CREW takes down DiFi thread — updated and moved to the top

CREW: Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington uses high-impact legal actions to target government officials who sacrifice the common good to special interests, or, so states the website’s self-description.

After leading the charge along with the NYT against Mark Foley (R-FL), it must have come as quite a shock to the radical left to see a popular Democrat come into CREW’s cross-hairs in a January 25 expose of the Feinstein – MILCON scandal. Still, CREW stood by their story, which was linked or referenced by scores of conservative websites.

difi.jpgSo what changed? It’s not like anyone really believed that the Soros-funded “CREW” was anything but a partisan hit site. Maybe it’s a testament to the Digg Effect. Four days after the CREW article was posted on Digg, and some 900 diggs, the thread disappeared. Only Melanie Sloan knows for sure. Perhaps Sloan, a Democrat activist lawyer, decided that being true to her Democrat roots is more important than the high-minded mission statement of supporting ethics in government.

Here is the Google cache of the original story.

How long will the MSM continue to ignore this important story? As long as they can, of course.

As usual, the New Media is taking point: Nuke’s bookmarks on the DiFi mess…….

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UPDATE: Blogger P911 drops by and makes this observation:

”I wouldn’t be surprised if that cache disappeared, one dark and stormy night.”

It’s gone, Jim…

Yup, it’s gone. It never existed. Melanie Sloan has some explaining to do.

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