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  1. Henh.
    Morning vimto.
    I guess it’s time to post this.

  2. That’s a chuckle. Is it a bumper sticker? How the heck do you keep all this stuff in your head?

  3. It could be a sticker, or a shirt, or a mantra.
    Hey…my head is filled with all sorts of things.
    /so is my ‘puter

  4. Good morning, Vimto! I wonder if that “all in this together” schtick refers to her and all of Bill’s Babes? I think that if she becomes President they should all be afraid, very afraid.

  5. Morning swanpwoman – though the evening is wearing thin over here. I see Paris will have her cellmates vetted so they won’t cash in.
    3 qusetions – why should that happen?
    will they find anyone?
    why shouldn’t they cash in when their terms done? If poverty causes crime there’s one babe who will go straight!

    Perverse thoughts. Must stop them my preciouses.

  6. In the spirit of “all in this together”, maybe the House and Senate can all get together and have a big bipartisan group hug before passing any legislation.

    “Hi! I’m Summer, and I’m your GS-14 coordinator for group hugs from the Pentagram at the Department of Peace to lead you through the procedures for conducting a group hug to promote peace and understanding. Before we begin, does anybody have any questions?”

    “No, Senator Kennedy, you absolutely cannot hug the pages instead.”

    “No, Senator Clinton, you cannot order the Secret Service to shoot anybody that attempts to hug you. Yes, you actually have to touch somebody, icky though it may be. Yes, you can wear gloves.”

    “Senator Edwards, you cannot sue no matter how badly your hair may have gotten mussed. Yes, I know how much a good hair style costs.”

    “Senator Obama, giving Senator Edwards a noogie does not count as a hug.”

    “No, Senator Kerry, even though you sustained a paper cut from papers Senator McCain was carrying, that does not qualify as “wounded in a hostile action” and no purple hearts will be awarded.”

    “Congresswoman Pelosi, NOBODY said anything about drum circles, chanting, or nudity. Please put your clothes on, the drum down, and stop calling on The Great Mother to smite Republicans.”

    “Senator Murtha, hugs are not counted as torture, even though Marines may have done some hugging in Iraq.”

    “Senator Byrd, that was a group hug before legislation, not urination. Send somebody for the cleaning crew.”

  7. So, basically Paris’ cellmates can’t be criminals, but must be law-abiding citizens?

  8. Perhaps Paris is afraid that somebody will ruin the mystique. Pictures of her engaging in sexual acts are okay, but pictures of her tidying up the cell? Not good for the image.

  9. My, my, swampwoman – cynical is NOT the word!!!

  10. Nuke, n2l – The Blues: an Islamic history.

    1. Burqua White.

    any others?

  11. Ooooh, I’ll play! How about Bloody Waters?

  12. And here’s a blues song to get the evening started.

  13. I kinda prefer Sheep Go to Heaven.

  14. A friend of mine has 4 daughters. She was telling me that their weekends were spent going from one to another daughter’s place making repairs, because the son-in-laws were incapable of doing any type of automotive repair, house repair, etc. She said they could not do anything except work in an office.

    I had a hard time believing this until our daughter got married. There must be a whole generation of men that have no clue about how to do wiring, plumbing, or automotive repairs.

  15. As long as I kill the bugs, I can fake it on the rest of that stuff.

  16. Well, if you can afford to hire people to do that sort repairs, that’s okay and a much better use of your time. What isn’t okay is if you are broke and clueless.

  17. What’s even more disturbing is their lack of interest in learning how.
    I don’t know diddly about plumbing, but I could learn, should the need arise. Don’t know how to frame up a house, set up cement forms, or put on a roof, but how hard can it actually be, if you want to learn.
    I can turn a wrench okay, but don’t have the tools for alot of stuff that I could do, and am still apprehensive about tearing into a tranny.
    /but I could learn

  18. Any rain Swampie?

  19. Yes, we did get some! There are actual mud puddles on the ground.

  20. Have y’all heard about the new search engine?
    Here’s the story, and here’s their link.

  21. WHOO-HOO!!

  22. Just got hit by a wave of ‘puny’ again.
    Back after a while.

  23. Was the WhooHoo for getting hit with an attack of puny?

  24. I’d be very happy to have an alternative to google. Hope it works.

  25. Have y’all been watching the G-8 idiocy in Germany?

  26. I bid you goodnight.
    Still not feeling well.

  27. G’night, n2L. Hope you wake up well in the morning.

    In the meantime, I was just outside. You know what smells worse than 900 square miles of forest burning? 900 square miles of damp forest burning. I may have to close the windows and turn on the A/C tomorrow because I don’t think I can take it (lungs feel “itchy” inside, coughing, and sneezing here).

  28. I was just at Junkfood Science reading about how a British woman was considered overweight (by 6 pounds!) and denied a hip replacement that she needed in order to be mobile and working due to cost cutting by the NHS. I do not want to have any part of medical care like that. Note: A size 14 (UK) is the same as a size 12 US.

  29. Nite n2l. Feel better soon, I hope

  30. Vimto, I hope you come around and read the story so you can comment. There are a surprising amount of Canadians that come down to the US when they need timely medical care.

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