I live in an area I like to call The Real Northern California. Now, most people either think that starts just north of Los Angeles or is located around San Francisco. Both of these examples are wrong. Northern California starts much farther north.

What I call Northern California starts near Red Bluff and continues north through Yreka to the Oregon border. There is a whole different way of life up here, despite what you may hear about California. We don’t need Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Barbara or San Diego telling us how to live and what to think. I don’t think I have to Mention L.A. We have a big problem up here just being heard above all the liberal BS that the big cities, with the big populations and liberal voters, spew about. We have farms, ranches, forests, wild animals, all the water that the south uses, and we have and love guns. City folk just cannot understand this way of life. And the lawmakers cannot serve us because of population density in the liberal south.

Now, despite the fact that Oregonians hate Californians, I think we can help each other. You see, the south of Oregon has the same problem as us with their north. The farther north you go into Oregon, the more you hear the Moonbat Howls. I think we have something to work with here. so we have the first draft-1941 version.

State of Jefferson-First Draft

Since I live in Shasta County, just south of Siskyou County, of course I want to be included, so a compromise is in order. Since most people who live in this area are like-minded, we can expand this small area for a stronger state, and more resources. Here is how the current state of Jefferson would look.

The State of Jefferson We Want

Okay! Now that we have eliminated Big City Politics from the north and south, we can get on with real life. We don’t need city people telling us how to live in the country. We are not the Hollyweirdos from SoCal or the Treehuggers from the Pacific Northwest. We need our own state, and I, and others, think it would work. It would at least get us our own set of laws.

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