Fraud? Tainted pet food may have been intentional

Why would anyone knowingly contaminate pet food with a lethal industrial chemical? The answer may lie in the Watergate-era admonition, “Follow the money.” Economic fraud is being investigated as a possible motive in the growing pet food scare.

Federal investigators are probing whether Chinese producers laced a key ingredient in pet food with an industrial chemical in order to boost the price of their shipments, Sen. Richard J. Durbin said yesterday.

Referring to the contamination that has prompted the recall of more than 100 brands of pet food, he said investigators are trying to determine whether Chinese producers purposely added melamine to their wheat gluten shipments to Menu Foods.


The probe was recently expanded as a recall was announced by California-based Natural Balance Pet Foods, as melamine was found in rice protein supplement used in certain canned and bagged foods. However, officials stressed that they had found “no evidence” that the lethal additive had entered the human food supply.

FDA investigators want to look at a Chinese production facility, but have been denied visas by the Chinese.

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  1. Well, then, I suppose that American companies probably ought to stop importing foodstuffs from China. (Importing anything edible from there is probably not a good idea anyway due to their high levels of pollution.)

    Did they actually inspect any of the items entering the human food supply for melamine?


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