Melamine contamination found in hog feed

First it was melamine-laced wheat gluten in products from Canadian-based Menu Foods. Then contaminated rice protein supplement was found in canned and bagged pet food from California manufacturer Natural Balance Pet Food.

Now, another manufacturer has recalled food laced with melamine-contaminated corn gluten. And even more alarming is the growing possibility of contamination of the US food supply.

it appears that some of the contaminated rice protein concentrate made its way in to hog feed. The extent of the problem isn’t known. It’s also not known if hogs fed the contaminated food have made it into the human food chain, the FDA reported.

“We do understand that one of the companies that was manufacturing pet food had some pet food that was unfit for pets and it made its way into some hog feed,” Sundlof said. “We are following up on that.”

Meanwhile in South Africa, melamine has been found in Royal Canin pet food company’s Vets Choice and Royal Canin dry dog and cat food sold exclusively in South Africa and Namibia. The source of the melamine appears to be from corn gluten imported from China, according to published reports. source

UPDATE:  Is it more than just melamine contamination?

Scientific literature says melamine is not very toxic, says Steven Hansen, a veterinary toxicologist and director of the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center in Urbana, Ill.

Levels for the melamine were as high as 6.6% of the wheat gluten, FDA’s Sundlof says.

That would mean if a wet pet food contained even 5% wheat gluten, it would have 3,300 parts per million melamine, Hansen says.

But a study on dogs in 1953 fed them 30,000 parts per million of melamine for one year and “nothing happened,” says James Popp, president of the Society of Toxicology.  source


Either the 1953 study is wrong, or there is another toxin at work.

Fraud? Tainted pet food may have been intentional

Why would anyone knowingly contaminate pet food with a lethal industrial chemical? The answer may lie in the Watergate-era admonition, “Follow the money.” Economic fraud is being investigated as a possible motive in the growing pet food scare.

Federal investigators are probing whether Chinese producers laced a key ingredient in pet food with an industrial chemical in order to boost the price of their shipments, Sen. Richard J. Durbin said yesterday.

Referring to the contamination that has prompted the recall of more than 100 brands of pet food, he said investigators are trying to determine whether Chinese producers purposely added melamine to their wheat gluten shipments to Menu Foods.


The probe was recently expanded as a recall was announced by California-based Natural Balance Pet Foods, as melamine was found in rice protein supplement used in certain canned and bagged foods. However, officials stressed that they had found “no evidence” that the lethal additive had entered the human food supply.

FDA investigators want to look at a Chinese production facility, but have been denied visas by the Chinese.

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Soros essay: More of the same

George Soros is the man behind the money which drives the far left, extremist rhetoric of the “progressive” wing of the Democrat party. It’s not correct to say that his money drives the extremist policies of the far left, simply because, they have no policies. The modern Democrat party has morphed from a party of political governance to a party of political and social “causes” propelled by poisonous rhetoric.

“The pro-Israel lobby has been remarkably successful in suppressing criticism,” wrote Soros. Politicians challenge it at their peril and dissenters risk personal vilification, he said.

Soros’ essay in the New York Review of Books is not only pointed in its criticism of the Bush Administration, it laments the fact that Israel and the US are attempting to seek a peace agreement with the Palestinian President without the inclusion of Hamas — regardless of the fact that Hamas has yet to even acknowledge the right of Israel to exist.

The criticism echoes the controversial work of Walt and Mearsheimer, “The Israel Lobby”, a thinly veiled anti-Israel diatribe masquerading as a scholarly work. It has, of course, been thoroughly fisked. My favorite of all the debunkings was published at The American Thinker. Here is an excerpt:

soros.jpgIt is a work without a trace of balance, in essence no more than an angry polemic disguised as academic research. ‘The Israel Lobby’ is a long, bitter, op—ed piece given a patina of respectability because of where the authors are employed. They may feel themselves protected from criticism by tenure and their titles. They live and work in the proverbial ivory towers of an academic environment that has become an Arab—subsidized lobby against Israel. {snip}

Israel is held to a standard of perfection (which of course it fails) in ‘Walt’s World’ while thuggish terror—supporting states such as Iran and Syria are presented as potential important allies of America, and are insulated from any criticism by the professors. Israel is demonized by the authors; the surrounding dictatorships, who have sent terrorists to our shores and who are killing our soldiers now, are sanctified.

The professors’ attempt to promote the good deeds of Syria in the war on terror is particularly laughable. Syria has opened its border to virtually every jihadist willing to kill Americans in Iraq. It has attempted to undermine every serious peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, or between Israel and its other neighbors since Israel’s founding. Syria occupied Lebanon for over 15 years, has treated terrorist groups as proxies for Syria, has been implicated in the assassination of the leader of Lebanon, and has openly served as a conduit for over 10,000 missiles delivered to Hezbollah terrorists in Southern Lebanon — who seemingly run their own Islamic terror state within a state.

The professors also cavalierly argue that an Iranian nuclear capability is no threat to America. These ‘experts’ seem to be unaware that Iran has consistently been ranked as the number one terror state in the world by our State Department (a charge they would probably discount since in their delusional world, the Jews control even the famously anti—Israel State Department). But Shiite Iran, with missiles purchased from North Korea, can reach many of the Sunni Arab states that the authors argue are America’s real allies in the region, and also Europe.

I don’t know if the Republican Party has the courage to stand up against the onslaught of disingenuity coming from the Soros machine. In this war of ideas, the threat of the balkanization of the Republic has never been greater.

(h/t freerepublic)

(photoshop credit: van helsing)

Berry Nice

Last month, we learned that chocolate is good for your heart.

Now, this story from (London) Evening Standard reveals more excellent food news>>>

daquiri.jpgIt’s cool, colourful and deliciously sweet, and if that weren’t enough, the strawberry daiquiri is also good for your health.

Scientists have found that treating the berries with alcohol boosts their cancer-fighting properties – suggesting that strawberry-based cocktails may be better for us than we realised.

Strawberries have been known to be good at tackling ‘free radicals’.  Adding a dash of alcohol enhances those properties.  Still, I prefer my strawberries on top of short cake, with whipped cream.  Mmmmmmmm.

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