Only Silence and Surrender

…So, what should happen to someone who jokes about islam?

The question was simple, the answer, direct: You joke about Islam, we will kill you.

When asked, Jon Stewart had no comment. Bill Maher, who frequently ridicules Christianity, would not even acknowledge the question.

What is the matter with these people? Are they frightened for their safety? Reluctant to offend? When did comedy begin shrinking from the offensive? Have we done this before with any other group? Are even the funny men succumbing to dhimmitude – submission to Muslim law in exchange for security and peace?

So it would seem.

…so what exactly should happen when someone jokes about Islam?

… “First he should be warned. But if he continues and he goes too far with Islam, then, according to Islam, he must die.”

Well. Good we got that cleared up.

This, at least, explains the response to the Danish cartoons last year, when protests devolved into riots from Syria to Copenhagen, from Paris to Teheran. But no reasonable person would agree that it makes sense – or has a place in contemporary society.

Abigail Esman takes a critical look at The Netherlands through the eyes of comedy team of Ewout and Etienne. Her conclusion: if the goal of the murderers of Theo Van Gogh was to silence anyone from being critical of islam, “then Bouyeri [van Gogh’s murderer] certainly succeeded.” Read it all at Ummah News Links

Pentagon revises estimate of troops needed for surge

WASHINGTON, March 6 (Reuters) – The number of U.S. troops needed to carry out President George W. Bush’s Iraq security plan could approach 30,000, significantly more than he projected in January, a senior Pentagon official said on Tuesday. In testimony to the House of Representatives Budget Committee, Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England said U.S. military commanders in Iraq were requesting varying numbers of support troops to augment the additional 21,500 soldiers Bush has ordered into combat. “At this point, our expectation is the number of … troops could go above 21,500 by about 4,000, maybe as many as 7,000,” England said.

Breaking: Plame case verdict reached


Scooter Libby will find out if the jury convicted him, or found him not guilty within the next few minutes.

FNC reporting that he was found guilty of 4 of 5 counts.

Monday nite video

don’t shoot me, I like this song.

Nite y’all.


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