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Phoney support for amnesty bill touted

Fresh pickin’s from FNC Political Grapevine:

During a rally in support of the Senate’s immigration bill last Thursday — Senators Ted Kennedy, Mel Martinez and others frequently referred to a large stack of boxes they said contained a million letters of support for immigration reform.

But Roll Call Newspaper reports one of its photographers checked the boxes and found they were empty. And a spokesman for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus —which helped coordinate the event — confirms that is true.

Carlos Sanchez says actually bringing 310 boxes full of letters would have presented a security headache in a box-spooked world.

Presenting stage props as the Real Deal, and then being exposed as a fraud is deliciously ironic, but I’m sure the Admiral, Trent, and the boys probably fail to see the humor.

Dr. Bulldog ate my homework

Dr. Bulldog has posted the link to the Freeper Senatorial email list, which will give everyone the ability to reach out and touch the Club of 100 in a meaningful sort of way.

Thanks, Doc.

Here’s the Link 


The Democrat party has made a concerted effort to block every one of President Bush’s judicial nominations who happen to be white Southern males.

Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's Oasis“Somewhere in the offices of Ralph Neas or Chuck Schumer there’s probably a play book for targeting southern white men. After all, the process works the same every time. First, Democratic staffers and groups like People for the American Way comb through hundreds or thousands of cases the nominee has worked on as a judge or lawyer, cherry picking the few that they can distort into charges of bigotry. Then the groups publish a report denouncing the nominee’s record. Finally, Senate Democrats cite the ‘evidence’ in the report as the reason they must oppose the nominee.”

The Committee for Justice, a non-partisan, non-profit organization devoted to promoting constitutionalist judicial nominees and the rule of law, has compiled a list of the nominees, and the how the Neas-Schumer playbook has been applied. SOURCE

“Senate Democrats and their allies never let the facts get in the way of playing the race card. Just look at Fifth Circuit nominee Charles Pickering. The brother of slain civil rights activist Medgar Evers praised Pickering for risking his career in 1967 when he ‘dared to defy the Klan.’ But that didn’t stop this bunch from denouncing Pickering for ‘insensitivity and even hostility’ towards civil rights.”

The most current example involves the nomination of Leslie Southwick of Mississippi, a Fifth Circuit nominee scheduled for a Judiciary Committee vote this Thursday.

The vote is scheduled for tomorrow. As Minority Whip, let’s see if Trent Lott can work up as much outrage over this democrat-inspired “Dixiephobia” as he has against members of his base who have had the temerity to disagree with his stance on the immigration bill.


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