Friday Nite Head-cuttin’

cooder and vai classic


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  1. …bet can’t play none neither…unh-HUNH!

  2. I’m not surprised, the sorry bastids.
    I refuse to buy any product from China…any!
    In case you haven’t seen what the Chi-Comms are doing with all the money they are making, take a peek at this.
    Does anyone really think such a massive and rapid military buildup is intended for anything other than aggressively pursuing and acquiring scarce resources?

  3. Hey gang. Just checking in so there’s no milk carton thing. Hope you are all well….

  4. Hey bud. Long time no see

  5. Hey Robert D.

  6. On the Chi-Comm thing: Everyone will be pushing the limits now. The freaking leftards have tried to show that we are cowards. Damn them to HELL….(I’ll check in tomorrow)

  7. Hey guys!!! It’s just my season to work, if I get on the computer, I get nothing done and no sleep. I wonder how Swamps does it. 🙂

  8. I think her secret is diet coke

  9. That must be it! Coffee and diet pepsi don’t work.

  10. Diet coke and sleep deprivation.
    That’s okay Robert D., just as long as you know you are a wimp, we can live with it. 🙄

  11. A man must know his limits…and Mrs. D would be real unhappy if the “puter” were to slow the paychecks.

  12. *ping-ping*
    This thing on?
    /did I kill the thread

  13. Henh…jus’messin’.
    If Momma ain’t happy…yada yada.
    Speakin’of Swampie, she’s been kind of scarce the past few days.

  14. It ain’t dead yet, but I’ve done all I can do. Later y’all.

  15. See ya’nuke.
    Sorry about the ‘Dogs.

    Hey Robert D., good to see your nic, but I gotta get up before the dawn of my crack.
    /if you know what I mean

  16. G’nite Nuke…I’m already looking forward to my winter vacation.

  17. I know…G’nite all. I’ll leave it on for a while to see if Swamps checks in.

  18. Oh Man……I’m gonna have blisters on the my eardrums tomorrow.

    That was cool Nuke.

    I actually have had that tune on .mp3 simply labeled “guitar Duel” for years, but had no ideal where it came from. Thanks for the visualization.

  19. Hey, Robert D! You still out there?

  20. I ain’t been scarce, exactly, was just asked to work more hours. *sigh*

  21. Thanks for that, Nuke! I haven’t seen that in AGES.

  22. HI Swamps! Still here for you.

  23. Well, since I’m the only one up, I reckon I’ll put my feet up and talk to myself for awhile. SwampMan came back this evening from his NCEER trainer certification.

  24. Robert D! Glad to see you! Workin’ hard, huh?

  25. Yeah, SwampMan be a little annoyed if the computer is interfering with my pay, too.

  26. Yup, ’tis the season, but it gives me a lot of time to talk in the off season.

  27. I want an off season. No, wait, I need money.

  28. I want to “earn” $180,000 per year just like Nancy Pelosi’s son, and never have to do any actual “work”.

  29. Geez, y’all Californios probably pay that much in mortgage costs per year.

  30. Imagine that, Bela’s son earns money for nothing. There was something about Del Monte…. Oh yeah, hiring illegal immigrants.

  31. Well, dang, Robert D, I hate to run especially since I haven’t had the opportunity to talk with you for awhile, but it’s 2 a.m. and I gotta work tomorrow. Damnitdamnitdamnit.

  32. I’m a little slow tonight, but if you pick the non city parts of CA to live in, it can be more than frugal.

  33. G’nite Swamps, til we meet again….

  34. Yeah, same here. Lots of people complaining about the prices, but if you locate in places a little more interior, the prices are quite reasonable.

  35. G’nite, Robert D.

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