She knows how to use it

A woman called 911 Thursday to report seeing a man enter the Chestnut Professional Building with what appeared to be an assault rifle, leading to a major police action that included several blocks being barricaded, the Bellingham Herald reported Friday.

The building was evacuated and the woman who phoned the police was called in when no suspect was found. She identified the office worker she had seen carrying the object into the building and the object was revealed to be a prosthetic leg, the newspaper said. source UPI

This is your combination Memorial Day Weekend — — World Famous Friday Open Thread.

Your comments are welcome here, as are your links, videos, snark, rants, raves, tributes, news flashes and brain farts.

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DHS approved Sanctuary Thread!

Update:  I got a hat tip at The Six Meat Buffet!

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  1. You mean I can commit crimes on all the other threads and seek sanctuary here? Great!

    I’m declaring this thread a tax-free zone as well.

  2. Since this is a sanctuary thread and I’m under the protection of the DHS, this calls for some Dancing Bollywood Cowboys!

  3. The feed store is getting some grass hay in from out of state, only 100 bales (which people were lining up for this morning and it was two hours late) and selling for $9 a bale. They asked me if I wanted some. Nah, I’ll just take the machete and go out into the woods and chop brush for the sheep and try to avoid the hornets, wasps, killer bees, fire ants, and snakes because I have insurance! What a lovely feeling.

  4. Dems: Fight Over Iraq War Has Just Begun

    Shouldn’t that be “discussion”? Because fights are all, like, violent and stuff.

  5. “The drought has forced state officials to restrict when residents can water their lawns – limiting it to early mornings on alternating days. Some cities, including Atlanta, have gone a step further, ordering residents to water lawns, wash cars and restrict other outdoor use to one day a week.”
    Daaang, I’d hate to live there. You gotta wash your car once a week.

  6. Well, just park your car on the lawn and kill two birds with one hose.

  7. I was amused that neighbors are narking each other out and the city if cutting off the water to the scofflaws.

  8. Oops. Is.

    Male astronaut in love triangle is leaving NASA. How many people couldn’t see THAT coming?

  9. Nowak will be immortalized as the astronaut who wore the diaper.
    whassup with this GA Congresscritter?
    U.S. Rep. David Scott has used his campaign account to pay more than $500,000 to four family members and his family’s business, according to an investigation by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

  10. So the theme of the thread, and the woman in the pic, are a cautionary tale?
    Never heard anyone tell a woman “watch where you point that thing.”

    Speaking of which, don’t ever put yourself in the sights of The Anchoress.

  11. She nailed it

  12. She cuts like a knife, don’t she?
    You ever see Rosie without make-up?
    It ain’t pretty!

  13. hehehehehee

  14. She looks ready for GITMO, don’t she?

    File this one under…Doing jobs that Americans can’t or won’t do.

  15. that’s just an example of horizontal diversification.

  16. Well then, I don’t like what I see in the horizon.

  17. Night nuke.
    Long busy week is over, and can relax a little for a few days…after running errands in the morning, and getting ready for the Monday BBQ.
    I’m planning a post for Monday, for two old friends who are engraved on The Wall.

  18. Now, now, where’s your entrepreneurial spirit? The kiddies were probably buyin’ that for their parent.

  19. Mmmmm, dang, N2L. Y’all be good.

  20. I look forward to reading it.
    I’ll be out of town tomorrow, and perhaps most of Sunday. We had another death in the family. My uncle, a retired Methodist minister, and a wonderful man, passed away late Thursday night. We’re sure going to miss him.
    G-nite y’all.

  21. Geez, y’all are always goin’ away and leaving me by myself. Maybe I should switch to an extra-strength antiperspirant.

  22. Didn’t mean to do it, Swampie.
    Just a little action packed this week. You’ll be sick of me by the end of the long weekend.

    Sorry to hear of your loss, nuke.
    I’ll keep an extra eye on the filter today.

    11 yr old boy kills GIANT wild hog. The picture is unbelievable.

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