JFK Jihad

By now, you’ve heard or read about the thwarted JFK Airport terror attack.

Here is a summary of the events of the day.

Four people have been charged. Three suspects are in custody: Russell Defreitas, Kareem Ibrihim and Abdul Kadir. Another suspect, Abdul Nur is still at large.

I heard one of the talking heads on Fox saying that Russell Defreitas’ daughter had called the network to say that her father was innocent, and the only reason he was being singled out is because he’s a muslim.

Gee. He’s a muslim? I wouldn’t have guessed that in a gazillion years.

Zot goes the fully inclusive society.


June swoon

J.F. Kerry’s priceless pronouncement during the 2004 campaign of voting for the $87 billion before voting against it is one of the great moments in Democrat Presidential politics. It ranks right up there with Mike Dukakis’ tank photo, and Albert Gore’s semi-claim of having invented the internet.

Everybody has had those types of moments in their lives; the memories of which make you cringe. Fortunately for the rest of us, we do not have to endure the unforgiving glare of the political spotlight.

John Edwards had one of those moments this week. So did Hillary Clinton and Chris Dodd. They just don’t know it yet.

In their mad dash to court the anti-war sentiment of the leftwingers, all three candidates made a stunning confession that plays well for primary voters, but will certainly come back to haunt them as the Democrat nominee. And, it all centers around the Iraq War Resolution .

The government’s most comprehensive intelligence assessment of Iraq’s prewar capability for unconventional weapons, the Classified National Intelligence Estimate was made available to the Senate during the debate. All three Democrat Presidential contenders admitted this week that they voted for the Resolution without even having read the NIE. Facing the most important and solemn vote of their Senatorial careers, they didn’t even bother to read the classified documents. In John Edwards’ case, he actually claimed that he DID read the documents, but that claim was quickly retracted by his campaign staff.

These candidates are claiming to be ignorant, so they can placate the anti-war left, and maintain the fantasy that somehow they were “misled”. Willful ignorance will be difficult to explain in a general election which will have National Security as the leading issue.

It must be particularly galling to Mrs. Clinton. Her title as Smartest Woman In The World suffered an additional body blow on the Today show when Carl Bernstein revealed that she flunked the DC Bar exam.

Barack Obama can be forgiven for not reading the NIE. As a member of the Illinois state assembly, he would not have had the necessary security clearance to see it. Mr. Obama’s problem remains his lack of gravitas.

So, there you have the Democratic field for the 2008 campaign. Ignorant or inexperienced. It’s still very early in the campaign season, and anything can happen. I continue to believe Hillary’s going to win the nomination, but who knows? Albert Gore may end up being the last man standing.

Link- NYT: Aide says Edwards misspoke

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