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“Well, my plans of a day of some leisurely housecleaning interspersed with blogging and ironing followed by building an armature for a concrete sculpture were interrupted by a joyous cry of “Grammaw!” from the little 5-year-old blond-haired cherub. She watched me de-mold the planter I made last night and pronounced it very beautiful, while son was raising an eyebrow and laughing at me because of my high tech tools (a rock, a plastic knife, and a plastic bowl).He brought me some rooted cuttings, too. “Thank you! Er, what are they?” “Damnit, mama, those are hydrangeas!” “Oh, right! Would you like me to plant them first, or just go ahead and kill them now?” Some people have a gift with plants. I am not one of those people, although I try, and I never remember the names of the things I planted. He asked me if he could have some cuttings off the ligustrum. “Um, sure. Which one is that?” “MAMA!” Well, I’ve always been more interested in animal propogation than plant propogation.” — SW

This is the Sunday Open Thread. Please post your comments, greetings, thoughts, whimsies, links, sausages, or whatever you find to be worth posting. [note: this is a carbon-credit free zone]

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  1. Yikes, this is what happens when you go off and exercise. You come back and have a thread of your own.

    SwampMan is right. Exercise IS dangerous.

  2. hehehe

  3. Well, y’all just open up.
    I gotta run over to a friends and lend a hand for a little, and I’ll read the contents of your openess upon my return.
    Like this.

  4. Sherman’s March coming on History Channel. Gonna have a looksee

  5. Oooh, SwampMan refused to even watch Sherman on television. We’re watching the Sharpton/Hannity debate.

  6. So you’ll have to tell me how it went.

    /SwampMan is not having a good day. He told me what he wanted for dinner, and I told him what I was going to cook for dinner. Yeah, he ate it anyway.

  7. Way back when I was in, the accident loss was @ the same or greater than the actual losses sustained in battle today.

    /Of course, that was before the size of the military was slashed.

  8. Watching Plastic Surgery: Before and After now here. Good show, looks like all facial reconstruction tonight.

  9. Yikes, the basal cell carcinoma nasal defect the one patient was left with is horrible. I was a little upset that I have a small divot right in the middle of my nose; I’m not going to worry about it any longer.

  10. #3 N2L

    That needs to be out there, A LOT!!!

  11. Gore To Run For 2008 Nomination

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let it be true. Throw in Kerry and we’ve got enough to destroy any hope of the dhems winning in ’08.

  12. Gore would be a tougher fight than hillary

  13. This should help too!

    Two For One? Hillary Pledges Ambassadorial Post for Bill Clinton in Her Administration

    The balls it takes to make that statement shows the total disconnection from reality. Keep it up!

  14. Gore might be a little tougher to beat, but I’m thinking the whole left wing is looking a little looney. When HRT makes the most sense on the left, I think they are in big trouble.

  15. Yeah, I saw that on Al Gore, too. Another person that traded in “boring” for “batshit crazy”. Not a good trade.

  16. Robert D, I think you might be doing Hillary a disservice. Obviously she’s read the news story that 30% of educated women in England are/will remain childless, and 40% in Germany, and she’s doing her part by sending Bill to be a roving fertility ambassador.

  17. It’s a tough job, but the future of Western Civilization depends on it.

  18. I have faith in the “normal people” waking up I’m hoping rational thinking people will wake up to the fact that the whole left is trying to remake itself to fit the moment.

  19. And what a precedent that would set! Every Presidential spouse could become a roving ambassador. John Kerry could have sent Tuhrayza off to the vineyards of France to check on the wine quality, and we wouldn’t have seen her again until election time.

  20. fertility ambassador. Heh

  21. #16 Swamps

    There was talk on a blog about 6 months ago of HRT doing just what she’s proposing now. And your theory was the big topic of discussion. Might have been HA, not sure.

  22. Perhaps Al could send Tipper to China to lecture them on how to save energy just like they do at their modest abode.

  23. Well, somebody’s got to bolster the sagging birth rates in Europe.

    /Might as well be Bill on account of the birth rates here don’t need bolstering.

  24. Well, Nuke, how was the Sherman program on the History channel that I did not see?

    /Revisionist history, as per usual?

  25. No. They showed a brutal bastard waging war against the civilian populace.

  26. Good. I was afraid it was going to be a bunch of hooey about how the civilians burned themselves out and starved themselves.

  27. when I was a kid, July 4 wasn’t celebrated as independence day. It was remembered as the day Vicksburg fell.

  28. What’s shameful is that I have folks in my lineage that actually fought with the Union.

    /Our history isn’t even being taught in schools anymore.

  29. I’ll just leave you with HRT acting like a southerner again. Pitiful, but the rug comment says it all.

    From Hot Air

  30. I was reading in Forbes that makeup such as powder, brow gels, bronzer, and foundation/concealer is pretty much mainstream for guys now.

    Of course, they did not mention where this mainstream location happened to be, but it isn’t considered mainstream around this area.

  31. No, Robert D, you just rejoined us after a long hiatus! Don’t goooooooooo!

    Unless you have to go to the salt mines in the morning. Is makeup a part of the mainstream male grooming procedure there in Jefferson?

  32. So, Hillary is going back to the White House as a cleaning lady?

  33. HRT© was acting like a populist yesterday, railing against the rich.
    I guess the Geffens, Spielbergs, et al, must be tapped out.

  34. I get a brief hiatus from the salt mines due to the much needed rain and snow this weekend. Makeup? Hell, it’s hard to fit in here if you shave everyday. 😆

  35. Speaking of rain, Swampies fires have been in all the Fox reports, for the past few days. That’s a serious burn goin’on in Georgia.

  36. Hillary is apparently equating southern accents (and there are several southern accents for you non-southernors, depending on the state you were born in and your socioeconomic level) with being black (or African American for the politically correct). A very nice young (black) man who used to give me rides around the University on his Suzuki a couple of years back when I was still in the Master’s degree program in education, for example, was a Joisey boy thru and thru.

  37. Yeah, it is only a matter of time until more huge fires pop up; there are burning bans on, but a hot catalytic convertor or a faulty sparking wheel on a train will be enough to start a blaze. When (if) the rains start again, the lightning strikes will also be a problem.

  38. HRT is pandering to too many people. That will be her downfall. And the rest of the crew on that side are just nuckin’ futs.

  39. Heh. Yeah, Robert D, sort of like it is here, I guess.

  40. gotta leave ya’ll with it. No swingin’ from the chandeliers, OK?

  41. Yeah girl. That fire keeps spreading, y’all gonna have the Statesboro Blues fo’sho’.

  42. I’m not sure if with the pending lawsuit, Hillary should be talking about corruption.

  43. Night nuke!
    I’m well known for shootin’ things that hang from the rafters, or chandeliers.

  44. Well here in CA if it is dry, that is a fire hazzard. If it rains too much, that will make the grasses grow and that is a fire hazzard. Just can’t win here. (btw, just how is hazzard spelled? Mozilla tells me I am wrong.)

  45. Henh…her thighs are so big, when the bailiff says all rise, she takes out her entire legal team when those thunderers spring out of the chair.

  46. “gotta leave ya’ll with it. No swingin’ from the chandeliers, OK?

    Comment by nuke — April 22, 2007 @ 11:13 pm”

    Dang it! A free day of and the boss makes me behave. That’s just not right. 🙂

  47. One “z”.
    Mozilla tells you that? Mine don’t.

  48. Yeah, the latest version underlines a misspelled word for you. It doesn’t give you options, but tells you when you are wrong. I was too lazy to look up hazard.

  49. As we thought, it’s between a conservative and a socialist in Frances runoff.

  50. I don’t know which version is the latest, or which one I have, but it seems it updated a little while back.
    Or maybe it’s because I never mispell a word. 😆

  51. Well, here it has been wetter than normal the past few years with the heavy hurricane seasons and with the very limited cold season, we have jungle-like undergrowth of brush and vines and trees on any land not kept mowed/under cultivation.

    The landowners with planted pines cannot do controlled burns, because they have to get permission from all the neighbors in order to have one because controlled burns could aggravate breathing problems plus if the controlled burn gets out of control due to a sudden wind shift, they could be liable.

    Then, when there was a shortage of rain in the rainy season and we went into the dry season with a shortage, so now things are getting all incendiary.

  52. So how’s that whole “the debate is over” thingie working out.
    Ice Holds Vessels Captive.

  53. I would never know all the features of a new program, if I were as perfect as you. 😛

  54. Well, it will be interesting (re France).

  55. Hang in there Swamps.
    It all balances out. We had been drawing down real low on many of our area lakes and reservoirs for the past two years, and now we are either caught back up to normal, or in some lakes, above normal.

  56. Geez, N2L, the ice is due to global warming! The antarctic is melting, and those glaciers are floating down to Canada and screwing with the shipping.

  57. Henh.(54)

    55-Interesting? Bizarre is what I would call it. I mean, a socialist is in the runoff? How sick and twisted is that shiite?

  58. When Seals Attack!!! Better go for the salmon, they don’t have as many friends.

  59. Thanks for the encouragement, N2L (grin). Been there before in the drought/burning cycle, so I know this is just the beginning and only cooler than normal temps (thank you, global warming!) have saved us this far.

  60. HA!
    Swampie forgot her tag!
    /ice from the antarctic floating…down to Canada…Hee-Hee!

  61. Why is there a runoff if there was a socialist on the ballot in the first place? Is there a sign of a spine growing in Fwance?

  62. Yeah, interesting, N2L! Seems like when France has a choice, they always choose the greater evil, so it will be interesting to see whether or not a sufficient number of citoyens have come to their senses.

    /But I’m not counting on it.

  63. Heh. I was giving my Al Gore Global Warming Lecture.

    /Aspiring to one day wearing the Goracle Medal of Hyperbole.

  64. I don’t know Robert D., they had a record turn out for a primary election, over 80%, and that’s a lot of folks. Maybe the people in the red provinces are fed up with the blue provinces running and ruining their lives.
    Citoyens? Not familiar with that word.

  65. We can hope, N2L. Maybe they can wake up after all, though I don’t think the welfare rats will let it go too far.

  66. An imam in Pittsburgh says Hirsi Ali should be killed, but walks a very fine line in doing so.
    Mohammedans, so predictable.

  67. Yeah Robert D., they have been sucking on that welfare teat a long time, and have been made dependent on it, as it was intended to do in the first place. It’s one thing for our country to move between our two parties, as things don’t change too dramatically. For them to turn away from generations of dependence on the gubmint would be nothing less than a revolution, and I don’t see that type of ground swell of public sentiment.

  68. Robert D., did you see any of the scooter races today?
    Jamie Hacking took a really bad spill at the start of the SuperSport race.

  69. I saw it on Speed Channel. There was a couple of bad ones. Was he the one that ran over the other bike and got the air time, before walking away unhurt?

  70. No, he was the other one. I can’t remember the flyer’s name, but he did hit it hard. It looked like Jamie got whacked in the head by the flyer.

  71. Huh. And other (Islamic) people were shocked at that, because Islam is the religion of peace (dead is peaceful).

  72. I’ll leave y’all to the discussion of motorcycle racers/physics of unpowered flight, and bid y’all goodnight.

    /Three more weeks of work until I take care of the soon-to-be 3-year-old while his mamma is in the hospital with his new baby brother. He ain’t gonna like that.

  73. Dang, it’s almost new baby brother time?
    Time, where does it go?

  74. Geez, I need to be aggressively sending out my resume. Should have started a couple of weeks ago.

    /Maybe I better, like, review and update it and take out terms like “bullsh**s with the best of them” and substitute “sales experience”.

  75. Well, it’s like I told an employee once, many years ago, when she dropped and broke a whole bunch of inventory, worth hundreds of dollars. Gravity is not only a good idea, it’s the law!
    I never saw her screw up again, cause I didn’t jump down her throat.

  76. I gave advise on making a resume to someone we know, and look what happened, he’s now a Texican.
    You want I should help you too…Swamps?

  77. “Yeah, it sure is pieceful, alright.
    An unveiled woman is like a bus, anyone can ride her.”

    They obviously didn’t see the Plastic Surgery episode that I saw with the gender-changing guy who looked to be about 6’3″ and with rugged, masculine features albeit with makeup and huge breast implants. I think the horniest Imam might have had second thoughts.

  78. Imams prefer goats anyway, don’t they? Or is that just the general public?

  79. I don’t know Swamps, I think the imams would prefer him in the natural state.
    Anyway, time for bed, but before I go, let me repeat myself.
    Cats are good people.

  80. I gave advise on making a resume to someone we know, and look what happened, he’s now a Texican.
    You want I should help you too…Swamps?

    Comment by no2liberals — April 23, 2007 @ 12:16 am

    He don’t visit here much, do he?

  81. 82-No, he has never visited here, I don’t think. I’ve told them about us, and sent links. We talk on the phone.

  82. I’m thinking Swampie don’t wanna wind up here in Texas.
    /just a guess

    Night y’all.

  83. Heh. Only if you promise me that I wouldn’t become a Texican.

    I just don’t have the drive to earn lots of money or achieve anymore. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, or what happened to me, but I’m not the same person I used to be. I’ve lost the killer instinct. I don’t mind driving an old truck and wearing a faded pair of blue jeans and an old ratty T-shirt. It’s not so much a resume problem as a “me” problem.

  84. G’nite all….it’s been fun, kinda like playing hookey… 😀

  85. You ain’t hungry, Swampie.
    Hunger is the most powerful motivator.

  86. Yeah, cats are good people, and so are my beloved dogs.

  87. #85 Swamps

    It’s called being comfortable in your skin. The days of dreaming about making millions finally fade away, and you realize you are old enough to appreciate the smaller things in life that make you happy. Those that chase the dream all their lives never stop to smell the roses until it’s too late. Enjoy life, for it can be all too short. G’nite my friends.

  88. Goodnight, y’all. Same here, it’s been fun.

  89. (Grin) Robert D, that’s probably what it is. I spent YEARS doing my best imitation of SuperWoman and feel a little bit guilty that when the kids got sick, I would actually hypnotize* them into relieving the symptoms if I absolutely had to be on the jobsite for a big (concrete) pour the next day.

    *Yes, it did work very well, but when they got older they refused to cooperate.

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