Edwards: unfit for CIC

marines.jpgI’ve been going back to John Edwards’ whimsical assertion that there is no war on terror.

This is a man who would position himself as a populist– but, with a $400 haircut and a multi million dollar home carved out of the NC forest; a man who distrusts and dislikes his neighbor because he owns guns; a man who as a trial lawyer channeled an unborn baby, but whose official position is that the baby is nothing more than an unviable lump of flesh. This is a man whose seemingly dominant feminine side caused Ann Coulter to question his sexual preference. I don’t know if he’s gay, but he could play the role on TV.

This is a man who is unfit to be Commander in Chief.

h/t photo: Woman Honor Thyself


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  1. amen brother amen!..I just luv that photo as well..ty for the mention my friend and hey..Keep up the good fight eh?.:)

  2. He ain’t fit for **it, ‘cept to be tied.
    Wonder if he is into submissive bondage?
    Sure is whimpified acting….and talking…and looking.

  3. Never had any use for him; lots of style, no substance whatsoever.

  4. If you haven’t read Mark Steyn yet today:

    In 1914, on the eve of the Great War, British Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey observed, “The lamps are going out all over Europe. We shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.” Whether he was proposing a solution to global warming is unclear. But he would be impressed to hear that nine decades later the lights are going out all over Washington.

    This week, both the House and the Senate voted for defeat in Iraq. That’s to say, Congress got tired of waiting for deadbeat insurgents to get their act together and inflict devastating military humiliation on U.S. forces. So America’s legislators have voted to mandate the certainty of defeat. They want the withdrawal of American forces to begin this October, which is a faintly surreal concept: Watching CNN International around the world, many viewers unversed in America’s constitutional arrangements will have been puzzled by the spectacle of a nation giving six months’ notice of surrender. But the cannier types in the presidential palaces will have drawn their own conclusions.

  5. Yeah, I would say that anybody that wets their pants at the very thought of a law-abiding neighbor owning a (insert high-pitched shriek of horror here) gun is definitely unfit to be commander in chief of anything let alone the armed forces.

    How many of MY neighbors own a gun? ALL of them. How many am I afraid of? Uh, none of them.

  6. Dang, will have to save that Steyn piece for tomorrow…maybe.
    I’m whupped, and have to get up early again.

  7. I’ve barely picked my manly self up off the floor, from the emasculated fop in the video, when he knocks me over with a feather.
    Edwards says would consider more taxes on rich.
    I guess he doesn’t think he and his hollyweird pals pay enough in taxes. So…uh…why doesn’t he just increase his contribution?

  8. Edwards apparently is not aware that the rich pay the vast majority of taxes (but Edwards does not seem to be aware of much of anything besides his hair).

  9. Climate change hits Mars.
    Yep, they definitely need to plant more trees, install more windmill farms, get rid of all those SUV’s, and coal fired plants.
    /what?…they don’t?…but I was told…the debate…deniers…skeptics

  10. Goodnight, N2L, past my bedtime here, too. I really need to force myself to at least try to get 7 or 8 hours of sleep.

  11. As girlish as he is, he doesn’t do churlish very well.
    Just working his audience…gotsta’get that pow-wah!

  12. Do you know the amount of carbon that 100 square miles of burning trees puts into the atmosphere?

    /Me either. But it looks like a helluva lot.

  13. Fourteen more days to a new grandboy and some time to test the almost 3-year-old’s capacity for ice cream when he spends a week or so with me!

  14. Gulf Coast: Of trailers, immigrants and politics.

    A pox on those from either political party who politicize the hurricane recovery. What’s happening on the Gulf Coast right now is recovery from a natural disaster of biblical proportions.

    Those 25,000 Mississippians need a means to get out of the FEMA trailers and into more substantive housing. They need their communities to be rebuilt.

    Passing a cemetery, I watched stonecutters rebuilding mausoleums. It’s telling that despite the renewed gleam of the Beau, regular Gulf Coast people are still trying to re-bury loved ones who died long before Katrina’s birth.

    It’s still hard to believe how devastating that storm/s were.

  15. Henh…a new baby, and a spoilt three year old. Yep, life goes on, and it is indeed a good thing.
    As for the fire pollution, I’m sure it will cause many to suffer with existing conditions, and with predisposition to others.
    Night Swampie. I’m about gone.

  16. People just do not realize how long it takes to rebuild after something that massive.

  17. I hope no one ever has to find out again.

    Did you see this?
    Afghan Infant Deaths Fall 40,000 Per Year After Eviction of Taliban.

  18. Heh. No, I was making a joke about trees being bad for the environment and causing global warming.

  19. Yes, isn’t it marvelous? And maternal deaths are declining as well.

  20. Oh…a joke…ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.
    No foolin’, those danged ol’trees produce greenhouse gas without burning. Burning them?

  21. Wish it was even fewer.

  22. They will, unfortunately. I ain’t that old, and I can remember when beach shacks were just that, nothin’ fancy because it would have to be replaced after a hurricane. (And the same along the rivers.) Somehow along the way, people got the idea that mother nature was a kindly and benign creature, not one that does not give second chances and will mercilessly destroy those that are unwary.

  23. Ol’Big Momma goes where she wants to go, and does what she wants to do.
    If you get in her way, and get flattened, don’t be blaming her.

  24. Well, the scientists are obviously mistaken about Mars, because otherwise selling carbon credits at hugely inflated prices to make the rich feel better about themselves would have no practical purpose.

    Now, I need to put up a website soliciting funds to plant kudzu so that their prolific growth can take the carbon out of the atmosphere that the trees put back.

    /And hopefully collect enough funds to buy me a nice little third world country before any Georgians find out I’ve planted kudzu.

  25. All in all, I got no complaints.
    Ol’Big Momma Nature is awesome.
    Life’s been good to me so far.

  26. Kudzu for people that don’t know about it.

  27. Hey, they even catch you taking kudzu clippin’s, they gonna pull a mohammed on yo’southern butt.
    Have a good Monday, gal.
    I’m gone.

  28. Heh. Don’t I know it! I wanted to put some kudzu on some acreage up in Georgia that had been tobacco, corn, and cottoned to death and graze it for a few years to build up the fertility (since kudzu is nitrogen fixing), and SwampMan said he didn’t want to get accidentally caught in the lynching party that would surely result.

  29. Plus, of course, it would be illegal.

  30. (Grin) I’m gonna listen to Joe Walsh once again, and then head off to bed and steal SwampMan’s blankets.

  31. I could not imagine being in the military and having Edwards as Commander in Chief. Scary!

  32. […] when one of the front-runners of the liberal party doubts even the existence of of the enemy, you begin to understand that the […]

  33. […] when one of the front-runners of the liberal party doubts even the existence of of the enemy, you begin to understand that the […]

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