Israeli baby boom

The Hizballah plan to eradicate the Jews took another giant step backwards, as reports from Israel show 5th, 6th, and 7th month pregnancies at a 35% higher rate than normal. With Hizballah rockets landing in northern Israel last summer, the decision of families to remain indoors has produced an anticipated birth rate not seen since the ’67 and ’73 wars.

Commenting on the pregnancy figures, Gila Bronner, director of the Sexual Health Service at Israel’s Haim Sheba Medical Center, said stepped up sexual activity after a war was an affirmation of life.

“We wanted to tell the world, ‘you tried to kill us, but you didn’t – see, we’re alive,'” she told Channel 10.

Israel experienced a four-year baby boom after the 1967 Middle East war and births increased sharply for two years following the end of its 1973 battles against Egypt and Syria.

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So, you’re waiting for a sign from God?

Hot Pursuit

Reports of OBL’s death may have been premature. ABC’s Brian Ross is reporting that the CIA is rushing assets to the border regions of Pakistan in hot pursuit of OBL and Zawahri.

“Reports that the trail has gone stone cold are not correct,” said one U.S. official. “We are very much increasing our efforts there,” the official said.

People familiar with the CIA operation say undercover officers with paramilitary training have been ordered into Pakistan and the area across the border with Afghanistan as part of the ramp-up.

Although never publicly acknowledged, Pakistan has permitted CIA teams to secretly operate inside Pakistan.

Pakistan officials say they are aware that CIA teams have increased their presence in northern Waziristan since last September when Pakistan withdrew its troops from the area under a much-criticized “peace deal” with tribal leaders.

Newt endorses Schumer book

Ready for a jaw-dropper?

Read Newt Gingrich’s review and recommendation of Chuck Schumer’s new book (currently #3869 on Amazon)

Positively American
by Senator Chuck Schumer
(Rodale, New York , 2007, 274pp)

I am surprised to be recommending Senator Chuck Schumer’s Positively American and yet it is a very powerful and effective book.

Schumer is a liberal and very positive Democrat but he is also very smart and has some profound insights into contemporary American thinking.

For any Republican who would like to understand what happened in 2006, the Schumer explanation is compelling and sobering. He and Rahm Emmanuel have understood that a hard left Democratic Party will never be a majority. They were prepared to recruit candidates who were electable and to accept that those candidates would infuriate their more liberal wing. They saw a center-left majority as preferable to a happy leftwing minority. It is a formidable warning about how they will run 2008 and beyond.

Furthermore, Schumer has a much better sense for middle class than I would have expected. He is thinking a lot about how to understand the needs and concerns of middle class and how to develop programs which will appeal to the middle class vote.

Schumer’s reelection by 71% (a new york record) was not an accident. He has a serious, thorough understanding of how to emphasize issues and achievements which will appeal to moderate voters who would be infuriated by the left wing of the democratic party.

Finally Schumer lists 11 major areas of solutions. Republicans could easily coopt half of those solutions and challenge Senator Schumer to help pass them into law.

This is a smart book by an intelligent, liberal Democrat who is determined to turn his party into a governing majority again. It is worth study by every Republican who would like their party and their center-right philosophy to prevail.

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Hillary develops a Dixie drawl

kentuckyfriedhillary.jpgABC News noticed a distinct Southern drawl creeping into Ms. Clinton’s prepared remarks in a Selma, Alabama church this weekend…

Raised in Illinois and representing New York, Clinton effected a sporadic but curious Southern drawl in her speech. “I” became “Ahhh,” “far” morphed into “fahhhr,” and “mayor” suddenly sounded like “mare.”

Good ole Hillary. She was named for Sir Edmund Hillary, didn’t you know? She’s a Yankees fan too…. /s


UPDATE: Chad (In the Bullpen) has a link to the audio. Hear it for yourself………………………………………………………………….good grief


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