The corridor of killing

What if they gave a war and the MSM ignored it?

Well, it’s here. Michael Marizco in Tuscon Weekly has provided one of the most compelling stories of the Arizona border war that I’ve seen. Although I consider myself fairly well informed, much of the report comes as a surprise to me. But, I’m sure it’s no great surprise to US and Mexican citizens who live in the border counties.

Hired assassins, narco traffickers, human smugglers, and bandits who prey on each other and citizens alike, the situation has only become more critical with a DEA hiring freeze.

“They don’t track the number of actual crossers. There’s really no will to do that, because it would just alarm the American public,” says T.J. Bonner, president of the National Border Patrol Council, the agency’s union.

But, as Marizco writes, the Feds don’t seem to have a clue as to how to get control of the situation.

At no time has Arizona had so many federal agents working here. But these agents’ focus is on operations, with few resources thrown to intelligence. The federal agencies don’t understand what is happening. The tendency is to react only to events they know about, not seeing the storm moving in, experts say.

I’m not sure who these “experts” are, and the author doesn’t identify them. But, this is an outstanding piece of reporting, from both sides of the border, and I encourage you to read it all

Sunday Open Thread

“Well, my plans of a day of some leisurely housecleaning interspersed with blogging and ironing followed by building an armature for a concrete sculpture were interrupted by a joyous cry of “Grammaw!” from the little 5-year-old blond-haired cherub. She watched me de-mold the planter I made last night and pronounced it very beautiful, while son was raising an eyebrow and laughing at me because of my high tech tools (a rock, a plastic knife, and a plastic bowl).He brought me some rooted cuttings, too. “Thank you! Er, what are they?” “Damnit, mama, those are hydrangeas!” “Oh, right! Would you like me to plant them first, or just go ahead and kill them now?” Some people have a gift with plants. I am not one of those people, although I try, and I never remember the names of the things I planted. He asked me if he could have some cuttings off the ligustrum. “Um, sure. Which one is that?” “MAMA!” Well, I’ve always been more interested in animal propogation than plant propogation.” — SW

This is the Sunday Open Thread. Please post your comments, greetings, thoughts, whimsies, links, sausages, or whatever you find to be worth posting. [note: this is a carbon-credit free zone]

Gun-free zones: recipe for disaster

Thirty-two people dead on a U.S. college campus pursuing their American Dream, mowed-down over an extended period of time by a lone, non-American gunman in possession of a firearm on campus in defiance of a zero-tolerance gun ban. Feel better yet? Didn’t think so.

Who doesn’t get this? Who has the audacity to demand unarmed helplessness? Who likes dead good guys?

I’ll tell you who. People who tramp on the Second Amendment, that’s who. People who … [pretend] dialing 911 will somehow save your life, and that their greedy clamoring to “feel good” is more important than admitting that armed citizens are much better equipped to stop evil than unarmed, helpless ones.

Well said, Nuge.   Read the whole commentary.

Black Jack McInerney

On the radio program Battle Line, General Tom McInerney suggested a new deterrent to be used against the jihadis in Iraq.

“Bury each of the terrorists with pig entrails.”

I don’t know if he is serious.  The legend of Black Jack Pershing using similar tactics against the Moros have never been verified.  Snopes does, however, give an interesting side-story with a link to Jungle Patrol, and the story of Col. Alexander Rodgers.

Right Truth has the scoop.

The Reid Doctrine™

Harry Reid’s announced policy of Pre-emptive Surrender has a new name: The Reid Doctrine™.

But, with so many bad guys, where do you surrender after Iraq? Well, obviously, Afghanistan is next, followed by any number of theaters in which the forces of islamic fascism operate.

How about Morocco?

[After the March 11 suicide bombing in a cyber-cafe, here is what was found at the bomber’s place]

The most worrying find of the Moroccan officials is the discovery of chemicals that could have been used for large-scale terror attacks:

  • A microbial stock of “pathogenic tetanus” cultivated by the terrorists was found in their hideout.
  • This agent could cause death within 24 hours if person not inoculated with anti-tetanus serum.

Also 80,000 Kalashnikovs are stocked in the north of Mali as alQaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) terrorists seek to smuggle in the neighboring northern countries. source

RIP: Kyoto

Kyoto is dead. Cry me a river.

That nasty old GWB is to blame… Or Dick Cheney — the evil one behind the puppet… Or Karl Rove — Bush’s brain.

Whatever. You’ve heard all of those insults, and worse, over the past six-plus years. The extreme left just can’t get over themselves. And how could they? They lost – twice – to a man they consider their intellectual and moral inferior. And now, the crown jewel of the leftist environmental wackos: Kyoto, has died. Dang. I love it, I really do.

Politicians in Europe and the U.S. have gotten shrill in recent years screaming for the U.S. to sign on, declaring global warming the moral equivalent of war and seeking to silence its critics, despite the uncertain science behind it all.

Yet shockingly, the U.S., which is under no treaty obligation to cut greenhouse gases, has actually done a better job of it than Europe’s holier-than-thou green bureaucrats.

From 2000 to 2004, average carbon emissions rose by 1.3% in the U.S., but by 2.2% in the 25 nations of the European Union. That, despite the fact the U.S. economy grew 2 1/2 times faster.

For all the hot air emanating from Kyoto’s Euro-defenders, the fact is the Green Grinch — George W. Bush — has been quietly effective when it comes to global warming.

This is leadership by example, which should come as no surprise to anyone who is willing to look at the record.


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