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The new Bruce Willis movie, the fourth of the Die Hard series, is set for release next week in the U.S. and the following week in Europe.  Luc Van Braekel at Brussels Journal has noticed some subtle differences in the marketing posters.  Can you spot them?

20070618-diehard-4-usa.jpg 20070618-diehard-4-eu-b.jpg

Will our European friends have the option to “Live Free?”

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Qaeda psy-ops?

ABC News’ Brian Ross has this startling report on The Blotter:

Large teams of newly trained suicide bombers are being sent to the United States and Europe, according to evidence contained on a new videotape obtained by the Blotter on ABCNews.com.

Teams assigned to carry out attacks in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Germany were introduced at an al Qaeda/Taliban training camp graduation ceremony held June 9.

A Pakistani journalist was invited to attend and take pictures as some 300 recruits, including boys as young as 12, were supposedly sent off on their suicide missions.

Photos: Inside an al Qaeda/Taliban ‘Graduation’

The tape shows Taliban military commander Mansoor Dadullah, whose brother was killed by the U.S. last month, introducing and congratulating each team as they stood.

“These Americans, Canadians, British and Germans come here to Afghanistan from faraway places,” Dadullah says on the tape. “Why shouldn’t we go after them?”

The leader of the team assigned to attack Great Britain spoke in English.

“So let me say something about why we are going, along with my team, for a suicide attack in Britain,” he said. “Whether my colleagues, companions and Muslim brothers die today or tonight, every drop of our blood will invigorate the Muslim (unintelligible).”

Video: Watch the Taliban’s ‘Graduation’ Ceremony

U.S. intelligence officials described the event as another example of “an aggressive and sophisticated propaganda campaign.”

Others take it very seriously.


SR-72 in the works?

By Vago Muradian – Staff writer, Air Force News

Ten years after the Air Force retired the SR-71 spy plane, Lockheed Martin’s legendary Skunk Works appears to be back at work developing a new Mach-6 reconnaissance plane, sources said.

The Air Force has awarded Lockheed’s Advanced Development Projects arm a top-secret contract to develop a stealthy 4,000-mph plane capable of flying to altitudes of about 100,000 feet, with transcontinental range. The plan is to debut the craft around 2020.

sr-72.jpgThe new jet — being referred to by some as the SR-72 — is likely to be unmanned and, while intended for reconnaissance, could eventually trade its sensors for weapons.

The new aircraft would offer a combination of speed, altitude and stealth that could make it virtually impervious to ground-based missiles, sources said. Even the SR-71 is said to have evaded hundreds of missiles fired at it during its long career, although some aircraft sustained minor damage.

But experts say enormous challenges remain. First, the SR-71’s top speed was about 2,200 mph. Pushing a plane at twice that speed in the thin air of the upper stratosphere would require exceptionally powerful engines. Second, friction at high speeds could reduce stealth.

“An aircraft with these characteristics could prove a potent response to anti-satellite weapons,” said Loren Thompson of the Lexington Institute. “If U.S. reconnaissance satellites were lost, an SR-72 could get to areas of interest quickly and provide persistent surveillance in place of the satellite.”

And don’t bother asking the Air Force or Skunk Works executives about their work. None is commenting.

“As a matter of policy, we don’t talk about classified programs — whether or not they exist,” Lockheed’s Tom Jurkowsky said.

Syrian Love Letters to Sheehan

In true Baathist thug fashion, the Syrian Minister of Expatriate Affairs has borrowed a page from the Leninist playbook to heap praise upon their numero uno useful idiot, Cindy Sheehan….

“Cindy Sheehan has long been considered an example of how a [single] person [can] lead a campaign to change the outlook and position of a strong regime, like the American one, and she has long been a beacon for all those who defend liberty and justice in the world. The news of her retirement [from public life] caused [us] to lose hope, [but] when I read her clearly reasoned letter of resignation [from the anti-war movement], I understood the extent of her difficulty.

“It is a difficulty faced by all honorable people who bear large burdens and confront strong and well-financed establishments, which are powerfully motivated to [gain] wealth at the expense of people’s bodies and souls.

“Cindy Sheehan’s letter makes it clear that she received all the backup and support [she needed] when she was regarded as a Democrat fighting against the Republican Party’s outlook on the war. But when she left the Democratic Party, and defined the war in Iraq not as a matter of the political left vs. the political right, but as a matter of right vs. wrong – then her real problems began, for in a democratic regime, you are permitted to voice opposition [to the regime], but you are not allowed to expose the true nature of the regime and what it really stands for.

“The path blazed by Cindy Sheehan is a very important one, because it was meant to bring justice, respect for the human spirit, and awareness that what is happening in Iraq is a crime against humanity. [Sheehan’s activism] could have a real impact not only on American’s policy in Iraq, but on its policy in the Middle East [at large] and perhaps even in the [whole] world.

“[Sheehan] states that her aim was to bring about a change in the norms of the American regime, and this is something that [the regime] strictly forbids, since a change of norms would mean a change in the [U.S.] stance on Palestine, Lebanon, Sudan, and Somalia. [A change of norms] could dictate a policy completely different from the present one, and the two American parties cannot afford this, unless they decide they want a foreign policy completely unlike the one currently employed by the U.S., in which the two parties differ only in tone and degree but not in essence…

“I do not know whether Cindy Sheehan will rescind her decision. But I hope she will, because the battle is an important and a crucial one. It is not a battle of the American people against the [American] administration, but a battle of truth against falsehood – of those who believe in justice and human dignity against those who see the world only [in terms of] oil, wealth and hegemony…

source MEMRI

Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the Chinless Opthomologist just keeps paying dividends.

To the Pak ministry: STFU

As a follow up to the story of the knighthood of Salmon Rushdie, SkyNews is reporting some very predictable reactions from the hyper-sentitive islamics in Pakistan and Iran.

pakattack.jpgIn Multan, a mob of about 100 “students” have burned effigies of of both the Queen and Rushdie, and carried various banners and signs while chanting “Kill Him! Kill Him!”

Pak lawmakers have passed a resolution to withdraw the “Happy Birthday” greetings to the Queen.

But, one Pak pol has crossed over the line by saying that the proper response to Rushdie’s knighthood would be suicide bombing attacks, although it is clear that he was not volunteering himself for that particular duty.

“If someone exploded a bomb on his body he would be right to do so unless the British government apologises and withdraws the ‘sir’ title.”

babewatch.jpgThis is blackmail. I haven’t heard what the Brit reaction is yet, but in no way should they back down from this serious threat.

The extortioner, Religious Affairs Minister Mohammed Ijaz ul Haq needs to heed these words: It’s not about you, or your religion. So, do everybody a favor and just STFU.

more from AP, Daily Mail, BBC


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