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The new Bruce Willis movie, the fourth of the Die Hard series, is set for release next week in the U.S. and the following week in Europe.  Luc Van Braekel at Brussels Journal has noticed some subtle differences in the marketing posters.  Can you spot them?

20070618-diehard-4-usa.jpg 20070618-diehard-4-eu-b.jpg

Will our European friends have the option to “Live Free?”

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  1. Perhaps “live free” is one of those concepts that does not translate to European audiences.

  2. I had to talk to tech support for some reconfiguring today. Shakti and I had a little bit of trouble communicating on account of he spoke English and I spoke southern American. It all ended well, and I proclaimed him a computer God. He could probably kick Allah’s ass, too.

  3. Was he Indian?

  4. Yep. Isn’t all tech support?

  5. Like Janis sang…Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose,
    Nothing don’t mean nothing honey if it ain’t free, now now.

  6. Well, isn’t this just precious!
    Illegals using fire to clear border.
    When an act of war is not perceived as such.

  7. The definition of these people would be “terrorists” and there should be an open season on them.

  8. Oh, snap, it has a sign in and I’m too tired to go to bugmenot tonight. I, uh, don’t suppose you can paraphrase it for somebody with tired and bloodshot eyes, can you?

  9. Did I mention how much I like the Die Hard movies? Gotta see that one opening weekend. Woohoo!

  10. I do not know why the governor of Arizona isn’t treating that as an act of war against Arizona. Sniper teams would likely cut down on a lot of that shit.

  11. You know, when that recipe tonight called for a non-stick pan, I said “nah, the cast iron will do just fine.” I hope I can get that pan clean before dawn.

  12. Looks like all you early-rising people have done gone to sleep. Sleep well, while I’m acquiring dishpan hands.

  13. Another life lost to a drunken illegal alien.
    Didn’t someone say something about people living in the shadows?
    /if only

  14. Nope ‘live free’ has no coinage over here as such. Say what?

  15. At the same time, police were quick to point out that Benitez, whose physical identification was issued in Texas, was on two separate occasions convicted of a total of four criminal charges in Nashville.

    He was arrested in February 2006 on three counts of car burglary and two counts of attempted theft. Two months later he was convicted of one count of car burglary and sentenced by General Sessions Judge Casey Moreland to one year of supervised probation.

    On Nov. 5, 2006, Benitez was rearrested on charges of public intoxication, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The following day he was convicted of all three charges and sentenced by General Sessions Judge William Higgins to seven days in jail.

    In April, the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office officially launched what they called a public safety program to run instant immigration checks on every foreign-born person booked into the Metro jail, regardless of the arresting charge.

    The program was sought in response to multiple fatal DUI crashes committed by illegal aliens, many of who had been previously arrested and convicted in Nashville but not identified as illegal.

    Hello. If the law had been followed, she would be alive today.

  16. Still cracking the books at 95. An inspiration to us all that age is just a number.

  17. Although my particular number is no longer toasting at the beach in a string bikini.

  18. Michael Yon’s Be Not Afraid is a must read.

  19. Targeted Journalists, Hidden Truths. Assault on the Media in Iraq.

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