The Big Lie

The remembrances of the Cambodian killing fields are, to many people, reduced to photos of neatly stacked bones and skulls for the records of posterity. For the survivors, it is much more. But, being yellow-skinned, and half-way around the world, it is too simple for the demagogues of the Party of Defeat to dismiss them outright, or even blame the deaths on the government of the US, as I noted several weeks ago:

killingfields.jpgWhat do you think about what happened to the three million Vietnamese and Cambodians who died after the U.S. troops left Vietnam?

Jane Fonda: It’s too bad that we caused it to happen by going in there in the first place.


Nor was this the first time the leftist elite managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Algeria in the late ’50s was embroiled in an insurgency (FLN) that was being soundly defeated by the French and loyalist Algerian military.

Led by Jean-Paul Sartre, a campaign of denunciation got under way in which French forces were accused of being the equivalent of Nazis–an especially freighted charge coming only a decade and a half after World War II and the German occupation of France. Simone de Beauvoir, Sartre’s companion, went so far as to say that the sight of a French army uniform had “the same effect on me that swastikas once did.” Although many of the antiwar agitators were communists or leftist fellow travelers, their petitions and demonstrations included enough authentic heroes of the Resistance and eminent liberals like Francois Mauriac to bestow upon the movement a credible public image. The constant message it conveyed was that the true authors of violence in Algeria were not the FLN at all but the French, and that only when the latter departed would Algerians be able to sort out their destiny for themselves.

The French military and political leadership was completely blindsided by the attack. No amount of justification of the selective use of torture, not even the cancellation of the original authorization, could halt the criticism or stem the loss of public support for the war. Even as the FLN took to setting off bombs in France itself, leftist Catholic priests continued to raise funds for it, while those like Albert Camus who harbored doubts about the wisdom of handing victory to the terrorists were derided and silenced. The consensus that had informed French politics as late as 1956–namely, that abandoning Algeria was “unthinkable and unmentionable”–fell apart.

Divisions over Algeria doomed France’s Fourth Republic. For its successor, the price of political survival was handing over Algeria to a totalitarian band that had lost the war on the battlefield but managed to win a stunning victory in France itself. The result was the massive flight of Algerian whites and, at home, a bloodbath as FLN terrorists put to death tens of thousands of Muslim Algerians who had been loyal to the French regime. Soldiers who had fought alongside the French were forced to swallow their medals before they were shot. source

As the democrats plot to not only betray the American military in Iraq, but also the hundreds of thousands of loyal Iraqis who have labored and fought along side the coalition, these all-too familiar consequences seem lost. And, just when you think they can’t get any lower, they hit bottom and keep digging.

Jimmy Carter’s national security advisor, Zibigniew Brezinski, is rewriting the history of the fall of Viet Nam in his most recent attempt to prop up the Iranian dictatorship. Speaking at Duke University this week, Brezinski unveiled the THE BIG LIE:

Brzezinski said there’s no reason to think a bloodbath would necessarily follow a U.S. withdrawal (from Iraq).

“We expected that the U.S. leaving Vietnam would result in massive killings and genocide and so forth, and collapse of the dominoes in Southeast Asia,” he said. “It didn’t happen. How certain are we of the horror scenarios that have been mentioned in what will take place in Iraq?” source

I’ve thought for some time that the fellow travelers at, and the marxists within the clintonistas, have made complete chumps out of the democrat party. Mainstream democrats are no more. They’ve been replaced by the opportunists and useful idiots who aid and abet the enemy, with the full knowledge and support of the MSM. At least the useful idiots like Fonda, have the emotional honesty to blame America. The complete and utter dishonesty of asshats like Brezinski threatens to balkanize the Republic.

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  1. Brzezinski is a particularly flagrant one. I’ve encountered blame-America types who point to Bzrezinski’s indictment of Bush administration policy regarding Iran–“They’re planning another illegal immoral invasion!” is basically how it goes–oblivious apparently of the role Brzezinski himself played in the fiasco thirty years ago that saw Iran in the state it is still in today, and of Brzezinski’s own advocacy of an invasion at that time. It’s really something else.

  2. Yeah, what a trio of traiterous leftards they are, Z Big, Dhimmi Carter, and Ramsey Clark. If I had to pick just one as the greatest hater of America, I would pick the trio.

  3. the three-headed monster

  4. Found a couple of things that fit here.
    Legislating a Terrorist Victory in Iraq.
    CHINA Openly Claimed Credit for 9/11 Mission/Attack Plan.
    I’m not quite sure what to think about this piece, but worth a look.

    The book was published by China’s People’s Liberation Army and had the endorsement of the Chinese government.”Unrestricted Warfare” makes clear its purpose: offering China and other “weak” countries a strategy to destroy the U.S. without a full-scale invasion, using unusual or “asymmetrical” warfare.

    NewsMax has recently obtained the CIA translation of this astounding book and has made it available with an introduction by Al Santoli, editor of the prestigious China Reform Monitor.

  5. That would be interesting. Something needs to be done to take up the energy of all those excess males that will not have the opportunity to settle down and raise little party members. A nice big war would do it.

    /So would the bird flu virus if it mutates into a form easily passed between humans; however, China would probably come better there too due to the sheer size of the population.

  6. What would be interesting?

  7. Reading the book would be interesting. As for now, though, I have a full day ahead with a lil’ boy that has been anticipating pancakes all week, so I better go get rested up.


  8. Okay, then Swamps.
    I’m a little wore out myownself.
    Got home close to 2a.m. last night, and a busy day today, followed with a blinding deluge when I was coming home. My big ol’golf umbrella kept me dry, from the knees up.
    See ya’.

  9. nite y’all

  10. Zibignew- yet another notch on jimmah’s record as the worst president ever. they can try to re-write history all they want- my daddy and countless other vets from that era know what happened…….and they taught the children well.

    and hey N2L- I stayed dry but enjoyed the lightening and blowing rain show from the apt. Gonna go to the Orvis warehouse sale tomorrow. Life is good!

  11. Hey armybrat!
    Sorry I missed you last night.
    Yeah, two straight nights of big ol’booming thunderstorms, fo’sho.
    I don’t mind, very much, cause they sure are pretty, and we needed the rain badly.
    The Orvis in Dallas or Arlington? Hadn’t heard of their sale.

  12. Hmmmm, room seems to be empty tonight.

  13. Want to apologize to N2L for being a idiot in the past and for what it’s worth to RD as well, although I wouldn’t think Robert D has any grievances against me. N2L please write me so I can send you something I want you to read.


  14. Hi Swampie. Are me and you okay?

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