid

  49. Terrorist threat? What terrorist threat.
    Muslim cab driver runs down two students.

    At least channel 4 news in Nashville listed his name, and didn’t try to hide the fact he was muslim.

  50. Yeah, nuke.
    That wrist sure looked….oh, man.

  51. Dang, it almost looks as though Islam is a pseudonym for crazy mo-fo’s.

  52. SwampMan told me he’d hurt me if I ever told anybody that he had watched this.

  53. I’m gonna get you for that Swampie.
    I have been provoked.

  54. What? How could you be provoked? You in bed asleep. This has all been a dream.

  55. You are getting sleepy, veeeeeery sleeeeeepy.

  56. Something more for Muslims to get all Jihadi about.

  57. Oh, dang, I never asked how the cedar infection from mutant cedar trees was going today. Fever gone? Hacking cough gone?

  58. BTW, Glock is selling 30,000 pistols to the Iranian government for their *cough*police. Nothing against those good folks in Smyrna, Ga., but I’m encouraging everyone to boycott Glock.

    Comment by no2liberals — February 19, 2007 @ 12:07 am

    I prefer Ruger, myself.

  59. Hey, Robert D! You feeling all better?

  60. Yup! That dang cedar virus didn’t get a hold out here in the woods. I must be immune to that stuff, living in the woods and all. Just a little something in the water I guess. 😆

  61. Glad to hear it. It took 10 days of antibiotics, cough medicine with hydrocodone, and lots and lots of whining about how death was imminent to make me all better.

  62. Men, though, being made of sterner stuff recover more quickly.

    Or something.

  63. Chocolate is good for the brain! A study by Mars says so.

  64. Swamps, I’m pretty sure I was just whining about a little congestion. After years of study, personal study, men are not tougher than women, we just cover it better. And I love all Mars products….

  65. SwampMan always gets over chest colds a lot faster than I do. And wants to be waited on hand and foot in the meantime.

    I just want to curl up and be left to die in peace.

  66. D’OH! It is late, and I’m supposed to work tomorrow while SwampMan gloats from his three-day weekend. I do not get three-day weekends. Ever. Therefore, I’d best go to bed so that I’ll be semi-alert and ready for work in the morning.

  67. G’night, Robert D.

  68. nite swamps

  69. I’m like you Swamps, I just let people know that I’m about to be grumpy, so they let me be. (they, being mrs. D)

  70. I found an article today in the local rag. I looked it up in the AP and here it is.

    What The Hell Were They Thinking? Environmentalists Were Stupid In The 70’s.

    Just look this

  71. Chit!

  72. Yep, I posted something similar over at Now Public

  73. Dang it! That’s a good story. I need to comment a little earlier. Daytona kinda took up my day…..

  74. I watched the last 30 minutes. Last lap was pretty intense.

  75. One of the best in the last few years.

  76. Yup.
    Well, I’m gonna shut down for the nite. Later, RD.

  77. G’nite nuke…

  78. Hypocrisy: Hume vs. Olbermann

    Fox’s Brit Hume was accused of “smearing” John Murtha in his commentary on Sunday morning.

  79. ROFL, how low would you have to go to smear John Murtha? Any attempts to smear him would just wipe some of the slime off.

  80. that chit on the bottom of our boot smears off in tall grass

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