George Soros Is A Pimp, And Leftists Are His Crack’Ho’s!

First a short list of some of the lefturd groups this America Hater funds.
America Coming Together
Center for American Progress(*Clinton White House In Waiting*)
Open Society Institute
Tides Foundation
HELP Network
SAFE Colorado
Campaign For A Progressive Future
Million Mom March
Collaborative for Gun Violence Prevention
Media Matters
American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Research Institute
La Raza
Drug Policy Alliance

That’s not a complete list, but it gives you an idea of the diversity of his funding for groups that ultimately are chipping away at the very foundation of our great nation. Of course Georgie Boy has his own idea of what America should be like in his evil twisted brain and he is prepared to spend a considerable amount of his ill gotten gain to accomplish it. Fortunately for us, his bizarre view of America isn’t shared by the majority of Americans, a fact that surely frustrates him, but doesn’t deter him from trying.

How about some of Georgie Boy’s quotes and observations, from this convicted felon?

“challenge the very concept of the ‘war on terror.’”

“The absurdity of its illegality has been clear to me for some time. I learned about pot from my kids and realized it was a lot better than Scotch, and I loved the Scotch. Then I went to my doctor, and he said, ‘I’m thrilled. You’re drinking too much. You’re much better off doing pot than drinking.’”

“It is the central focus of my life,” Soros told the Democrat pressure group on Monday. The Washington Post quoted him as saying that ending Bush’s presidency was for him “a matter of life and death.”

“America, under Bush, is a danger to the world,” said the Hungarian emigre, who survived the National Socialists’ occupation. “And I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.”

With his tentacles extending into so many areas of our daily life of course he has even corrupted, most likely willingly, news organizations of print and electronics, as well as the UN and apparently many Democrats in Congress. I found an informative article on the ongoing problems at the World Bank, that appeared 9 May 07, which exposed an individual with a corrupt past as Kofi Annan’s right hand man. He is being considered for the World Bank Presidency, as soon as the current President, Paul Wolfowitz, is railroaded out and he is a current Vice President for Georgie Boy’s Quantum Fund. What I find not too surprising, and I can’t consider it a coincidence, is that on the same date a letter was issued by four U.S. Senators to President Bush, with a veiled request for President Bush to remove or request the resignation of Mr. Wolfowitz. Please note how closely the issues mentioned in the Opinion Journal article, and the Senators letter are in spirit and tone.

Those Senators were Harry Reid, Dick Durbn, Patty Murray, and Chuck Schumer. When the pimp says jump, his crack ho’s set national records.

Considering how strongly the lefturd congress critters are influenced by the screeching and wailings of the crowd, there are actually quite a few that are influenced indirectly by Georgie’s funds and of course we have to mention the Queen of congressional corruption, the custodian of the congressional pig farm, Nancy Pelosi.
Other politicians that have received, or are receiving, donations from Georgie Boy are:

John Kerry, Wesley Clark, Senator Bob Graham, Howard Dean, Tom Daschle, Carl Levin, John Corzine, Mary Landrieu, Debbie Stabenow, Charles Schumer, Joseph Biden, Patrick Leahy, Paul Sarbanes, Thomas Harkin, Barak Obama, and Barbara Boxer. In 2002, Soros funded Al Gore for president and contributed $153,000 in “soft money” to the Democratic National Committee.

For a closer look at Georgie Boy and his ongoing attempts to accomplish his crowning achievement, the complete and total destruction of America, I highly recommend reading the lengthy article, The Hidden Soros Agenda: Drugs, Money, the Media, and Political Power.
One thing I should mention, in gathering info for this post and clicking on links to many articles about Georgie the Pimp, I found it interesting how many “page not found” statements came up.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be. Pimps are known for aggressively pursuing their own interests.

Additional links:
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‘Factor Investigation’: George Soros

John Edwards Is Also A Hedgehog. *Must read*

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  1. speaking of the pimp — this is pretty weird, but in a good way.
    The Google cache of the CREW-Feinstein scandal has mysteriously RE-appeared, Heh.
    so naturally, I saved a screenshot of the whole thang.

  2. Really?
    That’s really surprising!

  3. Dang, n2L, nobody can ever call you stingy with links.

  4. a little on the small side, eh?
    Haven’t been grocery shopping this week, and those sausages look gooooooood

  5. Dangit, n2L! SwampMan pulled me down on the couch with him when I was headed out the door to exercise, and would not let me go! Then he ordered General Tso’s chicken.

    /I can feel the fat cells chortling with glee right now.

  6. And what did he order the General’s chicken to do?

    Yeah, I might have to get some Earl Campbell’s Hot Links at the store tomorrow.

  7. I get the impression they ain’t the steroid shriveled variety

  8. Henh.
    You are sticking to the pimp meme, ain’t’cha?
    I ran into Ol #34 once…literally!
    I was attending UT-Austin, after my discharge from the USAF. One day, after my early morning racquetball session, all showered and still with wet hair, I was almost late for my first class. I’m running down the hall, and there is this one short, stocky guy standing in the middle of the hall, doing 360’s, looking at all the classroom numbers. I tried to go right, then left, then right, then…splat! I literally ran into him, and looked down, and recognized him, even with his pot-smoking bloodshot eyes, at 8a.m. This was the first semester after his sensational rookie year.

  9. Yeah, leftards are only concerned with the important things, while they are Trivializing National Security.

    I understand many terrorists claim a special hot-line to God, but to date I have yet to see any evidence of a connection. So let me get this straight, Democrats believe there is a link between terrorists and global warming but not Al Qa’eda and Iraq. And those Chlorine Bombs they are now blowing up in Iraq, no they’re not WMD.
    Unless and until the Democrats can escape from the thrall of their special interests, they will remain unqualified to run the nation’s national security.

  10. Noon update: The Bugaboo fire that started from a lightning strike in the Okefenokee burned 60,000 acres in one day (88,000 acres in Florida so far) and is headed to Lake City. All schools in Columbia county have been emergently closed at noon. SR 441 is closed. Police are on I-10 in preparation to close it when the fire gets closer. All available firefighters from throughout the state are gathered in Lake City in order to save as many homes as possible. The fire is completely uncontained.

  11. Meanwhile, the news is all over a 4,000 acre fire on an island off California’s coast.

  12. Awww, dangit, the photos of Lake City at midday yesterday were lost in the web.

  13. Pictures of Lake City at mid-day yesterday. (And it was a bright, sunny day.)

  14. Every single freakin’ news report here is careful to issue the following CAIR blurb:

    Meanwhile, the Council on American-Islamic Relations says Florida Muslims are offering special prayers for rains at mosques on their religion’s day of rest.

    and, of course, you know what the average reaction to THAT is.

  15. “I am your nurse… and you are my hospital.”
    Raymond Stolp, 2003

  16. […] last quote is more accurately applied to the Soros cabal, and the numerous prevaricators on his pay […]

  17. […] last quote is more accurately applied to the Soros cabal, and the numerous prevaricators on his pay […]

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