Thursday Nite Links

Philly blogger ALa points to this nice collection of links…for your Thursday night perusal

Subject:  Democrat Election Fraud 

· Democrats Urge Kansans to Vote Illegally (Democrats do not know if it is illegal to break the law?)
· Democrat Vote Buying filmed by TV Camera Crew
· How can there be more than 100% of registered voters voting? (Numerous cases of vote fraud)
· Did Dead Indians Vote for Hillary? (Voter Fraud by the Clintons)
· Arrests Made in Voter Fraud Case (Felony Falsifying of Numerous Absentee Ballots)
· N.Y. Daily News Unearths “Stunning” Democrat Vote Fraud (About 46,000 people, mostly Democrats, are ILLEGALLY registered to vote in New York City and in Florida)
· Democrat Lawyers ATTACKED Military Votes to disenfranchise them
· Democrat Long Term Pattern of Vote Fraud
· The DNC Making Fraudulent Phone Calls
· Election 2004 turning America into a ”Banana Republic” (Widespread Democrat Vote Fraud and Corruption)
· RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman On Voter Fraud (Democrat Vote Fraud is Routine and widespread)
· The Acorn Indictments (A union-backed outfit faces charges of election fraud)
· Voting problems reported in NJ (Key Republican Districts “mysteriously” had voting machine problems in favor of Democrats)
· GETTING OUT THE VOTE, DEMOCRAT STYLE (Widespread and ROUTINE Democrat Vote Fraud)

All This Global Warming Stuff…


Thursday Open

It’s Bracketology Day!

The NCAA’s officially begin today at 11:00 CDT. Well, OK, there was a play-in game, somebody played somebody for the right to be demolished by Kansas. But, the preliminaries are over, and March Madness has begun!

Gooooo Gators! Chomp.

Best Sports pundit “Line of the Day” 16 seed Central Connecticut vs 1 seed Ohio State…

“The good news for Central Connecticut is that they got an invitation to the Big Dance. The bad news is their date is Rosie O’Donnell.”


UPDATE:  The Dookies go out in the first round!  79-77 VCU over Duke.  Love it, baybee.


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