Melamine contamination found in hog feed

First it was melamine-laced wheat gluten in products from Canadian-based Menu Foods. Then contaminated rice protein supplement was found in canned and bagged pet food from California manufacturer Natural Balance Pet Food.

Now, another manufacturer has recalled food laced with melamine-contaminated corn gluten. And even more alarming is the growing possibility of contamination of the US food supply.

it appears that some of the contaminated rice protein concentrate made its way in to hog feed. The extent of the problem isn’t known. It’s also not known if hogs fed the contaminated food have made it into the human food chain, the FDA reported.

“We do understand that one of the companies that was manufacturing pet food had some pet food that was unfit for pets and it made its way into some hog feed,” Sundlof said. “We are following up on that.”

Meanwhile in South Africa, melamine has been found in Royal Canin pet food company’s Vets Choice and Royal Canin dry dog and cat food sold exclusively in South Africa and Namibia. The source of the melamine appears to be from corn gluten imported from China, according to published reports. source

UPDATE:  Is it more than just melamine contamination?

Scientific literature says melamine is not very toxic, says Steven Hansen, a veterinary toxicologist and director of the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center in Urbana, Ill.

Levels for the melamine were as high as 6.6% of the wheat gluten, FDA’s Sundlof says.

That would mean if a wet pet food contained even 5% wheat gluten, it would have 3,300 parts per million melamine, Hansen says.

But a study on dogs in 1953 fed them 30,000 parts per million of melamine for one year and “nothing happened,” says James Popp, president of the Society of Toxicology.  source


Either the 1953 study is wrong, or there is another toxin at work.

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  1. I wish I could remember the link I provided several weeks ago, but I agreed with the author of the piece, that the Chinese government is using the “food weapon” as another method of testing how vulnerable we are. I wish fewer people would invest in China, and do business with them, as long as they have an aggressive Communist government.
    Personally, I won’t knowingly buy any product made or assembled in China, and haven’t for quite some time.

  2. Oh Man!
    Offensive Couch Label Traced To China.
    What kind of dictionary is that, The Unabridged Arian Edition?

  3. heh. Imus edition

  4. If you find that “food weapon” link, please post it.

  5. I will, trying to remember in a low key way, instead of forcing it. It’s forthcoming…I think.

  6. Hmmmm. Wheat, corn, rice….any other staples we import from them and haven’t been checking for melamine?

  7. I did find this article, but not the one to compliment it. It may have been a post by John Carey.

  8. Update: Is it more than just melamine contamination?

  9. It must be something else, although the effects on cats seemed to be more severe.

  10. freakin commie bastids

  11. They are trying something, and I think it is being coordinated from the Commie leaders. I don’t trust them, and as I have said for many years, *You Cannot Trust A Commie!!!*

  12. I dunno. I had thought it might be some sort of mycotoxin, because there was aflatoxin contamination of a dog food that had to be recalled in 2005.

  13. Okay, if you insist, an aflatoxin introduced into the pet foods by the Commie leaders of China.

  14. The red menace is very sly.

  15. ‘Bout that time.

  16. freakin commie bastids!

  17. Yep!
    But before I go, a video for our canine friends.
    I Keed…I Keed!

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