Roy Beck On U.S. Immigration

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Joe Beck is the executive director of Numbers USA. I encourage you to read about him and his organization first, before watching the video below. In my opinion, this gentleman doesn’t appear to have an axe to grind, other than the continued survival of this great nation. His demeanor, information, and tone are not inflammatory, but his presentation will most certainly raise your blood pressure, and hopefully your awareness of the situation we face as a nation.

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  1. There are a lot of people that can see what is happening and do not like it.

  2. Count me as one.
    I couldn’t believe, after seeing news clips, that McCain was going on about if someone has a better plan let’s see it.
    How about no new plans for a start, until the government shows it can actually enforce the laws already on the books.
    Mr. Beck’s presentation and visual aids are excellent. He wasn’t all foamy and frothy about the mouth, but very informative in his graphic depictions.
    I liked it.

  3. Hmmm.
    What would the news coverage be, if the Normandy Invasion occured today, not 63 years ago.
    D-Day:Crisis On Omaha.

  4. I was out riding around a lot today; I caught FDR’s speech on talk radio and reactions from some of the people that were there.

  5. (grin) I mean, the reactions of the people that heard it at home, and the recollections of people that were there. To hear somebody talking about it that experienced it first hand is very powerful.

  6. Exactly. The government needs to enforce the laws that were supposedly put in in place after the one time only amnesty, enforce those laws, and put a boot up the ass of “amnesty cities”.

  7. the amnesty fiasco sent me over the edgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…sorry..I’m too enraged to post something coherent Nukester.:)

  8. Heh. I’ve been frothing about it too, Angel.

  9. There are a lot of things that I’m frothing about. The ACLU defending freaks and criminalizing religious people and displays. People that work hard and sacrifice their lives for 80 hours a week for years nurturing and growing a business are to be penalized, while drug crack addicts are rewarded with social programs/free food/free housing. I’m tired of life style choices being called a “disease”.

  10. Now for some good to better news.

    Green Bay takes action against businesses that hire illegals.

    Yes, Immigration is about culture.

    Neglected truths of the Immigration debate.

    There’s a blog named ‘wehategringos’ that doesn’t like the nofreemustang site. Can’t imagine why.

  11. The western states are completely lost and anybody who tries to fight against the onslaught of illegals has a death wish because the government gives them the brass balls to spit in our faces. The best thing anybody could ever hope for is keeping this invasion contained to the southwest. The jokers in D.C. dont get it dont wanna get it and ain’t ever gonna get it.

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