Two Neglected Children Encounter The SYM.

A Baby is a Miracle(unknown)

This little tiny baby
Was sent from God above
To fill our hearts with happiness
And touch our lives with love
He must have known
We’d give our all
And always do our best
To give our precious baby love
And be grateful and so blessed

It’s a beautiful clear winter day in Angeles City, Philippines, which means it’s the dry season and the temperature is in the mid 80’s. The SYM has patrol duty with his mentor, friend and trusted partner Pablo, who is from Texas like the SYM.
That they are from the same state, but lived in towns nearly five hundred miles apart, different ethnicities and vastly different cultures, never factored into the friendship and trust these two Security Policemen developed.

It was on this dry winter day that the SYM’s admiration and respect for his friend and mentor was elevated, and also the day the SYM learned a great deal about life and subsequently himself.

They received a radio call to proceed to the pedestrian entrance of the Main Gate at Clark A.B, as there were two lost children. It seemed an odd call, as the Security Police at the gate had the capacity and resources to deal with a situation like that, but as they both knew one never knew what to expect each shift, so they rolled.

Approaching the area two young children were escorted over to their vehicle by a young SP and explained they were trying to gain entrance to the base without their parents knowledge or consent; they had no ID and didn’t know their father’s name or rank. While this info is being given, they notice that there are a number of things amiss. The children are also barefooted, dirty, wearing shabby ill fitting clothes and were obviously poorly nourished. Being large men they got down on one knee so the children wouldn’t feel so frightened and would talk to them. First they asked their names and they nervously told them. Then they asked their ages and the partners were both shocked into silence and angered by the response. The oldest, a young girl of ten, appeared to be much younger and the little brother….he held up seven fingers. Pablo and the SYM locked eyes and they both instantly knew what the other was thinking, and feeling, and they became determined to help these children find their home. They both wanted to meet their father…very, very badly!

The first problem was the children didn’t know their address, their father’s name or their telephone number. After they reassured the children they wouldn’t let any harm come to them and only wanted to help, they relaxed and began to trust them and confided in the SYM as Pablo drove the M151.

The SYM asked the young girl where they were trying to go and she informed him to her grandmother’s house, even though she didn’t know what state or city it was in. He then asked her how could she afford the plane ticket, to which she produced a few coins of Philippines currency, with a total value of about fifteen cents. The SYM was beginning to get a better understanding of what the lives of these two quiet, joyless children was like. They weren’t oriented at all and for children of that age, with ordinary concerned parents, they should have been able to provide names and addresses in the event of emergency. He asked them about their friends…they had none. He asked them about their school…they didn’t attend. He asked them about life at home and what made it so bad, that they wanted to run away. The young girl jutted out her delicate chin and said their Dad and his new wife yelled at them all the time, wouldn’t let them out of the house, wouldn’t let them watch television and that they could only play together in their bedrooms.

The SYM would look at Pablo’s profile when this info came forward and the expression on Pablo’s face was one of a very angry and determined man. They brainstormed with the children to try and find a starting place, to search for their neighborhood in a city of about 135,000 people. They first drove down the main highway, MacArthur Highway, and they asked the children to speak out if they saw anything familiar. First they spotted a landmark, then another and another, and they had reduced the search to a neighborhood where a number of servicemen and their families resided. Then, as they passed by a street, the young girl gently tapped the SYM on the arm and informed him that she thought they had just passed their street. Pablo pulled a U-turn and they turned on the street, still uncertain if it was the correct street.

The SYM had turned to the backseat to talk to the children when he saw a look of terror in their eyes and they tried to sink down in their seats. He turned to look forward and saw a Filipino woman walking down the street and he motioned to Pablo to pull over to her side of the street. As they did, the woman stopped and seemed surprised, then noticed the children in the back and began yelling and screaming at them. At the moment the woman ordered them to get out of the vehicle, Pablo told them to stay seated, while the SYM reached back and motioned for them to stay where they were. The startled woman was shocked by their actions and while she was in her stunned condition, Pablo asked her what her address was and he drove towards the house, leaving the woman to run down the street after them.

Pulling into the driveway, the father, a rather older man than expected, appeared and approached their vehicle yelling at the children, ordering them out of the vehicle and threatening them with harm. The children were visibly frightened, but seemed to realize they now had some big friends that would stand up for them. Pablo got to the father first, as he was the driver and informed him the children would remain seated. The SYM approached the father from behind and forcefully ordered him to produce his ID card, which clearly took some of the bullying out of the, now, wobbly-kneed man. As the step-mom came running into the yard, panting and sweating, she was ordered to produce her ID card as well. Pablo became the interviewer and the SYM the note taker and observer of the scene and made frequent checks on the children. When he asked the children if they were hungry or thirsty, they sweetly said yes. The mother was then instructed to bring them food and beverage, while the father continued to answer Pablo’s questions, while squirming.

After they had gathered all the pertinent information for their report, they then informed the father they knew what was going on in their home and the children’s comments to them would be included in the official report. That they would be notifying his supervisor, first sergeant, commander, the base commander, the wing commander, the CP, the JAG, as well as CINCPAC. They further informed him they would be making frequent patrols down his street and that if they ever saw the children dirty, hungry or not in school, that they would come looking for him personally. The father tried to muster up his bravado by stating they were his kids and it was none of their business how they lived. To which Pablo calmly stated, “then why are your children in our jeep?” The father was stunned and the SYM informed the father, before he could recover, that he would make it his personal mission to pencil-whip the father and that by the time he finished writing his report, the father would appear as wicked as John Dillinger. A few vague threats of frontier justice were made and the father was instructed to behave like a real father. They talked with the children for a few moments, to let them know how to contact them and to make certain they knew the names of the two partners and helped them out of the jeep.

The two partners drove by their house many times while on routine patrol and on several occasions the children were playing in the front yard, with Mom and Dad sitting out front with their beers, and the children saw them and excitedly ran to the jeep. They didn’t seem as afraid as before, they were wearing clean, nice clothes and seemed well nourished, but most of all, they seemed like happy, healthy children. Mom and Dad…not so happy to see them.

Maybe, just maybe, the two good friends helped make the world a little better of a place for two innocent children.

An added story of a mother’s love:Woman Who Refused Chemo To Save Unborn Child Dies!

“Why I hate Israel”, by the UN Human Rights Council

… including, of course, America, and Canada, and anyone else who points out the UN’s hypocrisy and failure.

What is considered “admissible” or “inadmissible” at the UN Human Rights council? UN Watch does its usual fine work in exposing them for what they truly are, by using their own words, in the following youtube clip:

And, I’m quite sure that after this viewing this clip, the UN Human Rights Council hates UN Watch, and The NY Sun as well…… (not bad company to be in, jmho)….. from The Sun’s editorial….

It shows actual film clips of the president of the Human Rights Council, Luis Alfonso de Alba of Mexico, thanking various diplomats for their testimony. He thanks a speaker for Zimbabwe talking about the ignorance of a delegate who has criticized human rights under President Mugabe. He thanks the delegate from Cuba for insulting a human rights expert who exposed abuses of the communist regime. When the permanent observer of Palestine asserts that the one that has a “monopoly on human rights violations” is Israel, which, he adds, is the darling of not only the ambassadors of America and Canada but also of the human rights commissioner, Louise Arbour, the observer is thanked by Mr. de Alba. On the clip one can see Mr. de Alba thanking the delegation of Sudan for a statement saying that reports of violence against women in Darfur have been “exaggerated.”

Then one can watch and hear an envoy from Nigeria assert that “stoning under Sharia law for unnatural sexual acts … should not be equated with extrajudicial killings …” Or watch an envoy of Iran defend the Holocaust denial conference. Or watch a defense of the Hezbollah terrorist organization. Or speaker after speaker liken Israel to the Nazis, only to get thanked by Mr. de Alba or whoever is presiding. Then one can watch Mr. de Alba lean back demonstrably in his chair and fold his arms across his chest and adopt a disapproving visage as Mr. Neuer of UN Watch begins his recent testimony. He notes that 60 years ago, Eleanor Roosevelt, René Cassin, and others gathered on the banks of Lake Geneva to reaffirm the principle of human dignity and created the Commission on Human Rights. He asks what has become of “this noble dream” and offers a devastating answer with a reprise of all the human rights abuses on which the council has been silent.

“Why has this council chosen silence?” Mr. Neuer asks. “Because Israel could not be blamed.” He ticks off the actions against Israel, the only ones the council takes. When Mr. Neuer is done, Mr. de Alba says, “for the first time in this session, I will not express thanks for that statement. … I will not tolerate any similar statements in the council.” And he threatens to strike any similar statements from UN Watch from the record of the proceedings.


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