Moral equivalency at UPI

I ran across this article on the UPI site

How much difference is there really, then, between members of the Christian Right who justify the bombing of abortion clinics and Islamic extremists who are ready to justify suicide bombing?

Oh, give me a break.

So, tell us UPI, is there really any difference between members of the Western Press and Soviet-era media organs like Pravda, or contemporary agenda journalism as practiced by al-Jazeera?

Devout belief of any kind is a two-edged sword. It offers believers a sense of identity and community and gives them meaning and purpose in what is unquestionably a chaotic and overwhelming world. Yet throughout history, religion has also been a major source of human conflict. How many more lives will the “virtuous” claim as they do what they consider God’s work?

The sad truth is that the author of this wretched piece of moral equivalency probably “feels” like he is taking an unbiased look at both Christianity and Islam.

Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's OasisIt is useless to confront him with facts — because facts conflict with his world view. But, if the Pravda or al-Jazeera comparisons fail to get his attention, perhaps comparing the Unibomber, modern-day eco-terrorism, or the writings of Al Gore with the suicide/homocide extremism of the Islamic supremists might serve the purpose.

related, Doug Ross: If it bleeds, it leads, except when it comes to alQaeda

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33 Responses

  1. Heh. UPI isn’t comparing apples and oranges, they’re comparing apples and goldfish. They’re both similar, you see, because they are carbon-based life forms.

    I suspect those that have no moral values can’t stand it that there are people that do.

  2. How about UPI and NAMBLA? After all, both are organizations that do not believe in traditional moral values.

  3. you must be a homophobe. Language like that should be a hate crime.

  4. Perhaps I’m being a dolt, but what did I miss here? What facts exactly conflict with the author’s world view? Throughout history has religion not been a major source of human conflict?

    And how much difference is there in the mindset of those who justify bombing abortion clinics and those who justify suicide bombing, other than the obvious fact that the latter is much more widespread these days? Abortion disgusts me, but the bombing of abortion clinics disgusts me more. Extremism is extremism, no?

    I’m 100% in agreement with what Doug Ross has to say in his article, though. Thanks for that link.

  5. You’re not being a dolt, you have simply accepted the premise of the argument without questioning its validity.
    The author uses the politically descriptive phrase “Christian Right” as being the bogeyman for this false comparison.
    I know of NO ONE in the Christian Right who advocates bombing abortion clinics.
    If you know of anyone, please report them to the FBI.

  6. Exactly.

  7. Oh, I see what the problem is, the author just needs a little guidance.
    Here…let me help him with that.

    Devout belief of any kind non-belief is a two-edged dull sword. It offers nonbelievers a no sense of identity and community and gives them no meaning and or purpose in what is unquestionably often a chaotic and overwhelming world. Yet throughout history, religion Godless egomaniacs has have also been a major source of human conflict. How many more lives will the “virtuous” “Godless” claim as they do what they consider God’s their best work?

    Glad to help.

  8. An article describing bombings & shootings years ago at abortion clinics by extremists including a group called “Army of God” at this link:

    I think the writer’s just trying to find a way to say that whenever a person uses a religion as a reason to kill people, that’s really screwed up. Granted, beyond islam these days you don’t find a lot of violence in religion, so he was probably grabbing at straws to find a comparison in some other religion.

  9. nuke: That’s true, “Christian extremists” is the term he should have used. Then the comparison becomes fair since those who advocate violence on abortion clinics do generally adhere to the Christian faith. Eric Rudolph, Paul Hill, and others like them quote scripture from the Bible in defense of their actions all day long, and some have even been Christian ministers.

    bgg: I agree.

  10. I think you are being very generous to this writer, BGG. He is a regular editorial contributor for UPI, and an author of some type of metaphysical mumbo-jumbo, who in my opinion is taking a cheap shot at Christian conservatives.

    He can’t back up what he’s saying with facts, period.

    My blog links to his editoral. If he wants to come over and defend the indefensible, then, bring it on.

  11. Eric Rudolph and Paul Hill are not part of the Christian Right. You know that.
    And yet you would use this obfuscation to offer a defense for a professional writer, a wordsmith, for whom it is doubtful did not choose to say “Christian Right” without aforethought…if not malice, as well.

    I am offended.

  12. Don’t mean to offend. I know hardly anything about the writer nor about UPI. I have no interest in defending them. Actually, looking at his writing a bit more closely, I’m inclined to agree with what you say about it being mumbo-jumbo metaphysical slop.

    Are there any facts we disagree on? I’ve acknowledged your point about the writer’s poor word choice, whether done with malice or not being a question I’ll leave alone. (although I don’t understand how it is possible for any author to feel he is being unbiased at the same time that he is taking a cheap shot. One or the other, right?)

  13. point taken. 🙂

  14. Right on target, again Nuke, my friend. It’s the liberal media bias such as UPI, AP and the major metro papers like the SF Chronicle,

  15. Kharma Awakens.
    No, it ain’t metaphysical. It’s another installment from JD Johannes at Outside the Wire, and it’s gooood!

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  17. oh yay here we go again with the moral equivalencies!…how pathetic.

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