Chavez compares colonization to Holocaust, demands apology from Pope

carichavez.gifCaracas, Venezuela. Friday evening, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez asked Pope Benedict XVI to apologise to Amerindians. During his official visit to Brazil last week, the Pontiff said colonization of the Americas involved no transgression to local Amerindians and their culture. Claiming his Amerindian origins, President Chávez took offence and compared colonization to the Holocaust. (h/t Rahul)

Acutually, I think Rahul was being somewhat generous to Commandante Chavez in limiting his criticism to the Holocaust comparison.

Chavez also had some choice words for the Catholic Church….

Finalizó el mandatario venezolano asegurando que Cristo llegó mucho después a América y no con Cristóbal Colón. «Con Colón llegó el anticristo», dijo.

My Spanish is rusty, and perhaps y’all might fix a word or two, but the gist of this is…

“Finally, the venezuelan commander assured that Christ didn’t arrive in America with Christopher Columbus. With Columbus, the anti-Christ arrived”.

(Caricature by Cox & Forum)

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