Yale Divinity: Blasphemy and anti-Americanism

Yale Divinity School was the setting for a protest which marked a new low in “progressive” insanity, combining blasphemy with good old-fashioned anti-Americanism in a mocking parody of Lent.

At the Feb. 21 service, a few dozen students, faculty, administrators and members of the New Haven community gathered in the Divinity School Quadrangle to reflect upon the role of Christians in a nation that, student organizers said, is increasingly secular and whose government systematically violates its citizens’ rights.

In lieu of the traditional ashes that are prepared by burning palm leaves, the attendees burned copies of the Ten Commandments and the Bill of Rights and marked each other with the ashes to symbolize the abandonment of the principles set forth by the documents.

I am appalled. Shame on them.

Read it all (after you take your blood pressure medicine).

Income tax violates sharia law

So says a group of “hardline” muslim clerics in Australia. As a matter of fact, they have used this reasoning to persuade others to refuse to pay their income tax. John Howard’s government isn’t taking too kindly to this breach of the Australian code.

“We call on the moderate community to haul these people into line, to make sure the majority view prevails … that people should meet their taxation and legal obligations,” he said.

The Australian yesterday revealed that fundamentalist Muslim imams were encouraging their followers to avoid paying tax because they considered paying income tax contrary to Islamic sharia law.

Mr Dutton yesterday wrote to the tax commissioner asking him to investigate matter.

Opposition assistant Treasury spokesman Chris Bowen yesterday said Labor also condemned any form of tax evasion.

“While it is an extremist minority in the community that holds this view on income tax, this needs to be exposed and any claims of tax evasion must be investigated,” he said.

“A fair income tax system is based on the premise that everyone must pay their fair share.”

You’re dang skippy. LINK

Moonbats go after skinny manequins

Who says socialists don’t know how to make tough decisions?

In Spain, the leftist government has decided to go after skinny mannequins. I can’t wait for swimsuit season.

…today’s Socialist government, vigorously assertive on a bevy of social issues ranging from gay marriage to gender violence, is now taking aim at the fashion world as a source of risky thought and behavior.

“We are aiming for a model of healthy beauty,” said Angeles Heras, director of consumer affairs at the Health Ministry. “There is a lot pressure, not just from the fashion world but society in general, for women to seek models of beauty that are unreal and even unhealthy.”

So two major changes, announced in January, are in the works: Stores run by four big names will start replacing window-display mannequins so that none is smaller than size 38 (size 6 in the U.S.). And designers will standardize women’s apparel so a given size will fit the same way no matter who sells it.   source

I wonder if they are going to require that the mannequins be called “personnequins”.

Remembering the old ways

I ran across an interesting post over at Republicans & Conservatives that referenced this article from the UK Economist, called “Goodbye to the blues.”

It was a surprisingly upbeat article about the South.  Perhaps it is surprising because of the long-held “Mississippi Burning” stereotypes that seem to be the expected prelude to any article or program talking about this region.  Even the non-threatening stereotypes from Beverly Hillbillies to Andy Griffith portray the South as backwards, and Southerners as dimwitted fools.  You know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t you.

As I was reading the Economist article, I was reminded of the family photographs that I  was able to get at a recent reunion.  Some of the photos were 75 or 80 years old, and showed a picture of a time before rural electricity, telephones, and indoor plumbing, transformed the South from a rural, agricultural society to a manufacturing and service-based suburbia that is not much different than other parts of the country.  If I can figure out a way to digitize the photos, I’ll post some of them here.

Here is an excerpt from The Economist:

Seventy years ago the average income in America’s South was $314 a year. In current dollars that would be about $4,400, meaning that southerners then were about as rich as the people of Botswana are today. Half the workers in the South in the 1930s were farmers, and half of those did not own the land they farmed. Some paid rent. Others, like Matthews, gave their landlord a share of their crop. The average landless cotton farmer made $73 a year ($1,023 today). Small wonder that by the late 1930s a quarter of those born in the southern countryside—black and white—had emigrated to the north or to southern cities.

Matthews lived and worked in Ohio for the rest of his life and died, much lamented, last year. During his lifetime the South was transformed. A political system based on fear and division was replaced by multiracial democracy. Southerners no longer subsist by sweating in fields, but by making cars, pampering tourists or flying urgent packages around the world.

Read the whole thing….


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