Utah allows guns on campus

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – Brent Tenney says he feels pretty safe when he goes to class at the University of Utah, but he takes no chances. He brings a loaded 9 mm semiautomatic with him every day.”It’s not that I run around scared all day long, but if something happens to me, I do want to be prepared,” said the 24-year-old business major, who has a concealed-weapons permit and takes the handgun everywhere but church.

After the massacre at Virginia Tech that left 33 dead, some have suggested that the carnage might have been lower if a student or professor with a gun had stepped in.

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So, here’s what I’ve been reading this evening…

Angel talks about the dictatorship of relativism VelvetHammer does Foxworthy: “You just might be an islamophobe” Kamangir has an update on police brutality “enforcing” the veil program Pommy takes a look at his heroes Darrell has the roundup of illegal immigration news David Drake photoshops Curious George Tenet RT is serving 25 cent long-necks to go along with a helluva nice video collection coz look’s closely at Lincoln’s Lyceum address Dee has a great story about the EU and Poland The Black Dog Experience: the King & I WriterChick has a cool Friday rant Mick follows the SF money trail, straight to Bella Pelosi Chad takes a look at Iran’s man in Iraqi Kurdistan Thanos has an outstanding post called The Face of Evil Otto asks, if Black is beautiful…over on Webloggin and gives a thoughtful look at race.

Afghan district falls. Should dems surrender now or later?

KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban conducted a raid in Afghanistan’s volatile south and took control of a provincial district, killing five people including the district chief and the head of the district police, the deputy governor said Friday.
The Taliban launched the attack Thursday evening on the Giro district of Ghazni province and during an hours-long clash killed the district chief and four policemen, including the district police chief, said provincial deputy governor Kazim Allayer.
Allayer said the Taliban set fire to several buildings in the district and cut communications lines. Deputy police chief Mohammad Zaman said police reinforcements have been sent to the area

Before these developments cause Harry Reid to poop his panties and have to clean up with just one square of TP, he can be comforted by this analysis from UPI:

Analysis:  Muslims Reject Violence 

WASHINGTON, April 25 (UPI) — A new poll of citizens in four Muslim countries reveals a fundamental weakness in the so-called war of ideas, a subset of the U.S. “global war on terrorism” that is aimed at draining support among Muslims for violent extremism.

Muslims already overwhelmingly reject violence against civilians as contrary to Islam. At the same time, they support the stated political goals of the al-Qaida terrorist network and are deeply suspicious of the United States’ intentions in the war on terror.


Major terrorist cell busted in Saudi

saudi.jpgBreaking news: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Fox News is reporting that a major operation by Saudi authorities has uncovered a plot to destroy Saudi oil fields. Large caches of weaponry and money were discovered, some buried in the desert sand. Fox reports the arrest of 172 terrorists in the operation.

~Developing…updates to follow

Update from BBC: Those detained are said to be both Saudi and foreign nationals, Interior Ministry spokesman Gen Mansur al-Turki told local media. Large amounts of weapons and $5.33m (£2.67m) in cash were also seized.
Some of the suspects were training as pilots and planning attacks on oil installations and military bases, according to the interior ministry.


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