Utah allows guns on campus

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – Brent Tenney says he feels pretty safe when he goes to class at the University of Utah, but he takes no chances. He brings a loaded 9 mm semiautomatic with him every day.”It’s not that I run around scared all day long, but if something happens to me, I do want to be prepared,” said the 24-year-old business major, who has a concealed-weapons permit and takes the handgun everywhere but church.

After the massacre at Virginia Tech that left 33 dead, some have suggested that the carnage might have been lower if a student or professor with a gun had stepped in.

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So, here’s what I’ve been reading this evening…

Angel talks about the dictatorship of relativism VelvetHammer does Foxworthy: “You just might be an islamophobe” Kamangir has an update on police brutality “enforcing” the veil program Pommy takes a look at his heroes Darrell has the roundup of illegal immigration news David Drake photoshops Curious George Tenet RT is serving 25 cent long-necks to go along with a helluva nice video collection coz look’s closely at Lincoln’s Lyceum address Dee has a great story about the EU and Poland The Black Dog Experience: the King & I WriterChick has a cool Friday rant Mick follows the SF money trail, straight to Bella Pelosi Chad takes a look at Iran’s man in Iraqi Kurdistan Thanos has an outstanding post called The Face of Evil Otto asks, if Black is beautiful…over on Webloggin and gives a thoughtful look at race.

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  1. wow…the winds are a changin I guess..people want to feel safe eh..who could blame them?..I will link soon as I get a second!
    Have a super weekend! 🙂

  2. The DictatorshiP of Relativism

    Sorry Moral Lib relativists.
    If an act is wrong, it is wrong for all of eternity.

  3. Hi Nuke,

    Any idea how long Utah has allowed this? I’m certain it didn’t come about over the V-Tech tragedy, but I’m not sure how long this has been going on. I imagine over a year or two?

  4. I knew we were in bad shape and getting worse, but the weatherman on television confirmed it. This drought is actually more severe than when we had the horrible fires in 1998 that burned 500,000 acres in Florida and a total of 1.3 million acres throughout the southeast. Georgia has a record sized wildfire already burning (along with some smaller ones), 700 firefighters and forestry officials are fighting that thing 24/7 that has blackened 95 square miles, there is no rain and dry, hot conditions in the forecast for at least the next 15 days (and likely no relief until the first tropical storm of the season arrives).

    So why do I keep worrying about Florida when the lightning arrives since the big fire is burning in Georgia? This is what happened in 1998:

    Fire danger was about the same throughout the southern coastal plain so why did Florida get hammered so much worse than surrounding states? The answer is lightning; Florida has one of the highest concentrations of lightning strikes in the world exceeding 120 strikes per acre per year in some areas. Most of the activity occurred ahead of the daily sea breeze front as it moved inland. The fires were concentrated in peninsular Florida and on at least one occasion, the east and west sea breeze fronts collided over the centre of the state with the increased convective activity causing a large number of lightning fires. Very little rainfall accompanied this lightning.

    While some people might say “oh, big deal, lightning” what this meant was that in 1998 80 to 100 new fires were starting per day from these afternoon lightning displays.

  5. Wytammic, the article says 2004.

  6. Hi, guys and gals, Just lettin’ ya know I’m still around. Man….what a week, snow on Sunday, 85 degrees today! I’ll check in a little later.

  7. Hey Robert D.
    Hang in there, dude.
    I’ve got…..bupkiss.
    Been visiting some gun forums. Kind of fadin’ a little, and am just a little wore out from the mouthy political opportunist, like Murtha, and his latest comment.

    Oh…go UTES!

  8. This ain’t good.
    This is just stupid.
    Interesting! Why would he be making political comments, while at the Byron Nelson?

  9. Oh, thanks whoever fixed my messed-up post.

  10. More praise of Wolfowitz.
    *Hint-it ain’t coming from the Euro’s

  11. Heh. He peed in somebody’s cornflakes, didn’t he?

    /And there were probably plenty of stolen bowls full lined up.

  12. Yeah, it’s called his anti-corruption plan, so right off the bat, you know the Fwench are upset.

  13. Uh huh. Yikes, I see that some purple hearts were awarded at Walter Reed today. Those guys had the kind of wounds that leave actual marks.

  14. Whoa, they have prisoners lined up along US 1 in Georgia to spot any embers that fly across and get those fires out before they can catch good.

  15. Any Ren and Stimpy fans out there?
    Remember the episode “Don’t Whiz On The Electric Fence?”
    There was a PSA in that episode.

  16. Are the “fire flies” in chains?

  17. I was channel surfing earlier, and saw a show titled “John Mellencamp concert at Walter Reed.”

  18. On another topic, I’ve always liked game shows.

  19. I dunno….I didn’t actually see them, just heard the report on the radio. Trying to outrun a forest fire in tinder dry woods where the roads are closed and the few residents in the area have been evacuated probably isn’t a real attractive proposition.

  20. Heh. Next will the Dixie Chicks be giving a concert at Walter Reed?

  21. I don’t know, maybe Joan Baez will join them.

  22. Y’all have a good’un.
    I’m like Madeline Kahn, I’m so tired.

  23. And perhaps Jane Fonda will be happy to sign autographs for them.

  24. G’night, Madeline. It’s probably those spike heels, they can really wear you out.

  25. I’m gonna be in and out here, but in CA the “con crews” do a helluva lot better job than the so called “hot shot” crews. The hot shots think they are just that. Put a bunch $1 an hour convicts on the job and they will out work any “hot shot” crew out there. And they give more respect too. (fire fly response)

  26. I had probably best be concentrating on actually working and earning anyway.

    Sigh. This is no life for a princess.

  27. I don’t know even know which prison they’re out of, but they likely volunteered for the job.

  28. ABC reported on its Web site that Tobias, 65, said Thursday that he had used Deborah Jeane Palfrey’s escort service “to have gals come over to the condo to give me a massage.” He told the network that there was no sex involved.

    Well, guess we would have to know on what his definition of sex is before we can decide on that because one does not commonly call an escort service for an aching back. But personally, who cares, as long as he didn’t use government credit cards, the “massages” were not on taxpayer time, and none of the masseuses were enemy agents/illegal immigrants forced into the job.

  29. Better get slick Willie on the line, and maybe he has figured out just what “is” is.

  30. I gotta go sleep a bit, G’nite all…

  31. Doh, just when I get off work, everybody is hittin’ the sack.

    Guess I’ll just go watch Redeye.

  32. The stripping away of meaning from ordinary words is crucial to the triumph of political correctness — and counteracting this tactic crucial to its defeat. Thus, I want to begin today with what will be a continuing project: publishing the Dictionary of Political Correctness, so that when readers see or hear a fishy phrase, they’ll be clued in to what’s actually going on.

    Here are the first few entries in the Dictionary:

    Diversity – Diversity is an outcome that (1) can’t be defended on its own merit and (2) therefore has to be glommed together with a bunch of other things so that people won’t notice fact (1). Thus, when an academically less qualified minority group member is given a slot in the entering class over a non-minority group member with demonstrably better academic skills, this is “justified” because, “taken as a whole,” it gives the incoming class “diversity.”
    Multiculturalism – Multiculturalism is a big word meaning, “The West stinks.” The shorthand version is, “America stinks.” Under multiculturalism, George Washington, a slave-owning white male with no accomplishments of note, is out, and Che Guevara, an anti-imperialist leader, is in.

    Tolerance – Tolerance is the mind-set that requires you to assume that every way of living is as good as every other way of living. Thus, if a woman has X number of kids by Y number of men, none of whom she troubled herself to get to know all that well, much less marry, we must accept this in the name of “tolerance” of a “non-traditional lifestyle.” (Indeed, we are required not merely to tolerate it but foot the bill). If you are rude enough to point out that the kids who come into the world this way are much more likely to be poorly educated, not to mention abused by the next boyfriend, you are “intolerant.” In bygone days, “tolerance” had a different meaning, to wit, an open attitude of good faith toward socially benevolent behavior and beliefs even if different from your own, but that view is now held principally by old fogies.

    Verbal violence – Verbal violence is a statement a liberal doesn’t like but has trouble refuting analytically. Thus, if you say that hard-edged feminism is at odds with traditional families — the kind in which children usually do best — this is “verbal violence” against women, and you have to sit in the corner (or sit out the next semester, or attend the sensitivity class, etc.).

  33. Ya know, I had not previously known how similar a label-side down tube of zinc oxide diaper cream looks to a tube of Crest toothpaste when one is stumbling around getting ready for bed until tonight.

  34. Hi swampwaoman – yep me too – I smothered myself in toothpaste much to my daughters delight (and she won’t let me forget it).

    Excellent set of links Nuke.

    UK is in the grip of a mini heatwave. Lovely but unseasonal.

  35. Hey thanks for the linky Nuke! Have a great weekend my friend.

    Velvet “foxworthy” Hammer 😉


  36. Fire pictures posted by Satilla Regional Medical Center and Inci Web (Incident Information System). .

  37. Whoops, must have screwed up the link to Inci Web.

  38. First Coast News pictures and story.

  39. Good shot of the US1 divide between burning and nonburning (or perhaps I should say not yet burning) forests.

    I don’t think I’ve posted any pictures yet of the Kneeknocker Swamp fire just outside Nahunta, Georgia. It has been a smoky day here and everything is coughing.

  40. Hey Nuke,
    Utah is what I would call a progressive state. Something tells me we won’t be hearing about any one way shoot out there.

    Thanks for pimping my post. Appreciate it. Sorry I’ve not been by much lately.

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