Al Gore: It’s morality, stupid.

goracleLast night’s coronation of The Goracle was truly wonderful theater. It had everything: glitz, glamor, beautiful people, song and dance, and the man of the hour, The Goracle, himself, making the claim that “This [global warming] isn’t a political issue, it’s a Moral Issue.”

To many people, this entire issue appears to be nothing but a political power grab. So, for Gore to try and re-frame global warming as a “moral issue” is interesting. These neo-moralists™ are the very same people who claim that Christians are trying to force morality down their throats to establish a THEOCRACY. Yet, here they are, applauding The Goracle for staking out a claim on the “moral issue” of our lifetime. An issue, that to accept in toto, requires more faith than science.

And, just in case he’s forgotten, since Al Gore was offered the opportunity (in person) to facilitate serious debate on the underlying science of global climate change, 1 year, 1 month, 3 weeks, 1 day, 8 hours, 43 minutes, and 34 seconds have elapsed.

I for one, don’t buy into The Goracle’s version of morality. Forgive me, but I’ve heard all the weasel words before. Furthermore, I am extremely suspicious of anyone who wants to shut down the debate by claiming that the debate is over before it has even truly begun. Especially, since The Goracle himself, declared that his entire premise for global warming hysteria is based on a classic Gore trait — exaggeration.

In the United States of America, unfortunately we still live in a bubble of unreality. And the Category 5 denial is an enormous obstacle to any discussion of solutions. Nobody is interested in solutions if they don’t think there’s a problem. Given that starting point, I believe it is appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations on how dangerous (global warming) is, as a predicate for opening up the audience to listen to what the solutions are, and how hopeful it is that we are going to solve this crisis. source

I thought about his over-representation of factual presentations as he walked to the stage, the announcer intoning (I paraphrase) “The film crew had to evacuate from New Orleans on the day before Katrina struck. An event which brought home the seriousness of global warming……”

Oh, really?


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  1. Heh. Well, the Church of Global Warming with Pope Gore doesn’t have those icky aspects of, say Christianity, wherein a follower of the church may actually have to adhere loosely to the 10 commandments and might get judged as somebody morally lacking due to their chosen lifestyle. Nope, this religion lets them lay claim to morality by telling other people what they should give up (while not actually giving anything up themselves), a lifestyle much like that of the televangelists which they must have secretly envied.

  2. Henh…algore.
    Nuke, do you get to do the The Goracle ™?
    Good one!
    Of course, like that article I linked to last night, about the Kyoto Crackheads, algore has, according to one, a carbon footprint of a Mastodon.
    Al Gore’s Personal Energy Use Is His Own “Inconvenient Truth”

  3. Nah, I’ve seen “The Goracle” used several places — it’s perfect. Guess I should use the ™ symbol
    I just added the Chattanoogan link to the piece

  4. Well, first time I saw it, so I say you get the ™.

  5. Can you believe these hypocrites?
    Kyoto Crackheads, indeed.

    Hey Robert D.
    The Sky Is Falling…Or It Could.

  6. N2L 😆

  7. He added that the whole idea of impartial journalism just didn’t work for climate stories. “There becomes a point in journalism where striving for balance becomes irresponsible,” he said.

    Well, there it is. At least he is honest about it…in an arrogant way.

  8. I did think up “neo-moralists”, so, I’m claiming royalties if it catches on

  9. Well, slap a ™ on that bad boy, and sit back and let the coinage roll on in. 😎

  10. As long as the “journalist” points out that is an opinion piece, I have no problem with that. It’s when MSM puts it out as fact that it goes over the line.

  11. thanks=#9

  12. Henh…welcome.

  13. Have the digital Blues channel on, while clacking, and they played a song by this chick.
    Not the same song, but this girl has skills.

  14. Yup, everything will soon be extinct because of gorebal warming.
    Thirty Strange New Creatures Found in Antarctic Waters

  15. So the icebergs are what will kill us?
    /the horror

  16. Seems they can’t make up their collective minds. 😆

  17. icebergs, yeah. didn’t you see titantic?

  18. I’m king of the woooooooorld

  19. Sheesh. Will he change his name to Al Sharpton-Thurmond?

  20. Swamps, LMFAO!!!

  21. Well, I’d definitely rather live in a warmer world than have to try to raise ‘maters on a glacier.

  22. I never saw the new version of Titanic, in it’s entirety. It was just toooooooo…draggy.
    What I found really interesting is, about seven years before the Titanic was put to sea, a guy wrote a fictional book, about the worlds largest ship, considered unsinkable, which then struck an iceberg and sank in the Atlantic.
    Dude that wrote the book suffered emotionally for the rest of his life.

  23. Sharpton got owned.
    Like this guy.

  24. I’m out of gas. Nite yall

  25. See ya’nuke.
    I’m gone too, night, and sweet dreams y’all.

  26. G’nite guys…

  27. G’nite, y’all, and pleasant dreams.

  28. No thanks, too late for a ham sammitch.
    But one last thing, today is/was Saint Gabriel Possenti Day, patron saint of handgunners.

  29. Heh. Yep, for you, that was what nightmares are made of.

  30. I couldn’t find Roy Orbison singin’ about sweet dreams.

  31. I did not know handgunners had (or needed) a patron saint. Dang it, I need a patron saint I can present a formal complaint to when life is not going my way.

    /But apparently the job doesn’t include paid overtime, so there have been no takers.

  32. More on Gore’s morality, or lack of it. Purchasing carbon offsets? Read Gore’s response to today’s News of him. What a hypocrit. I guess buying carbon offsets makes it alright. It’s always money, isn’t?

    Algore, what a piece of….work

    G’nite all….

  33. CHIT!!!!

    😳 this is really getting bad.

  34. DANG! I wish I could afford his electric bill.

  35. One more just for you, SwampWoman.
    Hollyweird moments: Pamela Anderson’s epiphany Sheepskin really comes from sheep? Who knew? Not Pamela.

  36. Good grief. I do not know if spending so much time obsessing over one’s appearance just closes off all senses to the outside world, or she’s just stupid.

    Plus she’s against mulesing the sheep (removing excess skin; merinos are as wrinkled as sharpeis) so that the blow flies don’t eat them alive. Well, guess they prefer the blowflies to eat them. PETA indeed.

  37. ROFL. And she thought the sheep skins were gotten from “humanely shearing”.

    Yep, skins are a renewable resource! Why, we go out yonder and measure our feet on the family cow, cut off a couple pieces of cowhide humanely, and that skin grows back good as new in a few months. And while the skin is being harvested and there are a couple bare spots, might as well humanely cut off a steak or two so it will be easier for the skin to close over the wound.

  38. I thought you’d like that….

  39. The VP Al Gore is royalty and “god like.” Gore is telling other’s how to live, take mass transit, turn down the heat, while the 300 lb. “king” is using 20 times the average home’s energy. Well, that’s because he is king. His “job” is more important than yours or mine.


  40. From The American Thinker.
    The Saint, Algoreia (a poem)

    I am the Saint, Algoreia,
    excélsis Deo Me!

    Environmental haystacks
    are just my cup of tea.

    Once… I was Vice President
    but that time is no more;
    the scathing proletariat
    hath swept me out the door.

    Now… I’m the Ebdomadarius[1]
    of the environmental choir,
    deus ex machina, very lite,
    and I order you, “Perspire!”

    I am the authoritative throne,
    and the U.N. quite agrees;
    on matters of environment,
    I bring all to their knees.

    I am the Great and Powerful Oz!
    Intone it acappella.
    Doxology before my throne:
    “Its hot! Grab an umbrella!”

    Our globe is getting warm. I swear!
    Our snows are fastly melting.
    Ignore white Christmas Malibu
    and the frozen mid-West’s helpings.

    Ignore that flatulated cows,
    prove baneful as we mortals.
    A scientific slip of fact –
    only the sophomoric chortle.

    Ignore Kant’s song! I’m shilling strong.
    I promise, the enviro’s dire –
    its categorically imperative[2]
    for my performance choir.

    I am the Saint, Algoreia.
    I am the Great Presume.
    My really inconvenient truth –
    I bear Ozymandius’s[3] tomb.

    My environmental fantasies
    are luscious algorithms,
    for turning viewpoint into cash –
    I’m their enigmatic prism.

    With California’s hip elites
    sewn-up in my chic back-pockets,
    (along with Europe’s and New York’s)
    I put America on the docket.

    Mr. Redford is my friend.
    Categorically, there’s no one wiser.
    He doffs his Sundance boots to me,
    as I play the enviro lyre.

    I am the Saint, Algoreia.
    Its no confabulation,[4]
    and critical that you all accept,
    I’m the savior of every nation.

    My precepts? They’re unquestionable.
    My science? Its uncanny.
    My conclusions that the earth is flat
    prove Congress the perfect nanny.

    And one day, when I’ve saved the earth –
    just wait – I’m sure you’ll see;
    they’ll take St. Alban’s Abbey
    and name it after me.

    So, very soon, now just stay tuned,
    I’m the one God shall replevin,[5]
    He’ll come Himself, while I’m alive,
    and entrust my rule with Heaven.

    — page break —

    [1] Ebdomadarius. In ecclesiastical law, an officer in cathedral churches who supervised the regular performance of divine services, and prescribed the particular duties of each person in the choir

    [2] Imanuel Kant (1724-1804). His categorical imperative stated that an individual’s actions should be capable of serving as the basis for universal law.

    [3] Ozymandius (1818). A famous sonnet by Percy Bysshe Shelley. It is “an ironic commentary on the vanity and futility of a tyrant’s power,” Benét’s Reader’s Encyclopedia, 3rd Ed., p. 728.

    [4] Confabulation. In psychiatry, filling a gap in memory with a falsification believed to true.

    [5] Replevin. In law, an action to recover goods or chattels wrongfully taken or detained.

  41. […] Al Gore: It’s morality, stupid. Filed under: Uncategorized — recar @ 9:59 pm Al Gore: It’s morality, stupid. […]

  42. This is too good. It’s perfect for Algore, the fat one.

  43. Repent, Sinners! Earn Eco-Salvation the Quick and Easy Iowahawk way!

  44. Yes, it reminds me of poor Mexican villagers pinning dollar bills to a Virgin Mary wooden poster, carried by a Padre. Buy your Carbon Credits! Salvation!

  45. Hee-hee…IowaHawk is a gem!

  46. I was wondering just how those carbon credits worked. We need to sell some, though we try so hard to use up the planet it’s hard with just the two of us.

  47. You know, I was sitting around idly thinking today about what the unintended consequences would be if making ethanol from cellulose were commercially viable. The main one I could see would be that items that were normally left to enrich the soil would be turned into fuel.

  48. What does IowaHawk mean?

  49. Right off hand, I’d guess that his nick meant he was a hawk from Iowa.

    /Unless you’ve never read Iowahawk, and voted on the hoosegow honey of the year.

  50. Good point Swamps. Then we need more manufactured nutrients to grow the same amount, polluting even more, and producing an inferior product in the long run. The old vicious circle. 👿

  51. It must seems to me that it could really get desertification kick started and/or accelerated.

  52. Iowa is the Hawkeye state.
    Thus, his nic.

  53. Oops, (Bad fingers! Hand me the ruler, Thaaaawack! Whimper.) that should have been “just” not “must”.

  54. There’s just so much must to go around.

  55. Geez, everybody sees the typos. Which is good, because it distracts from the faulty thinking.

  56. Hey, saw that Reaganite and Ann bought a home in your state today.

  57. Oh yeah?
    I talked with them briefly Sat. evening, and they were going house hunting on Sunday. He already had several he had looked at on the innernut that they wanted to check out. Glad all that is working out for them. It’s a bit of culture shock for Ann, as she has never seen terrain like that before. There was a bad a55 windstorm on Saturday, we had winds over 50mph, with gusts much higher, out of the west. About 400 flights had to be canceled at DFW. Apparently, the winds were even stronger where they are. Reaganite said the sheet metal on his truck was bowing in, and he had to lean way down to even walk.
    What is causing your typos, is that nasty old keyboard of your’s.

  58. Shows how much YOU know. I do not have nasty disgusting habits like smoking.

    /There might be a piece of chocolate wedged down in that keyboard, though.

  59. Daughter called me tonight to tell me that her misguided husband had told her that pudding is supposed to be chilled and eaten cold, if I could imagine that. I told her it was. She said “But….we always ate it warm!” I told her that was because she and her brother would not wait for it to get cold when they were little but wanted it NOW, so hot pudding it was.

  60. It has been in the high 70s hear down Houston way, light breeze. It’s a bit to harsh for me up in Dallas.

  61. Henh…except for the cig, I’ll bet it’s a reasonable facsimile.
    Yeah, we never could wait for it to cool either. We would wait long enough for it to set up a little, and not burn our tongues. Hmmm…butterscotch, and yummm…tapioca.

  62. Same here, Mich, 70’s and 80’s. I like the weather here, and I’ve lived in Houston several times, and liked it there too. In fact, as long as I don’t have to own a snow shovel or tire chains, I like wherever that is just fine.

  63. Oh, dang. I need to check to see how low the temp is gonna go. Something snatched a mother hen and left 4 of her babies; they were out seeking shelter under some leaves where mama used to cover them at night. I was too slow to catch them, though, so I had planned on waiting until they were slowed down from the cold before I tried again.

  64. Yes. I lived in Dallas for three years. Pretty nice weather all around. WIndy sometimes.

  65. […] February 27, 2007 at 9:45 pm · Filed under Uncategorized Al Gore: It’s morality, stupid. […]

  66. Oh this definitely belongs here. We can’t be distracted by their changing the terms. First it was all about the science, and now it’s the morality.
    I say it’s still about the science, and so does this guy.

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