More missing Iranians

[Report by Gad Shimron: “Foreign reports: Five Iranian officers kidnapped”]At least five senior Iranian officers disappeared over the past few days during a visit to Turkey. The report, which is based on reports in the Turkish press, said it is believed that the five defected to the West. According to the information, which has so far not been confirmed by any official source, among the Iranians who have disappeared are officers with the rank of brigadier general. [Passage omitted]

Anyone care to speculate?

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NY set to join Super-Duper Tuesday

The super-duper Tuesday 2/5/08 primary elections just got bigger, with the passage of a primary election bill in both NY houses, and Gov Elliot Spitzer on board as well…

New York “is jumping on the bandwagon and joining what is shaping up as the presidential mega-primary next Feb. 5,” the New York Times reports.

“A bill moving the state’s presidential primary to Feb. 5 from March 4 passed both houses of the State Legislature on Wednesday, and with Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D) pledging support for the idea, the measure seemed almost certain to be signed into law.”

h/t political wire

This election will be different than anything we’ve ever experienced. With NY and CA both having 2/5 primaries, Election ’08 will favor those candidates who are extremely well-financed, and can wage an expensive TV ad campaign in the most expensive ad markets in the country. Whoever wins Super-Duper Tuesday could have the nomination sewn up.

‘Aggressive Conversion’ targets Hindu girls

Muslim misogyny knows no limits. Whether it is murdering and beheading schoolgirls in Thailand, lynching teachers in Africa, condoning genital mutilation, or the sordid practice of polygamy, the hatred and abuse of women by muslims is truly maddening. This latest example of the war against women is remarkable only by the fact that we haven’t heard more about it.

Islamic extremists invited the [Hindu] girls on dates before beginning campaigns of ‘terrorism’ until they converted…

Ramesh Kallidai, from the Hindu Forum of Britain, said: ‘Extremist Muslims make life miserable for Hindu girls.

‘Some are petrified; they feel these men have complete hold on them.

One girl was beaten up in the street and others have been forced to leave university.’

The problem was most common in cities such as Birmingham, Leeds and Bradford, he added, while London universities had ‘at least two or three cases’ each.

Mr Kallidai estimated hundreds of girls had been targeted, with some reports of Muslim boys being offered £5,000 ‘commissions’. source


I’ve had enough of these bastards.

France opens secret UFO files

Paris, France became the first country to open its files on UFOs on Thursday when the national space agency unveiled a website documenting more than 1,600 sightings spanning five decades.

The online archives, which will be updated as new cases are reported, catalogues in minute detail cases ranging from the easily dismissed to a handful that continue to perplex even hard-nosed scientists.

“It is a world first,” said Jacques Patenet, the aeronautical engineer who heads the office for the study of “non-identified aerospatial phenomena”.

Known as OVNIs in French, UFOs have always generated intense interest along with countless conspiracy theories about secretive government cover-ups of findings deemed too sensitive or alarming for public consumption.

Cases such as the lady who reported seeing an object that looked like a flying roll of toilet paper” are clearly not worth investigating, said Patenet.


Flying roll of toilet paper? I must have missed that memo.

Three quarters of UFO cases are explainable, but that other 25% should provide some interesting reading (and possibly new TV shows, or even a few movie plots).

Here is a reported sighting from just over a week ago:

Illinois-03-10-07-The witness was in a hot tub at night, and saw a triangular-shaped UFO fly over his position. It was moving at very low altitude. Object was large, very dark in color, and more arrowhead shaped. Witness reported the sighting to local police department, but they had received no other reports of the slow moving, silent object.


The French UFO website

UFO Photographs

UFO Maps


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