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The leader of a group of Canadian scientists says global warming isn’t the biggest climate threat to the planet — global cooling is.

Ottawa-Carleton Geoscience Centre director R. Timothy Patterson writes in the Financial Post that core samples from the bottom of deep western Canadian fjords indicate climate change correlates to solar cycles of varying lengths — and show little correlation between climate change and carbon dioxide levels.

Patterson writes that the sun will begin its weakest solar cycle of the past two centuries by the year 2020. He says that could lead to unusually cool conditions that could threaten agriculture in extreme northern regions.

Global cooling isn’t a new idea — a famous TIME Magazine article raised the possibility of another Ice Age — back in 1974.

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Conyers’ website politicizes House Judiciary Committee

justice.jpgDuring a Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law hearing to discuss the firing of eight U.S. attorneys and featuring Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty, Smith, the ranking Republican on the full panel, complained that the new site, called Write Congress to Right Justice, seems to solicit information on politicization of the Justice Department, but in fact only seeks information about the Bush administration and not previous administrations.

Smith noted that Republicans were not consulted before the site was launched and pointed out that the Web page states that information sent by private individuals will be “received and reviewed by a select group of members of the majority staff of the Judiciary Committee of the United States House of Representatives.”

“This Web site purports to solicit evidence, but it actually appears to be a partisan persecution of the administration,” Smith said. He added that he spoke to the House parliamentarian, who apparently told Smith that he is “very troubled” by the site.

Conyers’ politicization of the House Judiciary Committee is clearly a partisan witch hunt, and should be investigated by the Ethics Committee. The House should call for a full disclosure from Chairman Conyers, including, but not limited to, all records of letters and emails, and telephone records.

Obviously, the Democrats are concerned about leaving an incriminating trail of e-mail evidence, evidenced by these instructions:

We recommend that current or former employees use personal e-mail to this Web site or call or write the staff of the committee” at the majority Democrats‘ main line.” Source

Conyers is certainly no stranger to unethical behavior. It has only been six months since his last spree:

Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) has “accepted responsibility” for possibly violating House rules by requiring his official staff to perform campaign-related work, according to a statement quietly released by the House ethics committee late Friday evening.


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More from Operation Arrowhead Ripper

More great reporting from Michael Yon

The combat has only just begun, and media has now figured out this is serious business. During the morning brief (June 20th), Major Robbie Parke mentioned that CNN, TIME, Reuters and some others, are trying to get out here now. Problem is space. Looks like Gordon and I are mostly alone for now. Others are said to be in Baqubah, but if they are here, they are missing some of the most important parts, and if they were at the important commander’s meetings, I would have seen them.

The heat is intense for the enemy and for us. Soldiers, during any chance, would lay-down during the heat of day, and in complete body armor and helmets, fall asleep in the dirt. I took photos of course. Our guys are tough. The enemy in Baqubah is as good as any in Iraq, and better than most. That’s saying a lot. But our guys have been systematically trapping them, and have foiled some big traps set for our guys. I don’t want to say much more about that, but our guys are seriously outsmarting them. Big fights are ahead and we will take serious losses probably, but al Qaeda, unless they find a way to escape, are about to be slaughtered. Nobody is dropping leaflets asking them to surrender. Our guys want to kill them, and that’s the plan.

A positive indicator on the 19th and the 20th is that most local people apparently are happy that al Qaeda is being trapped and killed. Civilians are pointing out IEDs and enemy fighters, so that’s not working so well for al Qaeda. Clearly, I cannot do a census, but that says something about the locals.

‘Having none of it’

When Iranian Revolutionary Guards captured the British sailors and Royal Marines in March, it was not exactly their first attempt.It turns out that Iranian forces made an earlier concerted attempt to seize a boarding party from the Royal Australian Navy.

The Australians, though, to quote one military source, “were having none of it”.

The BBC has been told the Australians re-boarded the vessel they had just searched, aimed their machine guns at the approaching Iranians and warned them to back off, using what was said to be “highly colourful language”.

The Iranians withdrew, and the Australians were reportedly lifted off the ship by one of their own helicopters.

Ya gotta love the Aussies.



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