Two Neglected Children Encounter The SYM.

A Baby is a Miracle(unknown)

This little tiny baby
Was sent from God above
To fill our hearts with happiness
And touch our lives with love
He must have known
We’d give our all
And always do our best
To give our precious baby love
And be grateful and so blessed

It’s a beautiful clear winter day in Angeles City, Philippines, which means it’s the dry season and the temperature is in the mid 80’s. The SYM has patrol duty with his mentor, friend and trusted partner Pablo, who is from Texas like the SYM.
That they are from the same state, but lived in towns nearly five hundred miles apart, different ethnicities and vastly different cultures, never factored into the friendship and trust these two Security Policemen developed.

It was on this dry winter day that the SYM’s admiration and respect for his friend and mentor was elevated, and also the day the SYM learned a great deal about life and subsequently himself.

They received a radio call to proceed to the pedestrian entrance of the Main Gate at Clark A.B, as there were two lost children. It seemed an odd call, as the Security Police at the gate had the capacity and resources to deal with a situation like that, but as they both knew one never knew what to expect each shift, so they rolled.

Approaching the area two young children were escorted over to their vehicle by a young SP and explained they were trying to gain entrance to the base without their parents knowledge or consent; they had no ID and didn’t know their father’s name or rank. While this info is being given, they notice that there are a number of things amiss. The children are also barefooted, dirty, wearing shabby ill fitting clothes and were obviously poorly nourished. Being large men they got down on one knee so the children wouldn’t feel so frightened and would talk to them. First they asked their names and they nervously told them. Then they asked their ages and the partners were both shocked into silence and angered by the response. The oldest, a young girl of ten, appeared to be much younger and the little brother….he held up seven fingers. Pablo and the SYM locked eyes and they both instantly knew what the other was thinking, and feeling, and they became determined to help these children find their home. They both wanted to meet their father…very, very badly!

The first problem was the children didn’t know their address, their father’s name or their telephone number. After they reassured the children they wouldn’t let any harm come to them and only wanted to help, they relaxed and began to trust them and confided in the SYM as Pablo drove the M151.

The SYM asked the young girl where they were trying to go and she informed him to her grandmother’s house, even though she didn’t know what state or city it was in. He then asked her how could she afford the plane ticket, to which she produced a few coins of Philippines currency, with a total value of about fifteen cents. The SYM was beginning to get a better understanding of what the lives of these two quiet, joyless children was like. They weren’t oriented at all and for children of that age, with ordinary concerned parents, they should have been able to provide names and addresses in the event of emergency. He asked them about their friends…they had none. He asked them about their school…they didn’t attend. He asked them about life at home and what made it so bad, that they wanted to run away. The young girl jutted out her delicate chin and said their Dad and his new wife yelled at them all the time, wouldn’t let them out of the house, wouldn’t let them watch television and that they could only play together in their bedrooms.

The SYM would look at Pablo’s profile when this info came forward and the expression on Pablo’s face was one of a very angry and determined man. They brainstormed with the children to try and find a starting place, to search for their neighborhood in a city of about 135,000 people. They first drove down the main highway, MacArthur Highway, and they asked the children to speak out if they saw anything familiar. First they spotted a landmark, then another and another, and they had reduced the search to a neighborhood where a number of servicemen and their families resided. Then, as they passed by a street, the young girl gently tapped the SYM on the arm and informed him that she thought they had just passed their street. Pablo pulled a U-turn and they turned on the street, still uncertain if it was the correct street.

The SYM had turned to the backseat to talk to the children when he saw a look of terror in their eyes and they tried to sink down in their seats. He turned to look forward and saw a Filipino woman walking down the street and he motioned to Pablo to pull over to her side of the street. As they did, the woman stopped and seemed surprised, then noticed the children in the back and began yelling and screaming at them. At the moment the woman ordered them to get out of the vehicle, Pablo told them to stay seated, while the SYM reached back and motioned for them to stay where they were. The startled woman was shocked by their actions and while she was in her stunned condition, Pablo asked her what her address was and he drove towards the house, leaving the woman to run down the street after them.

Pulling into the driveway, the father, a rather older man than expected, appeared and approached their vehicle yelling at the children, ordering them out of the vehicle and threatening them with harm. The children were visibly frightened, but seemed to realize they now had some big friends that would stand up for them. Pablo got to the father first, as he was the driver and informed him the children would remain seated. The SYM approached the father from behind and forcefully ordered him to produce his ID card, which clearly took some of the bullying out of the, now, wobbly-kneed man. As the step-mom came running into the yard, panting and sweating, she was ordered to produce her ID card as well. Pablo became the interviewer and the SYM the note taker and observer of the scene and made frequent checks on the children. When he asked the children if they were hungry or thirsty, they sweetly said yes. The mother was then instructed to bring them food and beverage, while the father continued to answer Pablo’s questions, while squirming.

After they had gathered all the pertinent information for their report, they then informed the father they knew what was going on in their home and the children’s comments to them would be included in the official report. That they would be notifying his supervisor, first sergeant, commander, the base commander, the wing commander, the CP, the JAG, as well as CINCPAC. They further informed him they would be making frequent patrols down his street and that if they ever saw the children dirty, hungry or not in school, that they would come looking for him personally. The father tried to muster up his bravado by stating they were his kids and it was none of their business how they lived. To which Pablo calmly stated, “then why are your children in our jeep?” The father was stunned and the SYM informed the father, before he could recover, that he would make it his personal mission to pencil-whip the father and that by the time he finished writing his report, the father would appear as wicked as John Dillinger. A few vague threats of frontier justice were made and the father was instructed to behave like a real father. They talked with the children for a few moments, to let them know how to contact them and to make certain they knew the names of the two partners and helped them out of the jeep.

The two partners drove by their house many times while on routine patrol and on several occasions the children were playing in the front yard, with Mom and Dad sitting out front with their beers, and the children saw them and excitedly ran to the jeep. They didn’t seem as afraid as before, they were wearing clean, nice clothes and seemed well nourished, but most of all, they seemed like happy, healthy children. Mom and Dad…not so happy to see them.

Maybe, just maybe, the two good friends helped make the world a little better of a place for two innocent children.

An added story of a mother’s love:Woman Who Refused Chemo To Save Unborn Child Dies!

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  1. I hate a child abuser. I hope that those children continued happily under the protective eye of the police at least until they were old enough and large enough to defend themselves. Makes me get all biblical:

    “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth
    of the sea.” (Matthew 18:6)

    But mostly I feel more old testamenty about it. Screw forgiveness. I want blood.

  2. Hey Swamps.
    Watching the Easter special on SouthPark.
    Yeah, I know what you mean. There were no overt signs of abuse, as we typically define it, but the neglect was disturbing. I don’t think they got any positive interactions at all, for quite some time. I mean, the little boy couldn’t even verbalize how old he was, and he was seven going on four.
    Their improved condition when I got to see them, and their expressions of joy from seeing two friends was rewarding.
    Dad was an angry, dead end alcoholic.

  3. South Park has an Easter special? Who got resurrected?

  4. Crossroads

  5. Jesus.
    And the rightful heir to the Pope’s title was installed.

  6. And they didn’t know their dad’s name. How sad is that? But they knew that somewhere there was a grandmother that loved them.

  7. #3 Swamps, Probably Kenny…

    Good to see the SYM is alive and kickin’.

  8. They were two sweet kids, I’ll tell you what. They went off looking for a way to find their grannie, and found two good friends.
    A Song For You.

  9. Henh…no, not Kenny, and not a regular to the show either.
    Yeah, the SYM was reminded of this story while talking with a woman today, as her daughter had her day in court from a messy divorce, and the woman took care of the granbabies so her daughter could go to court.

  10. Since they kill Kenny all the time, that was just a guess. 😆
    SYM did see a lot of heartbreak during his tour….(thank you) in case I haven’t said it before.

  11. hit and run comment tonight. Been sanding the hardwood floors in the bedrooms. Hoping to finish tomorrow and clean it up, urethane and finish up over the weekend. Getting ready to put the house on the market, wanted to 2 years ago, but Katrina changed all of that. Now that Granny is back on the coast (and thriving, mind you), we can go ahead with our plans to downsize the estate.
    My goals for 07 are mobility, defensibility, and liquidity — long way to go, yet, but much progress made these past 3 weeks.
    Nite all.
    N2l, the SYM is a stud waiting for a book deal. You should consider it.

  12. Oooooh, that was pretty, N2L.

    And here’s a song for me.

  13. SYM experienced a full range of emotions.
    Met some mighty fine folks along the way, too Robert D.

    Hey nuke.
    Sure glad to hear your Momma is doing so well, that’s awesome!
    Dang…sanding and coating. I remember the time…………and somebody left the switch in the on position, and my Dad plugged in the sander, and ………!
    Yeah, now I’m getting that from you, and my SisInLaw, about the book. You realize how long it took me to write this one story, edit it several times, then post? A book…dang, I should have started that thirty years ago.

  14. Congratulations, Nuke! And Miz Nuke is cool with the downsizing thang?

    /SwampMan wants to downsize and move to (shudder) town.

  15. SYM, the movie!

    /Adult channels only.

  16. N2l, the SYM is a stud waiting for a book deal. You should consider it.

    (told ya so) 🙄

  17. Henh.
    Certain scenes would have to be…altered.

  18. #14 Swamps

    Downsizing is one thing, but moving to town? Egads!!! 😯

  19. I tell you guys what, I’ll see about contacting some publishers, and use the tales the Sweaty Young Man posted here, as a sample of a book’s contents.

  20. Doesn’t SMan realize there can be no exploding burn barrels inside the city limits?

  21. Will we get autographed first editions?

  22. Yeah, and the neighborhood associations will no doubt frown on the trebuchet, too.

  23. “Henh.
    Certain scenes would have to be…altered.

    Comment by no2liberals — April 4, 2007 @ 9:59 pm”

    Not in a book, my friend. Names may be changed to protect the guilty, but all must be told.

  24. # 19 N2L, that’s all we ask… 🙂

  25. Robert D is right! Unless there are husbands out there that would be lookin’ you up, in which case altering is definitely good.

  26. Of course Swampie, mais certainement.
    Yeah, and the chickens, and the sheep, and the ponies, and the……!

    Believe me, Robert D., there would have to be alterations from the original events. I don’t want to write a book and have it restricted to an Adult Book store.
    I ain’t anything like James Webb, though.

  27. Geez, Robert D, N2L knows publishers. The only people I know that come close are people that write on bathroom doors in permanent marker.

  28. And then maybe a movie deal, and I could be the creative consultant.
    Hmmm…who would play SYM? I think it would need to be an unknown or relative unknown actor, that is athletic, handsome, sensitive, horny, rides bikes, loves guns…what else?

  29. I don’t know any publishers. I do know some writers, but they are LLL types. What’s that name of the conservative leaning publishing firm…Regerey or something like that?

  30. Sensitive??? Um, modesty. You forgot that part.

  31. Yeah, modest, and trustworthy, and real blast at a party.
    /next installment of the SYM will be about a unit party..whoo-boy!

  32. Ooooh, I know! Orlando Bloom.

  33. “Geez, Robert D, N2L knows publishers. The only people I know that come close are people that write on bathroom doors in permanent marker.”

    I know. I feel so…unworthy, useless, not at all in the same league. And my Sharpie ran out yesterday.

  34. Uhh…who?

  35. James Webb is definitely abnormal (and I don’t care what he claims).

  36. I know. I feel so…unworthy, useless, not at all in the same league. And my Sharpie ran out yesterday.

    Sigh. Maybe it’s Gawd’s way of telling you to move on to bigger and better things. Like spray paint.

  37. Conservative Publishers? Look at the ones that publish Orielly, Cavuto, Ingrahm, Coulter, Bernie what’s his name…

  38. Orlando Bloom! Eyes are the wrong color, though.

  39. Dang, the Orlando Bloom photo got caught by the web.

  40. YEAH!! Spray paint. That’s the ticket! The only way anyone can understand what I write is here, because it’s typing and y’all have become used to my mistakes. And weird accent. 😆

  41. SwampMan has a co-worker whose wife wrote a book. Once the movie rights were bought, she ditched her husband immediately. Kinda sad. Hope she likes her new life.

  42. Yeah, those eyes are definitely wrong.
    My eyes are as blue as the Gulf waters…the deep parts, away from the shore…and the jellyfish.

  43. Robert D., you are a good man, dangit, I don’t care what Swampie says about you.

  44. Do any of y’all get the Encore channels in your cable/satellite packages?
    On the E-Love channel, the House of Flying Daggers is on…great-great movie.

  45. Heh. And my eyes are as green as pond scum in the summertime.

    What about you, Robert D?

  46. Thanks N2L, I appreciate that, and don’t worry about the things Swamps says, She’s Just Plain Mean.

  47. SwampMan doesn’t get any channels with names like E-love.

    /He’s in his 50s now, you know. Got to worry about his heart.

  48. Green here.

  49. She’s a mean one, alright.
    But she’s our Swampie.
    Algae Eyes and all.

    E stands for Encore channels, they have several, with the E-Love channel showing stories of romance, not concentrated horizontal hip-thrusts.

  50. If y’all have it, turn it on now, they are about to perform the ‘echo dance.’ Perhaps the finest choreographed dance number I’ve ever seen.

  51. Robert D, that would hurt my feelings if I had any.

  52. Who is Orlando Bloom? And why should I care?

  53. Well Swamps, we take into consideration where you live. Lot’s of bad things there to make you mean.

  54. I don’t know Robert D., maybe a sampling of some her apple pie might alter our perceptions.

  55. Yup! That would do it!

  56. I just went and looked; it appears that we have no movie channels at all at the moment. Well, I don’t watch them, and SwampMan won’t be able to watch them until summer vacation.

  57. Swampie was thinking the Bloom guy could play the SYM in the movie version.
    But he is a little too dark and doesn’t have blue eyes. Heck, he’s even darker than Pablo, my partner.

  58. Swampie, I thought you bought him a whole bunch of movie channels for Christmas.
    /What did you do!?

  59. SouthPark is on again in five minutes.

  60. Just saw a miracle wrinkle cure on television, touting how wrinkles disappear after just one application of Q-something. Huh. I bet they would disappear after being injected with rattlesnake venom, too, on account of the massive swelling that would result and it would puff those wrinkles right out.

    Maybe I should starting gathering a supply. I don’t think rattlesnake venom is regulated under the FDA.

  61. Oh, the lead for SYM. Too bad there are none left like Steve McQueen…Paul Newman is just a little old for the part, and Leonardo DiCaprio is to pussy like.

  62. Yeah.
    It would have to be someone that hardly anyone knows.

  63. Well, you may just have to go for content, rather than correct looks. Although, there are colored contacts.

  64. Yeah Buddy!
    Taking the day off tomorrow. Gonna get up late, eat a big ol’breakfast, I’m thinking fried corned beef hash and scrambled-up eggs with biscuits…no, I’ll make some muffins. Then take the buggy to the shop and get some maintenance done on it, like the tranny fluid and filter, wheel alignment, tire rotation and balancing, get it shined up, and have a big ol’BBQ combo plate while that’s going on.

  65. N2L, I just got them for the month of December (and we were both sick with that nasty cold).

    Robert D, Orlando Bloom looks amazingly like SwampMan in his youth, except I believe SwampMan is quite a bit taller and his eyebrows are more arched.

  66. The Hare Club for Men? Bwahahaha.

  67. Yeah, but he’s got to have…The Look!

  68. Better go with the muffins, the “Big Breakfast” will just put you back to sleep, thus, no playing at the garage, and no BBQ.

  69. #66-It gets better!

  70. Robert D., thanks for the input, but nosirreebob, gonna gorge tomorrow. Been working on good food deficit all week. Today, I had a quick breakfast of two over easy, a hunk of Owen’s sausage, one biscuit, and a cup of coffee. Lunch, a package of peanut butter crackers and a diet DP, a late afternoon snack of a leftover fried drumstick, and for supper a bowl of vegetable soup and some crackers.
    Nope, gonna eat big tomorrow.

  71. Robert D, Orlando Bloom looks amazingly like SwampMan in his youth, except I believe SwampMan is quite a bit taller and his eyebrows are more arched.

    Ok, I see… I picked up one of miz D’s mags in the ‘reading room’ the other day, and I didn’t know 90% of the people in it. Hollywood just aint what it used to be.

  72. Well then, enjoy my man!

  73. Well, I wouldn’t have known who Orlando Bloom was if it wasn’t for Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean.

    /Dang, those marshmallow peeps are dangerous!

  74. I will.
    Probably eat light tomorrow night.

  75. DAMN, I hate reading about those big breakfasts. Breakfast/lunch was a tablespoon of pasta with tomato sauce, and some green peas. Dinner was 1/2 a hamburger and some broccoli spears.

  76. I wouldn’t have known had you not told us.
    Never watched those movies. Saw about fifteen minutes of the start of the first one, then turned it off.

  77. You can’t eat peeps till Sunday!! Or is that like the Halloween candy we buy a week before? 😆

  78. And I mean 1/2 a hamburger patty, not a hamburger from Whataburger.

  79. Broccoli Spears?

  80. Heh. The guy on South Park put some peeps in a microwave to hold off the bad guys….they exploded.

  81. I hate peeps! Yuk…

  82. Sounds like Britney’s younger, trashier sister, huh?

  83. Oh wait!
    He was in Lord of the Rings? What role?
    Starving yourself isn’t good for dieting. It makes your body think it’s going to starve, and it starts making adjustments. Good food, not in excess, and moderate exercise is what you need.
    I don’t remember ever eating a Peep, at least not the candy.

  84. Yeah, Broccoli Spears, part of the Spears Band. Kinda like the Spice Girls, only sluttier.

  85. So you went ‘commando’ for lunch?

  86. I don’t believe in moderation.

    Legolas the elf!

  87. It was a formal lunch! (Blue jeans and ironed linen shirt.)

  88. D’OH, just saw Ahmadingbat on Fox surrounded by goobers in baseball caps.

  89. Henh.
    See youse guys later.
    Need to hang with ma’boy a little, then hit the bunk.
    When he wants my attention, he starts his Siamese roarrr, and makes me come look for him. Then he runs to the bathroom, and sits on the laundry hamper, where we are as far away from the ‘puter and tv as possible.
    God Bless him, he’s my Buddy.

  90. Well, daughter called tonight; she had been going to spend Easter with the in-laws down state, but the plans fell through. Now I have to hurry and buy more Easter candy, and scrap the plans for the pre-30th anniversary celebration (we got married on a Friday the 13th, it seemed fitting somehow).

  91. Oh, snap, it’s 1 a.m. here and the day off is over.

  92. G’nite N2L…

    Swamps, The best laid plans, huh? Boil some more eggs too.

  93. I, uh, have to go to the store and BUY some eggs. When grandson was here last week, we threw four dozen eggs at a tree in the front yard. Well, he threw; I cheered.

  94. Does that mean G’nite?

  95. I was kinda skeered o’ that link of N2L’s, imagine my surprise!

  96. Threw eggs at a tree…musta smelled pretty good after a day or two.

  97. I wouldn’t know about the smell, my front yard is an acre, and faithful companion Odie was there to lap up the evidence.

  98. Yeah, n2l’s link made me perk up. 😆 Actually, I noticed that happening to me way back when I was a teenager. One time of plucking, (i did it myself) and it never came back. Now as I get older, it is coming out my ears and nose. 😕 Just aint fair.

  99. To the tweezers! (Wincing in pain at the thought)

  100. Here’s an old one that I haven’t heard for years that was on “Bones” tonight. Keep on Tryin’

  101. Swamps, are store bought eggs easier to peel after boiling than fresh? I’ve tried everything I know to get the eggs to peel. The only thing we’ve changed is from electric to gas.

  102. Actually, the staler they are, the easier to peel.

  103. Looks like the Hostages are on the way home. They’re on the plane.

    15 British Troops Detained by Iran for 13 Days Head Home

    I have mixed emotions about how this was handled, but we’ll have to wait to hear from the hostages about those statements.

  104. So if you want easy peeling boiled eggs, let ’em sit around for a couple of weeks.

    /It’s a little late for that now.

  105. Oh, happy to hear that they’re on the way home.

  106. That’s what I always thought too. Never had a problem ’til we moved and put in a new range. We were only away from gas for a few years, now I can’t get an egg to peel to save my life.

  107. Yeah, seems to me that they’re being encouraged to go snatch some more sailors.

  108. Dang, haven’t had a gas stove since I was out west, and that’s been awhile.

  109. Love cooking with gas, easier to control and all, but the egg thing just about makes me have to buy a “carbon credit” from nuke! 😆

  110. I particularly liked the feature of them being off after being switched off, and immediate heat when on.

  111. Just a last comment on the hostages. If they were launched from a combat ship that didn’t protect them, that is a sorry excuse for the British Navy. I just hope America acts differently next time, and there will be a next time shortly. This was a test. Pushing, pushing, probing, prying. It never stops until we say ENOUGH!

  112. And yes, that’s why I like cooking with gas. Just a few years with electric really screwed up my boiled eggs…Dang it!

  113. I agree. Combat ships do imply a certain degree of truculence.

  114. Well, how did you cook them on electric? Put them in cold water, and heat them slowly to a boil? Maybe you’re bringing them to a boil too quickly or something.

    /scratching head at the mystery of the hard-to-peel boiled eggs….

  115. Well, how did you cook them on electric? Put them in cold water, and heat them slowly to a boil? Maybe you’re bringing them to a boil too quickly or something.

    THAT has to be the difference, though I always cooked them the same way before. Thanks Swamps, I’ll try a slower boil…maybe the new range is too efficient. Go figure.

  116. Don’t thank me until it works! I’m gonna have to say g’night, and turn in, so I’ll be all bright and happy later on today without bloodshot eyes or dark circles.

  117. G’nite Swamps. I’m outta here too. Sweet dreams….

  118. Boil the eggs, it doesn’t matter how high the heat is, just don’t overcook them.
    When they are still hot, soak them in cold running water. The egg shell being cooled, and the egg contents being hot, will cause condensation between the two, and the egg shells will peel right off.

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