Syrian Love Letters to Sheehan

In true Baathist thug fashion, the Syrian Minister of Expatriate Affairs has borrowed a page from the Leninist playbook to heap praise upon their numero uno useful idiot, Cindy Sheehan….

“Cindy Sheehan has long been considered an example of how a [single] person [can] lead a campaign to change the outlook and position of a strong regime, like the American one, and she has long been a beacon for all those who defend liberty and justice in the world. The news of her retirement [from public life] caused [us] to lose hope, [but] when I read her clearly reasoned letter of resignation [from the anti-war movement], I understood the extent of her difficulty.

“It is a difficulty faced by all honorable people who bear large burdens and confront strong and well-financed establishments, which are powerfully motivated to [gain] wealth at the expense of people’s bodies and souls.

“Cindy Sheehan’s letter makes it clear that she received all the backup and support [she needed] when she was regarded as a Democrat fighting against the Republican Party’s outlook on the war. But when she left the Democratic Party, and defined the war in Iraq not as a matter of the political left vs. the political right, but as a matter of right vs. wrong – then her real problems began, for in a democratic regime, you are permitted to voice opposition [to the regime], but you are not allowed to expose the true nature of the regime and what it really stands for.

“The path blazed by Cindy Sheehan is a very important one, because it was meant to bring justice, respect for the human spirit, and awareness that what is happening in Iraq is a crime against humanity. [Sheehan’s activism] could have a real impact not only on American’s policy in Iraq, but on its policy in the Middle East [at large] and perhaps even in the [whole] world.

“[Sheehan] states that her aim was to bring about a change in the norms of the American regime, and this is something that [the regime] strictly forbids, since a change of norms would mean a change in the [U.S.] stance on Palestine, Lebanon, Sudan, and Somalia. [A change of norms] could dictate a policy completely different from the present one, and the two American parties cannot afford this, unless they decide they want a foreign policy completely unlike the one currently employed by the U.S., in which the two parties differ only in tone and degree but not in essence…

“I do not know whether Cindy Sheehan will rescind her decision. But I hope she will, because the battle is an important and a crucial one. It is not a battle of the American people against the [American] administration, but a battle of truth against falsehood – of those who believe in justice and human dignity against those who see the world only [in terms of] oil, wealth and hegemony…

source MEMRI

Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the Chinless Opthomologist just keeps paying dividends.

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  1. Syria and SheeHag can all go to Hell.
    The story in Last Photographs is compelling, though.

  2. Read that earlier, but decided to cook dinner for SwampMan instead of posting the link. It was a very good read.

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