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  1. Unfortunately, reporters do not ask Senator Clinton or indeed any of the Democratic candidates any difficult questions, probably for fear they would get an answer.

  2. The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit claiming Maricopa County officials have violated the rights of a quarantined tuberculosis patient for months by treating him like a criminal.

    This would be the patient who has a nearly untreatable and often fatal XDR tuberculosis that was placed in quarantine after he knowingly and repeatedly violated a house quarantine. My heart is breaking that he does not have the opportunity to pass the germ on to those whose immune systems may be compromised (whether by immune-suppressing drugs, debility, illness and debility, or age) and thereby killing them.

    And this case highlights that the ACLU does not care about the health and well-being of the general public and will go to great lengths to make sure that it is NOT protected.

  3. Dang, vimto. You’re getting all fancy with the interesting shades of color, outlines, and shading…nice touches.
    As for any reporter having the cajones to get in Shrillery’s face, need I remind you of three words? Fort Marcy Park.

    I’m waiting for a jubilee post from nuke, at any moment, concerning William “Icetray” Jefferson.
    May I recommend a classic for dedication?

  4. Hi – yes I’m trying to change the direction of Zot in the hope that it might hit new targets/customers.

    I want to draw a cast but at the moment Jahman seems to have the sardonic edge I’m lookin’ for.

    The drrwing is in pencil and colo(u)red with righ shades but very translucent. I think it works but I’d like any observations.

    One change is that given the new ‘continuity’ the toons cannot (in general) be a bizarre as they once were.

    Pip Pip!

  5. It looks good to me.

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