The Lonely Walk

Spook 86 follows up on his earlier piece, The most dangerous job in Iraq, pointing to Melissa Nelson’s excellent report from Eglin AFB. Here is a brief excerpt:

The abandoned truck-mounted rocket launcher didn’t belong on a road approaching sprawling Camp Liberty in Iraq.

Sgt. Timothy Weiner, Airman Elizabeth Loncki and Airman Daniel Miller Jr. – a three-member bomb disposal unit known as “Team Lima” – responded.

The trio first sent a robot to inspect the truck. Then Weiner, the team leader and a career bomb technician, donned protective gear and took what technicians call “the lonely walk,” the first approach to a suspected explosive. He returned.

The three then walked toward the truck without protective gear – and it exploded.

In an instant last Jan. 7, Team Lima was gone.

Weiner, a 35-year-old father who wrote of his concern for Iraqi children.

Loncki, 23 and engaged, but always a daddy’s girl.

Miller, 24, a handsome daredevil who got in trouble for playing with fireworks as child. source

I couldn’t help but think about our friend reaganite, and the many others who have served with distinction. Men and women to whom “duty” and “honor” are more than just words.

Men like our own n2l. Faithful to the country, and sworn to defend the constitution which holds the truths of the Republic.

The incredible sacrifices by our men and women who serve, and by the families they leave behind leave me with a feeling of awe and wonder.

People like Master Sgt Michael Riley, “The job we are doing over there, it is a very important job. The job that Tim, Dan and Liz did, they saved hundred of lives by what they were doing.”

Harry Reid can kma.

Please read all of Melissa’s report

(h/t In from the cold)

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