Polygamy and sharia

Mitt Romney made news recently for his family having historical ties to the practice of polygamy. Described by liberal pundits as “the ultimate Mormon oddity”, the truth is that the Mormon church officially repudiated polygamy in 1890. It was, in fact, a requirement for the admission of Utah to the Union.

Polygamy is an affront to the principle of equality between the sexes. You would think that this would be an issue that is championed as a women’s issue. Sadly, it gets little attention from international organizations, even on International Women’s Day.

The practice is common in the Muslim world, and is becoming common practice in Europe, as well:

“the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reported statements from Norway’s Directorate of Immigration (UDI) that there are an increasing number of men with multiple wives in Norway. “The reason is married men travel to countries where polygamy is legal and then add a wife.” Though polygamy is illegal in Norway, “this is something that Norwegian authorities cannot prevent,” said UDI spokesman Karl Erik Sjøholt. …The Islamic Cultural Center Norway (ICCN), an immigrant organisation subsidised by the Norwegian state, advises Muslims in Norway to take several wives because polygamy “is advantageous and ought to be practiced where conditions lend themselves to such practice.”

Yesterday, LGF pointed to a reprint of an article at The American Muslim that encouraged the development of sharia law in America by using the model of Tribal Courts, as practiced by American Indians.

I recommend that as a first step, supporting organizations dealing with Islamic family law be established immediately. A professional association of Muslims in the law field (of whatever specialty) is a must. A law school students’ support group should be formed, and Muslim youth should be encouraged to enter this field. A second step would be to establish institutes in the U.S. which can supplement legal education with courses in Islamic family law. At the same time, pressure should be put on law schools to include courses in Shariah taught by Muslims.

This is not assimilation. This is not acceptance of American Civil Law. This is unacceptable. Inasmuch as the political left has resisted the logical step of protecting the institution of marriage through the amendment process, is there any other remedy that has legal and historical precedent? There is. And it goes back to that “ultimate Mormon oddity.” Joshua Trevino at Brussels Journal laid out the case in an excellent post from last year.

The precedent is the 1887 Edmunds-Tucker Act, which effectively disestablished the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints until that entity gave up its doctrine of polygamy. The Mormons were effectively declared an organized-crime outfit: their properties were confiscated, and their leaders were driven underground. It took three years, but in 1890 they abandoned polygamy, Utah became a state, and the Mormons … have been good, patriotic, and peaceful Americans ever since. One, Mitt Romney, even has a shot at being President shortly. They were forced to join the civilized world by the United States government, which cared more for the norms of American culture than the values of the Mormon faith – and rightly so. Looking back, it is difficult to deny that this vigorous action – in which no American was killed, deported, put into camps, or hunted down – was to the ultimate benefit of the country and the Mormons.

If we could act with that degree of sanity, self-preservation, and humanity in 1887-1890, why not now? If we cannot, it is not because Muslims now – or any other immigrant community now – are worse than Mormons then: it is because we have lost the self-confidence to do it.

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  1. Thought provoking piece.
    I also think that due to the poisonous political environment, and the voice the anti-American crowd is given by their ideologues in the LameStream media, trying to gain a consensus for action is impossible.
    A whole bunch more of our citizens will need to be slaughtered to get people to pay attention again, and more will have to die on a regular basis in this country from terrorist acts, before the voices of reasonable people are heard over those that hate America.

  2. I’m not a religious person. That said, I’m not an anti-religious person. I appreciate that religion is part of the history of this country and I am pretty sure that humans have a built-in biological imperative to seek religion and spiritual meaning. I think many religions have a useful function in society. But for so many reasons including polygamy and its overall mysogyny, Islam and the overall Middle Eastern mindset flat out make me sick. In most cases I believe in religious freedom but I think Islam is like a plague that is harmful to its own followers and anyone in their path. I think Islamic fundamentalists are like infected, mindless zombies who have given up the ability to think for themselves, and indeed promote the practice of not thinking at all. This makes them entirely dangerous to everyone else. And yes, I think we as a society have become so insulated from reality that we have lost what it takes to fight the spread of this plague, or even the ability to recognize the danger. Anyone who wants to call me a bigot, flame on, but I have zero “open mindedness” for those who practice a religion that would consider me subhuman or even some man’s “property” because I was born female. It’s disgusting and repellent, and further, if I really need to go any further, any free woman who willingly converts to Islam is a complete fool and exemplifies our society’s blindness and inability to protect itself against this disease.

  3. nice read

  4. nuke
    Great post.

    bugsngasgal – great comment. Women in islam get their revenge, though, they teach their sonss that their lives aren’t worth anything.

  5. thanks, Kathy

  6. […] blogged previously about the efforts to bring about sharia law in America. I also talked about another muslim […]

  7. […] blogged previously about the efforts to bring about sharia law in America. I also talked about another muslim […]

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