Daddy doll

daddydoll.jpgAnna Pribyla holds her Daddy Doll at Fort Riley, Kan., Monday, March 26, 2007. The doll is a small pillow, shaped like a person, with a picture of her dad, Capt. Eric Pribyla, in his uniform.

He is serving in Iraq.

(AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

May God bless our brave men and women who serve.


This is the World Famous Friday Open Thread. Please post your comments, greetings, links, sausages, and other stuff.

Keep in mind that the spam filter is working overtime with the pr0n spammers, and keep the number of links in your posts to a maximum of 2.

Mrs. Nuke and I will be busy sanding the floors, and trying to get all the sawdust up before applying the urethane, as well as painting and primping the Nuke Estate getting it all ready for market, but I’ll be checking in from time to time.

Update: N2l offers up Jimmy Weatherspoon, On the Outskirts of Town for your video-viewing pleasure….enjoy!

Happy Easter, y’all.

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  1. Happy Easter to you too! God bless this little child and others who have parents protecting our freedoms. A sincere thank you to our military for doing what you do.

  2. Now Dangit!
    This is getting downright spooky!
    I was going to post an open thread, but the allure of eggs/bacon/grits/and biscuits was too strong, and I decided to eat breakfast first. Snooze=Lose.
    While the little girl is adorable, and the feelings I have for our Armed Forces and their loved ones is deep and sincere, I was going to post a video for the El Nuko’s.
    This is your Friday Floor-Sanding/Downsizing Blues video.

    Everyone, may you have a Blessed Easter.
    Vimto, you need to check-in, over!!

  3. Happy Easter to all at Nukes from the Land of Coz! Hope all are doing well. God Bless!

  4. Oh, yeah baby! Jimmy Weatherspoon is so smooth–and he’s now on the updated WFFOT. Thanks and Happy Easter, amigo!
    Wytammic, and Coz — great to hear from y’all. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  5. Henh!

  6. How precious!!!The pillows are wonderful ideas. Happy Easter and God Bless All.


  8. Chocolate! Where’s the chocolate?

  9. Eat to Live: Now, the low carbon diet or how the same superior than everybody else a**h***s that used to sneer at anybody that actually ate domesticly grown vegetables rather than those grown in volcanic soil on the sides of Mt. Vesuvius and flown by refrigerated jet to market for both a.m. and p.m. sales for the height of freshness will now be competing to buy local produce produced without any power equipment and brought to market via goat cart and or hitch-hiking. Huh. Better call my mama, tell her to put in a couple extra rows of ‘maters, and practice thumbing a ride.

  10. Yes, that is what chocolate bunnies are supposed to look like. Bwahahahaha.

  11. Even cheaper solar cells invented. Hurry up and get them thangs into production, Sparky,I wanna redo my house but my budget be limited.

  12. Aren’t humans carbon-based lifeforms?

  13. It seems that CO2, rather than being an integral and natural part of our atmosphere, is now being reframed as a pollutant and that global warming, the natural event that melted the North American glaciers, is now a Bad Thing.

    I believe I’ll stick with my version of history.

  14. I’m wit you on that one….

  15. Networks respect “America’s Best Known Forecaster” except when he talks about global warming. Well, my gracious. How could this be? Interestingly, Dr. Gray seems to think that global cooling will commence in a very, very few years, which means that if I plant some apple orchards this fall…hmmmm. Maybe I can finally get some good apples.

  16. Typical liberal BS. Never let the opposing side have their say, and if they do, yell louder and longer.

  17. D’OH! Forgot to give credit for that article on Dr. Gray to

  18. Guess I screwed up that link…Junk Science.

  19. Miz Sandy, at JunkFood Science takes on the report of the Roberts Woods Johnson Foundation committing $500 million dollars towards childhood obesity in much greater detail and with evidence of their math ineptitude than I was able to/had time for.

    Dang, I wish they’d put their money into something useful, like funding liposuction for middle aged women who don’t particularly feel like exercising today.

  20. SwampMan woke up from in front of the tv, and demanded to know what I was feeding him for dinner. “Nothing. I feel like crap, and you can either go get something or cook us both something.” “Um, okay, I do have an emergency frozen pizza stashed in one of the freezers in the garage, so I’ll cook that for ya, baby. Uh, how do you turn the oven on?” So, he cooked it and was slicing it, complaining about how tough the crust was and how he could barely slice through it. I started giggling; he had baked the cardboard liner that the pizza comes on as well. He stared down at it dejectedly. “You ain’t gonna tell anybody about this, are you?” I guess that depends on what your definition of “tell” is.

  21. 😆 😆 😆

  22. I forgot the “two link” rule. Nuke wasn’t kidding was he?

  23. Nope, he wasn’t! I have a one linker stuck somewhere in the SPAM net, too.

  24. About the music video….wow! That’s the kind of thing I like to listen to!

  25. I’ll give it a listen.

  26. I can live with that.

  27. The dhems just can’t let go of their BDS!

    Democrats Fight Sam Fox Nomination, Charge He Cannot Serve Without Pay

  28. I think the Democrats should serve without pay.

  29. They should PAY to serve…

  30. Just WTH is going on here? I really mean it, I am lost….

    Senior Justice Department Official Involved in Firings Flap Resigns

  31. Beats me. More than likely said this sucks, and I can’t afford to pay the legal fees.

  32. Daughter and son in law are headed downstate to his parents for Easter after all, leaving SwampMan and I with a dinner menu and nobody to eat it. I told SwampMan we would be guestless on Easter after all. “GREAT! Can we go see the 300 since we didn’t go last weekend?” Hmmmm. Sounds like a date.

  33. I was kinda talking about the bigger picture. Like why is this investigation still going? But then again, I think I know that answer, the Right thinks it has been neutered. Or it’s another evil Rove plan to give them enough rope before the ’08 elections…. 👿 I like the latter…

  34. Cool, a date on the town when most of the town won’t be there. Swweeeeet….

  35. That’s what SwampMan said!

  36. I told you before, I like the way he thinks.

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