Jailhouse Rock

WASHINGTON, June 4 — Representative William J. Jefferson of Louisiana is expected to be indicted on corruption charges this afternoon in connection with an inquiry that has yielded tales of cash stuffed into home freezers and financial transactions with several African countries.Evidence was being presented today to a federal grand jury in Alexandria, Va., in advance of a news conference at Justice Department headquarters in Washington, scheduled for mid-afternoon. At the news conference, Justice officials are expected to announce a multiple-count indictment against Mr. Jefferson, whose New Orleans constituents elected him to a ninth term last year despite the accusations swirling around him.

For Bill Jefferson and Paris Hilton, here’s a video dedication just for you!

h/t n2l

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  1. Hi Nuke – neat ‘double shuffle’ to get the King into this story!

    The guy can count himself lucky he don’t govern a province in China. ‘Bad Day at Hanging Rock’ would be more like it!

  2. thanks. I should mention the h/t to n2l for the video link!

  3. […] Brit and Grit have this too:) Hey, Nuke has the story at his place […]

  4. Hee-Hee!
    Just heard the House Ethics committee could meet as early as tomorrow to determine if “Icetray” Jefferson gets his walking papers.

    Jubilation time, nuke. I immediately thought of that song, and knowing you are such a fan of the King, it seemed a good fit.

    I couldn’t help but think that the pressure the Dhimmis have been putting on Gonzales, and many conservatives (like nuke) asking about this case, had something to do with the timing of the indictment.

  5. So what about The Swamp?
    I never watch CNN, but is this report indicative of the kind of work they are doing?
    Also, Let Freedom Ring has more on Rep. Obey.

  6. Talking about jail birds, just watched the show on Saddam on DTMS. It comes on again at 10 central.

  7. LOL..AH yes..and Pelosi supports him..blech!

  8. Google Street Views: Beltway Edition

    Google, in partnership with Immersive Media, has augmented its mapping service with street-level views. To achieve the effect, staffers drive vans around snapping pictures using special, 11-lens cameras…

  9. […] Brit and Grit have this too:) Hey, Nuke has the story at his place […]

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