I live in an area I like to call The Real Northern California. Now, most people either think that starts just north of Los Angeles or is located around San Francisco. Both of these examples are wrong. Northern California starts much farther north.

What I call Northern California starts near Red Bluff and continues north through Yreka to the Oregon border. There is a whole different way of life up here, despite what you may hear about California. We don’t need Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Barbara or San Diego telling us how to live and what to think. I don’t think I have to Mention L.A. We have a big problem up here just being heard above all the liberal BS that the big cities, with the big populations and liberal voters, spew about. We have farms, ranches, forests, wild animals, all the water that the south uses, and we have and love guns. City folk just cannot understand this way of life. And the lawmakers cannot serve us because of population density in the liberal south.

Now, despite the fact that Oregonians hate Californians, I think we can help each other. You see, the south of Oregon has the same problem as us with their north. The farther north you go into Oregon, the more you hear the Moonbat Howls. I think we have something to work with here. so we have the first draft-1941 version.

State of Jefferson-First Draft

Since I live in Shasta County, just south of Siskyou County, of course I want to be included, so a compromise is in order. Since most people who live in this area are like-minded, we can expand this small area for a stronger state, and more resources. Here is how the current state of Jefferson would look.

The State of Jefferson We Want

Okay! Now that we have eliminated Big City Politics from the north and south, we can get on with real life. We don’t need city people telling us how to live in the country. We are not the Hollyweirdos from SoCal or the Treehuggers from the Pacific Northwest. We need our own state, and I, and others, think it would work. It would at least get us our own set of laws.

The Whole Story Is Here

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  1. Thanks Nuke!

  2. Wooohooo! Glad you got a state. It isn’t quite as catchy as the Conch Republic…, but I expect y’all will work that out.

  3. I don’t know about going for another state; why not just declare yourself a separate country so that you can all declare yourselves ambassadors and then declare diplomatic immunity? Maybe you could declare your intentions of becoming a nuclear power and intimidate Europe into some concessions.

  4. Wish it could happen for all you folks trapped in a liberal purgatory.
    Don’t think it could ever happen.
    The state of Texas was illegally annexed by the Federal government, and the citizens weren’t even allowed to vote on it. It was proven to be an illegal annexation in the World Court in the Hague, and yet, no one even wants to discuss it. I mean, we have enough legal authority to secede from the U.S. and become a sovereign nation, and yet there isn’t any interest in it.
    Beats the shiite out of me, why we haven’t already.

  5. Oh come on now Swamps, we just want a little representation. We are not the people that y’all know as Hollyweirdos and the Moonbat crazy people like Bela Pelosi, Barbara (botox) Boxer and the numerous idiots in the House that claim to represent us.

  6. Heh. If Texas did, that distant rumble you heard in the background would be all the southernors running to join y’all.

  7. Yeah N2L, It’s just a rant, but Nuke was kind enough to let me vent it here. Like it said, it started in 1941, and I don’t think the government would ever let anyone split a state.

  8. Yeah, I know Swampie. We already have the 11th largest economy in the world. There would be a huge upheaval at first, adjusting to a gold standard, and common law courts, and some hurt ‘feewings’, but it would be worth it, in the long run.
    I need to get ready to shut-it down…got to get up kind of early.

  9. Yeah, the Cal and Oregon governments would fight you in the streets, to keep your tax money and resources.
    Just wait til the big one comes, and starts ripping the coastal area away, then strike on Sacramento for past grievances.

  10. Gettin’ up early to go to church and pray for the rest of us sinners?

    /While you’re there, point out that my lottery ticket did not win and I’m a little put out about that.

  11. That’s our other hope. The blue areas will fall into the ocean. They really are on the coast and the population of moonbats does remind me of a cave with them all flocking together.

  12. Robert D, they are waaaaay overdue for a good shaking, that’s for sure. Are you on any earthquake faults up there?

  13. No Faults running through here…but the hot springs and the straight line between two volcanoes may be a little worrisome. Hey, we all gotta go sometime, and I’ll take my chances with earthquakes and volcanoes over hurricanes and tornadoes anytime. 🙂

  14. How do you expect me to keep up? Dang, I read one and welll….

  15. We do have “rancherias” here. Indian bingo as they say. You should see the infighting around that. They kicked out a whole family that is Known to be of the tribe, just to divy up the money from the profits. Thousands more a month for each remaining member.

  16. Sheesh, not me! I’ll take the tornadoes and hurricanes and lightning strikes any day instead of the front yard deciding to go to Canada and the back yard deciding to go to Mexico.

  17. Ohhh, come on now Swamps. You get hammered every year, an earthquake happens once in a while, and usually small. Did you know the biggest and baddest fault, that is due, runs through St. Louis?

  18. Yep, the New Madrid fault.

  19. I tell you what, I kinda got cold chills when I was on the downstream side of a dam in MO a few years ago and started thinking about the ramifications if the New Madrid started shakin’.

  20. Oops, stand corrected. The Madrid Fault runs through Tennassee Arkansas and has a split that goes north to southern Missery toward St.Lewy.

  21. But that ain’t nothin’ like what y’all would be in for if the Yellowstone Caldera blows.

  22. Dang Swamps, you is kwik!

  23. Yellowstone? Yogi’s area? Long ways away. Yosemeti is in Cali. But as I said before, we live directly between the two biggest volcanoes in California. Say La Vee. That’s some redneck stuff…

  24. Anybody that used to enjoy reading Steven Den Beste should also enjoy Dumb Looks Still Free.

  25. #27 Robert D

    Yep, and the Yellowstone caldera is a long way from the gulf of Mexico, too, but there are ash deposits there from the last time it blew as well as meter deep ash deposits on the east coast and actual lava in California.

  26. Whoops, foot deep ash deposits on the east coast and a meter deep down at the gulf.

  27. Good Point! Then we will have Global Cooling, and the Moonbats will howl again.

  28. Had to bookmark Den Beste. Pretty long, but I got the Polish connection. 😉 You remember everything, don’t you?

  29. No, that wasn’t Den Beste, but reminiscent of his writing/analysis style.

    Heh, no, I cheated. Dumb Looks Still Free had a long column about top potential (natural)disasters in the US, and I went back to that and refreshed my memory. I thought it was nicely done because all of them *will* happen eventually. This planet is dangerous. Bush should do something.

  30. I only remember stuff that is of no commercial significance.

  31. So, what is your volcano emergency plan, Robert D?

  32. Stop, Drop, and Roll?

  33. It kinda depends on which one erupts. North or south,…No, I got nothin’…:???:

  34. I was just wondering if it was like our tornado plan (KYAG).

  35. Yep! That’s about it.

  36. We’re ready for a lot of things, it just depends on the amount of time. In your case, tornadoes don’t like to give a lot of warning. Rude bastids, aren’t they?

  37. Well, it’s 2 a.m. here, and I’m gonna wander off in search of my bed and SwampMan’s warm backside for my cold feet. G’night, Robert D!

  38. Well, there’s the insufferable rudeness, plus anything below ground level is called “a swimming pool” and not a storm shelter.

  39. SwampMan was teasing me about building a bunker for our next house, and I thought that was good. He said, “no, an actual bunker out of concrete” like he thought I would object.

  40. G’nite Swamps, Sweet dreams….

  41. While it may be possible to build a hurricane and tornado proof house, Robert D, I’m a lil’ stumped on how to build a volcano-proof house.

  42. Hey, by the way, I’ll clean up and lock the door. G’nite all.

  43. G’nite, Robert D!

    /I’m going, I’m going.

  44. OK, you got me on that one. Hawaii must have tried that, and I’m sure it didn’t work there. 😉

  45. Yeah, me too, ’til you comment again….

  46. Hey – San Diegans are, on the whole, pretty conservative. It also has a small town feel. Go easy on us… harass the OC, LA, SF/Bay Area, and miscellaneous nutjobs. 🙂

  47. There’s little pockets of good people throughout CA. I’ll be kind…..and thanks for reading it.

  48. […] piece, Michelle.  Next time you’re in Jefferson, give our bud Robert D. a shout.  And if you make it up to Bend, be sure to drop by Keith’s, and check out the […]

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