Under Pressure

Saturday nite, with that little ole band from Texas……………………………………………………Enjoy

G’nite y’all

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  1. Henh.
    An old friend of mine, lived in East Dallas, just a little upwind from the Cotton Bowl at Fair Park. The Little Ol’Band from Texas was in town for a sold-out Cotton Bowl performance.
    He said he was sitting on his front porch, on a warm summer evening, which faced south, and the sound wave almost knocked him out of his chair.
    It was ZZ’s sound check, the night before the concert, and from that point on, whenever he heard “You got me under pressure,” it made him flinch.

  2. not exactly lullaby music my friend..lol..nite nite~! Heh.:)

  3. Sigh. Supposed to be off work tonight, but there’s an emergency and I’m on call.

  4. Sounds like you are under pressure, Swamps.
    Me, I’m under the covers.

  5. Oh, great, I have cover envy now. I need something to keep me awake.

  6. Sigh. And I had thought that perhaps Bill Richardson was the sane alternative for the dems. I should have known they have no sane alternative. The wussification continues.

  7. The orangey gray twilight sky at midday continues with light to moderate ash falling out of the sky like snowflakes.

  8. I heard on the radio coming home about an overpass being destroyed (melted) when a gasoline tanker truck caught fire on it.

    How did Bush, Cheney, and Halliburton manage that?

  9. Which is, of course, separate from the Charlton, Ware, and Brantley county, Georgia wildfires.

  10. Dang, Swamps.
    Wish y’all could catch a break.
    We, on the other hand, are looking at the possibility of rain and thunderstorms, Monday-Friday.
    We’ve been asking for two years, when will this dry spell end, and our lakes and reservoirs fill back up?
    Now, after the slightest shower, the flood gates at every dam are wide open.
    Y’all’s turn is coming soon.

  11. I hope so! People a few miles north of my mother were evacuated last night, and she is really worried because my stepfather is pretty much wheelchair bound and can only walk short distances with his walker, and she cannot load the (motorized) wheelchair into the truck by herself. I know the neighbors will be keepin’ an eye on them, too, so I’m not really extremely worried, but in the event they order an evacuation of that area, they won’t let me in to help.

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