Chavez compares colonization to Holocaust, demands apology from Pope

carichavez.gifCaracas, Venezuela. Friday evening, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez asked Pope Benedict XVI to apologise to Amerindians. During his official visit to Brazil last week, the Pontiff said colonization of the Americas involved no transgression to local Amerindians and their culture. Claiming his Amerindian origins, President Chávez took offence and compared colonization to the Holocaust. (h/t Rahul)

Acutually, I think Rahul was being somewhat generous to Commandante Chavez in limiting his criticism to the Holocaust comparison.

Chavez also had some choice words for the Catholic Church….

Finalizó el mandatario venezolano asegurando que Cristo llegó mucho después a América y no con Cristóbal Colón. «Con Colón llegó el anticristo», dijo.

My Spanish is rusty, and perhaps y’all might fix a word or two, but the gist of this is…

“Finally, the venezuelan commander assured that Christ didn’t arrive in America with Christopher Columbus. With Columbus, the anti-Christ arrived”.

(Caricature by Cox & Forum)

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64 Responses

  1. It’s bad enough that he’s egomaniacal.
    But the worst part is, he’s a communist.
    Communist Cannot Be Trusted!!!

  2. I suppose he believes cutting out a beating heart and offering it to the gods was the way to go. The got back at us……Syphilis

  3. I think the pope should apologize. Right after the arabs apologize for North Africa, the Holy Land, and parts of europe. Right after China apologizes for Tibet. Right after Rome apologizes for Carthage. I could go on, but…
    These trans-century apologies, made popular by billy clinton’s apology for slavery are worthless, arrogant, and belong in the category called “so what?”

  4. Shouldn’t Hugo be apologizing for the property that he has stolen, for the people that he has had killed and imprisoned?

  5. Yes.
    thank you Jimmy Carter

  6. nuke, please add a sarc tag when you say something like that, makes my salmon croquets get all polymer and shiite.

  7. A few things I’ve been reading.
    Were Dems negotiating with terrorists?
    Getting It Right.
    The writer seems to be a very calm individual.

    Bush’s Exit Strategy In Iraq Is Victory.
    This one is most excellent.

  8. And this one, I thought about making a thread about it, as it such a great story, and long article. I’ve never heard of this woman, but I have now.

    The power of the pen, and the sword of Islam.

  9. Yep. Dems (and some Repubs) have forgotten that this is going to be a long-term struggle.

  10. I think the pope should apologize. Right after the arabs apologize for North Africa, the Holy Land, and parts of europe. Right after China apologizes for Tibet. Right after Rome apologizes for Carthage…Amen Nuke!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Gonna have to wait and see Swampie.
    They are trying to put a funnel in our mouths and force it in. They are pushing for a fast vote early this week. That’s the first thing that has to be stopped procedurely.
    By by-passing sub and committee processes, and going through secret negotiations with the White House, there has been no public debate, and if they push it for a fast vote, there won’t be any on the Senate floor. While many are scrambling to read the entire thing, I doubt anyone has yet, and some don’t care, like McCain. They just want to vote, consequences be damned. It’s a compromise!

  12. Nonie is a very brave woman. It takes a lot of courage to completely turn your back on the past and your family.

  13. Well, I suppose labor is salivating over the thought of getting new blood into the unions, but I don’t think it’s gonna be a good thing for wages.

  14. This is going to hurt the lower income workers the most, the kind that the democrats are always championing.

  15. Some low-skill jobs that you wouldn’t think were able to be outsourced are. Hunh.

  16. D’OH! How’d I get stuck in the web again?


  18. What? Ordering a pizza to be delivered by hookers again, huh?

  19. No’am.
    Talking to a new resident of Texas, of the military persuasion.

  20. If this works out then ol’ Hugo’s oil revenues will go *poof* just like northeast Florida.

  21. If that new resident is of the ex-military persuasion, tell him “hey” for me.

  22. Yeah, it was reaganite, but we were off the phone before I got your post.
    I keep telling him to drop by, but they are keeping him busy, and they are still settling in.

    Interesting story on the compressed air car.

  23. BRB, dirty kitchen beckons.

  24. Heh. Dirty kitchens do not beckon me.

  25. I was reading about the compressed air car and thinking about whether I could put a big door in to drive it straight into the house and let the cold air ‘exhaust’ of 0 to -15 (probably C and not F) cool everything down on a hot summer day.

    SwampMan had to effect a vehicle repair for me again tonight; I sort of smashed the flywheel dust cover into the flywheel again. He just shook his head and was muttering things about “most people go their entire lives without smashing that but noooooo, this is the second time for you in a year”, and “Only YOU could have done this. Nobody else but you.”

    Guess that makes me special.

    Told him I guess that meant I needed a higher truck.

  26. that’s a mighty cold exhaust pipe.

  27. No, that means you need a six or eight inch lift kit.

    Wonder if it blows ice chunks at tailgaters?

  28. I think they’ve come up with the answer to Gorebal Warming™.

  29. Hey, if only it (blow out ice chunks). Keep my Diet Coke™ nice and chilly.

  30. No, but see, the gorebal warming screechers have that one covered…WE ALL GONNA DIE! Gorebal warming leads to gorebal cooling, either way they have their religious foundation covered, and our doom is sealed.

  31. Huh. So, if Al Qaeda targets everybody because there are no innocent people, what is the point again?

  32. Of course, silly me, the point would be money, power, riches, and them in control until somebody even more filled with the holy spirit of jihad came along.

  33. The point is, he is a sick bastid following a belief system that can be interpreted to mean, in Dar as Harb, no one is innocent.
    Let me give you a piece of an email from my buddy in Iraq, that describes what is going on with the islamonazis.

    they have been brainwashed, they are stupid idiot, do you know what they want now, they tell people if you have a donkey and you want to keep the donkey you have to cover their private, or you will be killed, if you smoke we cut your finger, if you work with American we kill you, while back one of these stupid was captured and bodily wounded, he was begging to translator to tell American to kill him so could go have lunch with profit Muhammad, and after few days he recover from his wound he ask the same translator were he was, he was completely different person, he was surprise the way he been treated,

  34. sounds like the sicko was drugged.

  35. That’s what they do to them. Get them drugged up real good, work them into an islamic mantra fervor, and send them out to get their dark-eyed ho’s.

  36. I guess blue-eyed hos are safe, huh?

  37. I’m starting to nod off. Rack time. Nite yall

  38. G’night, Nuke!

    I did not get my full exercise time in at the track on account of the policeman showing up again and threatening me with bodily harm if he caught me out there after dark. I do not recall taking applications for a personal bodyguard but they appoint themselves anyway.

  39. Night nuke.

    Yeah, can’t have any infidels in Ol’Moh’s paradise.

    Global warming debunked.

    Man’s contribution to the greenhouse gases was so small we couldn’t change the climate if we tried, he maintained.

    “We’re all going to survive this. It’s all going to be a joke in five years,” he said.

    Preaching to the choir, brudder man, but glad you said it.

  40. Dang, swampie, you got a pasture out there, why do you need the track?

  41. It’s easier to see the rattlesnakes on the asphalt.

  42. If people would just LOOK at the actual numbers and the percentage of CO2 contributions by humans, they would know that global warming is just so much bullsh**. Are people just innumerate, or too lazy to look up the facts and content to get it from “documentaries” such as those Al Gore puts out?

  43. That way they don’t have to think, algore and his co-conspirators do it for them, in an easy to follow video presentation.
    Non-thinking 101.

  44. I’m not surprised at Hollyweird for becoming dvotees of the religion of Gorebal Warming, but there are people with actual degrees that are True Believers!

  45. I know, I know. Many (most?) of the classes you are forced to take for a degree are crap.

  46. Well, yeah, but there’s a funny dichotomy.
    Sheryl “Stinky” Crow, and that other woman on the high emission national tour to Stop Gorebal Warming, are real quick to repeat the mantra of gore and his cronies, that the dissenters to their new religion are scientist funded by Big Oil. (cue scary music)
    My question about the *peer reviewed* scientist that support the alarmist is, who funds them? And what of the grantsmanship process, do they have to show a certain…say, proclivity?

  47. But…but….that’s different.

    /Not really, but you know the mindset.

  48. I am not going to listen to anybody preaching the gospel of global warming that uses more resources and more fossil fuels in a year than I will in a lifetime.

  49. And Big Pharmacy is ruthlessly suppressing herbal cures for cancer.

  50. I know the mindset, they think their intentions trump reason.

    Border agents oppose shamnesty bill.

  51. They SHOULD oppose the bill. Good grief, have those people in D.C. completely lost their minds? Yeah, rewarding lawbreakers, that’s definitely going to discourage lawbreaking, uh huh. Geez. Giving the doggie a treat every time he poops on the carpet while simultaneously saying “bad doggie” is a recipe for frequent carpet replacement.

  52. I keep hearing people saying “we can’t round up 12 million illegals”. Well, yes you can, if you actually do something called “enforce the laws”.

  53. I’m getting a bit heavy-eyed, too, so I’ll wish you good night and Robert D, if you come in later, good night to you, too.

  54. If they can do zero tolerance on seat belts, they can danged sure round up illegals. I heard one economist on the radio the other day say, the number is probably more like 33million.

  55. See ya’ smokie Swampie.

  56. Oh, and as far global warming, the temperature is 53 freakin’ degrees. In Florida. In May.

  57. I’m going to go along with the economist you heard. The small towns throughout the southeast are populated by Mexicans. There are thousands of students in the school system that do not speak English. When I moved here from El Paso many, many years ago, there were NONE.

  58. Yep, it’s an all out invasion, and barely a shot is being fired in defense of our way of life.

  59. I’m really torn apart on this. I know that there are many indigenous people native to Central and South American countries living illegally in Florida picking oranges after governmental forces in their own countries tried to kill them. Had they even tried to apply for asylum/immigration and waited the requisite period, they and their families would be dead. I know that there are many people here that have fled from the violence/drug wars in Mexico. The majority of these people are good, hard-working citizens.

    It is the people that are not that I am worried about. We have GOT to get a grip on the borders.

    It also aggravates me no end for the illegal aliens to be complaining about their constitutional “rights”. People, you don’t have any because, guess what, you aren’t a citizen and are here illegally.

  60. […] Related matters: Chavez demands apology from Pope. […]

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