Secrets of the Universe Explained….


Yo, folks, vimto is getting his head back after being hounded by the black dog. Hope to post more regualarly and contribute to the threads! Regards.

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  1. Yo vimto!
    Good to see you post, bud.
    Of course your clock and mine don’t see the world quite the same, I’m cashin’in my chips, and your just hitting the table.
    Let us know if Paris is burning. Gotta hit the bunk.
    Hey…check out the sounds in this link at #16, and this one at #2.
    I love pipe music.

  2. Will do N2L – I’m on your nightshift (as it were). Sleep well.

  3. D’OH! N2L didn’t tell me anybody was upstairs, and I’ve just been listening to music all evening. Greetings, Vimto, and hope you took a stick to the black dog and then put him in the dog house.

  4. I can never get enough of your toons Vimto. Always spot on!
    Good to see you posting again. 🙂

  5. You can see pictures and videos of “French” violence at No Pasaran.

  6. Thanks for the link, Swamps.
    For some reason, I never think to check No Pasaran regularly.

  7. So many (good) blogs, so little time.

  8. Yessum’.

  9. And via Instapundit, an interesting article from the WAPO about Bots on the Ground, about man/machine interaction.

  10. Glad to see that living in the big city has not impaired your memory about the proper form of address.

  11. New Horizons Jupiter photos are now online; here’s a picture of the “little red spot which is only 70% the size of the earth.

    /Well, it IS the secrets of the universe explained thread.

  12. It breaks my heart that I will never be able to personally gaze upon things like this.

  13. Never been much of a star gazer myself.
    I never even of think about them, actually.
    I do remember once, a bud and I were walking from the base, after seeing a movie, and he asked if I knew the constellations. I said no, but I did know where the North Star was, and when I looked up, which I seldom do, I couldn’t believe my eyes. We were near the equator, and I had never noticed it, but the Milky Way was right on top of us. I had to sit down and just look for awhile.
    My normal mode, is too keep my head on a swivel, not looking up.

  14. But…you’re in Texas! You have endless horizons to look at the stars; whereas here in Florida, the view of the stars is limited to directly overhead unless one is at the beach. Oh, nevermind, I’m thinking of west Texas.

  15. Scary things at Junkfood Science: Teaching our Children with Care. The article starts out with misinformation about feeding infants in which a vegan couple starves their infant to death by giving it a diet of soymilk and apple juice (this is not the first time this has happened, sadly) and looks at some of the misinformation that is being promulgated to school-age kids through the schools via PETA.

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