A rendezvous with destiny

As the democrat party wrings their hands in a desperate attempt to decide upon an official date of surrender in Iraq, I am reminded by a speech by Ronald Reagan, some 43 years ago…

Let’s set the record straight. There is no argument over the choice between peace and war, but there is only one guaranteed way you can have peace–and you can have it in the next second–surrender.

Admittedly there is a risk in any course we follow other than this, but every lesson in history tells us that the greater risk lies in appeasement, and this is the specter our well-meaning liberal friends refuse to face–that their policy of accommodation is appeasement, and it gives no choice between peace and war, only between fight and surrender.

Much has changed over the past four decades since Reagan gave told us that we have a “rendezvous with destiny. “

Unfortunately, the political left has not changed their first and basic instinct of appeasement. Their policies are dangerous, and a clear and present threat to the security of the Republic. President Bush will veto their surrender bill. That rendezvous that Reagan spoke of is drawing near.

A Time for Choosing, 10/27/64

Well, all the democrats but one. Lieberman: One Choice in Iraq, GP has the video (h/t n2l)

Iraqi Gov’t: Dems send wrong signal to insurgents

Doug Ross: Harry Reid through history

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  1. I’ve been reading “America Alone” by Mark Steyn. Perhaps it should be America without the northeast and the west coast.

  2. I thought it already was.
    I’ve been looking for Sen. Lieberman’s and Sen. Thune’s videos from today.
    Here’s one.
    Here’s another with transcript.
    Can’t find it on the web, but heard the sound clip on the radio. It was good!

  3. I understand that the Dems had a debate in which no questions were answered and Hillary blamed Wal-Mart for lack of health care or something.

    /Really, does Wal-Mart have press gangs that sneak out in the dead of night and kidnap people and force them to work at their stores?

  4. WalMart…they the….boogeyman?
    My contempt for the Dhimmi’s maxed out long ago. After today, I just feel numb, that they could possibly exceed the limits of audience comprehension, like they did today.
    Then to chose the day, four years later from W’s famous aircraft landing and announcing “Mission Accomplished,” to send their legislation to the President. The leftards, they do so love their street performing and agitprop, so.

  5. Hate to go OT so soon, but can’t hang too much longer.
    To let you know, I downloaded a few thingies earlier, one is a hard drive cleaner, and the other is a defragger program.
    The one product, CCCleaner got rid of so much crap, things I had deleted years ago, but still had remnants in my hard drive, that it added almost 3% to my disk. It also has a registry cleaning and fixing feature, and it works!
    Then I downloaded the defragger, and it is much, much, much more effective than the one in Microsoft.
    Check this out.
    On the defragger, I used the IOBit.

  6. Oh, I heard about that today, and was thinking about WHAT a bunch of children they are. Not a one of them has an actual plan (except for magical thinking–we’ll get the rest of the world to do it, and PAY for it, too!) Good luck with that, Sparky; Europe can’t afford to pay attention because of their social programs like Hillary is so enamored of.

  7. N2L, I’m going to try to check it out later tonight when I’m not officially at the salt mine; I REALLY need to defrag and scrub up because my computer is getting slow, too.

  8. It was quick and painless.
    Im impress.
    Here is another link, to a more sophisticated anti-malware, anti-hijacking download.
    My oldest brother is going to check it out for, before I download it and play with it.

  9. I couldn’t believe how much crapola was in there. I had it analyze before I had the items removed, and the list was very long. I reviewed some of the temp and unused files, and couldn’t believe that so many files from videos I had downloaded, viewed, and deleted years ago, were still in there.

    As for the Defeatocrats, as long as they can continue to get cover from their darlings in the LameStream media, they will continue to act so recklessly. When Al Qaida starts blowing shiite up here, they will ignore it, and say it wasn’t their fault, that Bush should have followed the 911 Commission Report recommendations.
    Some sick, power hungry bastids in the donk party.

  10. I look at them and think “Are they REALLY that stupid?” Is that what politics is for, a career for stupid people?

  11. Guess they’re all hoping that one day, if they work REAL hard, just maybe they’ll be accorded the same respect as Jimmy Carter.

    Although I doubt it.

  12. Okay, well if your brother is going to download it and check it out, lemme know if it knocks out all his computer files because I would hate to have all my work files knocked out of the computer.

    /I’m kind of a slacker at backing up.

  13. No, you misunderstood(again).
    The CCCleaner and IOBit defragger worked great!
    It’s the other link, the hijackthis one, that he is gonna check out for me.
    No harm was done, and my speed is up.

  14. When did the edit this button get added? Gotta check it out later.

  15. Just read the tutorial I linked to, it has the links for the CCCleaner and the IOBit defragger.

  16. Well, you know, I’m better at sign language. (Can you figure out which sign I’m using? I bet you can!)

    I thought that link was perhaps to another program that was similar.

  17. Somehow, this video is an excellent choice for the day, but I find difficulty as to who I should dedicate it to. Let’s just say it belongs on this thread.

  18. Okay, thanks! And as an aside, I am seeing things when I’m outside working and at the track that I not recall having seen in Florida…the leathery skin remains of dehydrated to death toads. They’re just everywhere.

  19. No, the hijackthis link is for advanced types, which I ain’t one of, know how-no way.
    /can you read…this sign?

  20. Leatherfied toads in abundance?
    /end of times?

  21. http://www.firstcoastnews.com/news/local/news-article.aspx?storyid=80867

    We used to own lots of timber land up there. Glad we sold it 5 years ago!

  22. That’s some rough going for those folks.

  23. I bid you goodnight!

  24. Yeah, the kids have gotten to school maybe 2 days in the last two weeks.

    /And there would be three more weeks of school…if they got to go. One of the elementary schools had to have school in a church due to smoke damage at the school. Hope nobody from the ACLU has a heart attack over that one.

  25. G’night! I’ll check that information out later tonight, thanks.

  26. One of the fires that was a lil’ nearer to me that was “out” two or three weeks ago blazed up and got into unburned timber today, too.

  27. Harry Reid through history

    See the proud tradition of Harry Reid through the prism of American conflicts: Valley Forge, Tippecanoe, etc.

  28. Great piece by Amir Taheri.
    Desparately Seeking Defeat In Iraq.

    It is possible that Reid imagined that his analytical problems are over simply because he has identified the loser in this war. The truth is that his troubles are only beginning. He must tell Americans to whom they wish their army to surrender in Iraq.

    That Reid is desperately trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory is not surprising. His party requires an American defeat in Iraq in order to win the Congressional and presidential elections next year.

  29. 100,000 Americans die every year from mismatched pharmacuticals.
    50,000 die in car crashes, 40,000 because they weren’t wearing seatbelts.

  30. Shouldn’t I have the right to die from not wearing a seatbelt? I used to wear a seatbelt all the time until it became mandatory. Now I don’t. Just rebellious, I guess.

  31. Rebellious?
    If your pickemup truck has an airbag in the steering wheel(not behind it), your injuries will be even more severe, if the bag is deployed, and you’re not wearing a restraint. Broken legs fo’sho, and probably massive fractures to the upper body and face.
    I’ve always worn them, since my Dad installed them on his favorite Buick, before they were required by law to be installed. He raced cars professionally, before I was born.
    Also, I have waded through too many gallons of blood while investigating car accidents, to not ever wear mine.

  32. Swampie, you really need to download those programs I mentioned.
    The IObit defragger is so cool!
    Once installed, you can click on the auto-defrag feature on the left, and it shows, on a graph, the constant defragging process, how much of your disk is in use, and how much of your CPU is in use.

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